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Health topics are hot right now and you do not have to be a medical expert to write heath articles - only someone who enjoys research and getting their facts straight.  How can you find new topics to write about in the area of health?  Follow feeds for Science Daily or Eureka to learn all the latest studies and hot health topics.

Always visit the magazine's website to get a feel for what they are looking for.  Also, read their Writer's Guidelines (if not online, request a copy) before submitting.  When sending a query, make sure to send published clips (or links) so they can get a feel for your writing style.

Health and Fitness Publications

American Fitness - 15250 Ventura Blvd., Suite 200, Sherman Oaks, CA  91403.  Fax: 818-817-0803.  Website:  E-mail:  75% Freelance Written.  Bi-monthly magazine that covers exercise, fitness, health and nutrition.  Accepts queries by mail or fax.  Accepts previously published material.  Pays $200 for features/$80 for news stories and $100-200 for column pieces.

Better Nutrition - 300 N. Contintental Blvd., Suite 650, El Segundo, CA  90245.  Phone: 310-356-4100.  Fax: 310-356-4110.  Website:  Contact: Mr. Tracy Rubert, Editor  E-mail:  57% Freelance Written.  Magazine that covers latest health news and approaches to optimal health.  Pays $400-1,000 for feature articles.

Delicious Living - 1401 Pearl Street., Boulder, CO  80302.  Phone: 303-939-9886.  Website:  E-Mail:  85% Freelance Written.  Magazine covering nutrition, alternative medicines, herbal medicines and natrual products.  Query with clips of previously published material.  Describe your background/experience in the above topics.

Healing Lifestyles & Spas - P.O. Box 271207, Louisville, CO  80027.  Phone: 202-441-9557.  Website:  E-mail:  90% Freelance Written.  Magazine dedicated to healing, health and living a natural lifestyle.  Natural foods, spas, herbs, yoga, alternative medicines, etc. Accepts queries by mail or e-mail.  Pays $150-500 for features. 

Health - 2100 Lakeshore Dr., Birmingham, AL  35209.  Phone: 205-445-6000.  Fax: 205-445-5123.  Website:  E-mail:  Focus on wellness news, people, fitness for women in the age group of 30 to 60.  Accepts queries by mail or fax only.  Pays $1.50 - 2.00 per word.

Liver Health Today - 523 N. Sam Houston Tollway East, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77060.  Phone: 281-272-2744.  Website:  E-mail:  80% Freelance Written.  Magazine covering Hepititis health news.  Accepts queries by mail or e-mail.  Columns pay $375-500.  Send a specific, well-rounded query letter.

Mamm Magazine - 54 W. 22nd Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY  10010.  Phone: 646-365-1355.  Website:  E-mail:  80% Freelance Written.  Magazine covering cancer prevention and treatment.  Giving women emotional support during and after diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other gynecologic cancers.  Survivior profiles welcome. Query with published clips.  Features pay $100 - 3,000.  Columns pay $400 - 800.

Men's Health - 33 E. Minor Street, Emmaus, PA  18098.  Phone: 610-967-5171.  Fax: 610-967-7725.  Website:  E-mail:  50% Freelance Written.  Magazine covering men's health, fitness, nutrition, relationships, grooming and travel.  Accepts queries by mail or fax.  Please do not call.  Features pay $1,000 - 5,000.  Columns pay $750 - 2,000.  Tip: Read a few issues before submitting a query so you get a feel for the tone of the magazine.

Muscle & Fitness - 21100 Erwin Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367.  Phone: 818-884-6800.  Website:  50% Freelance Written.  Magazine covering bodybuilding and fitness for both men and women.  Query by mail only.  Features pay $400 - 1,000.

Shape Magazine - 21100 Erwin Street, Woodland Hills, CA  91367.  Phone 818-595-0593.  Website:  70% Freelance Written.  Prefers to work with established/published writers.  Magazine covering health, fitness, nutrition and beauty for women ages 18-34.  Buys first rights and reprint rights.  Query by mail with published clips.  Pays $1.50/word on average.

Vibrant Life - 55 West Oak Ridge Dr., Hagerstown, MD  21740-7390.  Phone: 301-393-4055.  Website:  E-mail:  80% Freelance Written.  Will work with qualified new/unpublished writers.  Magazine covering health issues and health prevention with a Christian slant.  Accepts queries by mail or e-mail.  Features pay $75-300; Columns pay $75-175.

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