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Below is a listing of links to writer's guidelines for Christian/Religious online and print publications which use freelance writers.  I can't guarantee that all of these publications pay for articles but many of them do.  If you are a beginning freelance writer, you may want to write for some non-paying sites just to get clips that you can use to find paying writing gigs.  You have to start somewhere! :)

This is also not a complete list yet.  There are many other Christian/Religious publications that I just haven't yet had time to add to the list.  I will try to add them as time permits.  But I wanted to get these to you for now so you can get started.

Remember to always read the Writer's Guidelines carefully for each publication as well as visit their online site or read a copy of their publication before submitting an article.  Understanding the tone of the publication is an important step in having your article accepted.  Good luck!

Writer’s Guidelines for Christian/Religious Magazines

My Christian Daily

Alive Now

America Magazine

Angelican Journal

Becoming Family

Believer’s Bay

The Bible Advocate


Catholic Courier

Celebrate Life

Charisma Magazine

Christian Home & School

Will send writer’s guidelines if you send a #10 SASE. Mail to: Christian Schools International, 3350 E Paris Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512. E-mail: 30% freelance written.

Christian Women Today

Christianity Today


Edge for Kids

Faith & Friends

Footprints Australia

Group Magazine


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