Thursday, November 3, 2011

Whoo-hoo! Finally Made Payout at FireHow!

Hi all,

Well, after a long time waiting, I finally hit payout at FireHow.  Considering I've had articles there for over two years, it's about time I reached that $10 minimum payout.  Yes - you heard me right.

Been Waiting a Long Time

I started writing for FireHow in August 2009 when I was trying different writing sites to see where I could earn the most money.  Because I was beginning to do so well at eHow, I figured that since FireHow was similar, it might eventually get a good following and the income might grow.  For me, that ended up not being true and I moved on.  I have about 20 articles there - not many I agree, but enough that they would have probably earned about $10 a month on eHow.  I just left them there and have been checking the site off and on for two years.  Today I see that I finally broke the $10 mark and hopefully I will be paid at the end of the month.

Is FireHow Worth Writing For?

I really can't say for sure since I only have a few articles there.  I know there are people there with hundreds of articles and they may be earning a good monthly income for all I know.  I do know that the income rate isn't as big as compared to eHow at its peek, but that doesn't mean that people aren't earning money.  I would think that if some of the writers there have been there for years, and continue to add new content, then they are certainly earning enough to make them happy.  But I assume it takes adding a lot of content to the site to earn a monthly income.

Anyway - had to share this big news with all of you.  If you are a FireHow writer, I would love to hear why you write for the site and if it is worth it financially for you.

Happy Writing,


  1. That's awesome...I hope you get paid. I have about 25 articles on there and I'm literally earning about 1 or 2 cents a day. I have about $4 in my account so who knows when I'll actually reach payout lol... I could add more but I'm always hesitant to do too much work for any kind of site like that until I actually get paid. I had an account at ehow for years but never got around to writing anything for them and even though they've shut the program down I've been kicking myself for it ever since. Who knows how much extra money I could have made but I guess now I'll never know lol

  2. Congrats. I had lots of problems with logging in to the site and losing articles when posting. I liked the idea of another eHow, but for what ever reason, never got it to work well for me. I'm glad others are having more success with it. At least you reached payout.

  3. Hi Kristy & Bailey,

    Thanks! I don't plan on getting rich at FireHow, that's for sure, but at least I did finally reach payout. Bailey - I had a lot of trouble getting in to site in the past too. You have to make sure your cookies are cleaned out in order to get into the site. Well, here's to the next $10 in 2013!

  4. That's great for you. I have one article on the site that got caught up in an eHow sweep long ago. I have earned 27 cents so far. I am thinking my grandkids might be able to collect the $10 payout in about 50 years.


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