Thursday, October 13, 2011

Looking for an EBook Publisher - Any Advice?

Looking for an ebook publisher
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Hi all,

I am on the lookout for a legit ebook publisher and thought I'd reach out to all of you for your experiences with publishing an ebook.  I know that many of my readers and followers have published ebooks so I'm interested in hearing what company you used, if you did it yourself and how you got the message out to others about your ebook. Some of my criteria would be:
  • I'd be able to sell it on more than one site (like not just on Amazon)
  • The format would be user-friendly for iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc.
  • An affordable selling price
I literally do not know anything about publishing an ebook - so whatever you can tell me would be useful.  I have been around the Internet looking at publishers but I really can't tell who to trust and who not to.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone with ebook experience.

Happy Writing,



  1. Deanna, I published my eBooks myself. It's pretty easy just using MS Word. I have put them on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and done fairly well. Amazon has great free tutorials and free forum to interact with other authors.
    You could also try as a publisher but I prefer doing it myself.
    I found a great link on how to publish your book on Amazon.
    If you want any (free)advice please feel free to contact me.

  2. Thanks, Craftdrawer, I'll check these links out. :)

  3. Deanna,

    First, thanks so much for the extensive freelance writing sites reviews. I've found them to be very useful.
    Second, I highly recommend this book: Smart Self Publishing: Becoming an Indie Author by Zoe Winters. (Available as an e-book only.)I've read tons of books on self-publishing and even published my own book. But Zoe Winters' book has by far the most extensive, practical, information. It will answer the questions you posed above, plus a lot more you never even thought to ask. Her style is a bit "in your face" and her fiction genre is not my cup of tea, but this non-fiction book really presents everything clearly. Highly, highly recommend it.

    --Kate Supino
    Author, "Clothesline"


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