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New Writers – What Should I Write About and Where Do I Sell My Articles?

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I am asked by new writers all the time about what they should write about and who should they write for. Actually, deciding what to write will determine where you should sell your articles. If you are only looking for a way to earn money fast and don’t care what topics you write about – dash over to Demand Media Studios, Textbroker or Break Studios, join, then choose from available articles that pay you anywhere from $4 to $25 per title. But if you are looking to build a writing career by choosing your own topics and finding outlets for them, then you will want to skip those sites and start finding your niche.

How to Find Your Niche in Writing?

Finding topics to write about can be very easy but most people overlook the obvious. What you do on a daily basis, as a job, at home or as a hobby – or the things that really interest you like sewing, gardening, celebrity watching, movies, television shows, pets, running, walking, etc., are the topics you should be pursuing. For example: you’re a mother of three young children. Right there you have years worth of articles just waiting to be written. As you experience parenting, like your child’s first play date, illness, first day of school, troubles at school, etc., you have the first-hand knowledge to turn each event into an article. Is your child struggling with learning to read? Write a well-researched article on how children learn to read or how schools are teaching reading or what type of help children need to learn to read. Has your child been bullied in school? Write an article on why children bully and how to teach your child not to be a bully. Children alone can bring you endless opportunities for writing articles.

What about your career? Are you a financial manager, day-care provider, nurse or computer technician? Any one of those careers, as with thousands of others, would make excellent topics for writing articles. Do you religiously watch a particular television show (or shows)? Blogging or writing about each episode may be the right niche for you. Speaking about being religious, are you? Writing about your particular religion can be the basis for hundreds of articles. Finding topics for articles becomes easy when you look at what interests you and what is a part of your everyday life.

Where Do I Sell My Articles?

Once you have established a niche (or several niches) with your article writing, then you are able to pinpoint where you should sell your articles. You can do this several ways – you could:

  • Start your own blog and place advertising on it.
  • Write for revenue share sites like Yahoo/Associated Content (they also pay a small fee up-front), Examiner (get your own expert title), Suite101, Triond, or any number of sites on the web.
  • Place your articles for sale on sites like Constant-Content or Daily Article and sell them for the price you set.
  • Find online magazines or print magazines in your topic area and send them a query to try to sell your article to them.

Let’s say you do write articles about parenting and want to find a place to sell them. There are numerous print and online regional parenting publications (almost one in every state – sometimes multiple ones in a state) for which you can send your article or article idea to and, if accepted, they will pay you. (See my list of parenting publications)

Maybe you have a background in finance and want to write about that topic. Search the web for online and print media where you can sell your articles on finance. Don’t forget to expand your search – many parenting, family, women’s and men’s sites also offer information on finance – so you don’t have to limit yourself to finance publications only. Whatever your topic of interest is, you will find an outlet for it.

Beginning a writing career takes time, work and dedication. Don’t expect someone else to give you all the answers or lead you in the right direction. Take it upon yourself to search for opportunities. There is plenty of information on the web about where to sell your writing, so get out there and search for opportunities. Good luck!

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  1. These are great tips, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for posting these suggestions. I found your site through NJFM and it's wonderful. There is so much information here and thank you for sharing. I write fiction, but I've always had a desire to write freelance. The web offers so much opportunity, but it feels so overwhelming. The Panda incident, SEO, GoogleAdWords. I guess I can only take it an article at a time. Hopefully one day I'll have a blog like yours and be able to help other writers. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Toyin and Debra,

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find the information you need to boost your freelance writing career. :)

  4. This is a topic that has been on my mind for a while, thanks for such great information. I'm trying to get back into freelance writing online after a 3 year hiatus. So much has change, I feel like I'm a newbie again.


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