Sunday, July 31, 2011

Christian/Religious Publications Writer's Guidelines

Charisma - one of the many Christian publications that
uses freelance writers.
Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that I have a new page set up with links to writer's guidelines for Christian/Religious online and print publications who use freelance writers.  (See page here.)  I had noticed that there were many searches for Christian publications on my Stats page and decided that it would be a good genre to add a page for.  The page is not complete - there are many more that I will add in the future - but I wanted to get this list out to you for now so you can get started.

Remember to always read the Writer's Guidelines as well as read over the publication or its website before submitting an article query or complete article.  It always helps to know the tone of the publication before writing for it - it saves both you and the editor time in the long run.

Hope this listing helps in your search for freelance writing jobs.

Happy Writing,


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  1. Hello Deanna,

    I'm browsing the WWW and found your page. I'm a mom who is trying to find ways to earn while doing two of my most cherished "jobs", if one may call it that way -- writing and parenting! I hope to visit you back some other time. Thank you for the information!

    Best regards,


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