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Mid-Year Report for 2011 – How My Year is Going

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Hi all,

We are half-way through June so I thought it was time to let you know how my year is going and compare it to my goal for 2011. I believe the only way a person can keep growing and achieving is by making goals and then occasionally checking in to see if you are reaching your goals, and if not, find ways to adjust your goals so you can reach them. Since I am also a numbers person, I like looking at the numbers and then determining what I need to do to reach my goals.

Reaching this Year’s Goal

This year I had only one goal – to double my earnings from 2010. It was a simple goal that would have been fairly easy to do if everything had continued on the same path as 2010. My old eHow earnings had grown to double of what 2010 had been and other earnings, like Google, Triond and even Associated Content/Yahoo! had all grown too. I was creating titles and articles at Demand Media Studios for revenue share articles that I knew would earn well – and they did. Suite101 earnings weren’t too bad – although they had been steadily dropping since November 2009, and even my Examiner earnings were better than usual. All in all, it looked pretty easy for me to double my income in 2011.

Then Google’s Panda hit. And we all know what happened after that.

All of the residual income earnings I had been building up went flat. My residual earnings dropped by the following percentages:

  • Suite101 – 86%
  • Old eHow articles: 31%
  • Triond – 80%
  • Google Earnings (from Triond & my blogs) – 50%
  • Examiner – 80%
  • DMS eHow articles – 20%
  • Associated Content – 75%

Then AC/Yahoo! decided to drop all feature contributor positions so I was no longer offered those up-front pay articles each month – something I really enjoyed doing. Then eHow announced that they were buying out the old articles and we’d no longer receive monthly revenue for our articles. On top of that, DMS stopped allowing writers to create their own titles/articles for eHow revenue share so that potential revenue growth ended also. So, in all, my residual revenue declined down to about one-third of its original amount. How in the world was I ever going to double my income with this huge decline?

Up-front Pay to the Rescue

Lucky for me, I had continued placing articles on Constant-Content to sell throughout the time I was trying to build up residual income. In May, I decided that residual income was no longer going to be my main source of income and I would be happy selling articles for up-front pay once again as my main source. I had worked two years trying different sites and building up a nice residual income but in one sweep it all dissolved. With up-front pay income, I have the money in hand after the work is done, and that is fine with me. In the past few weeks I have placed several articles on Constant-Content for sale for full-rights and each article has sold within a day or two (not typical – generally some sell fast and others sell slowly). I’m very happy with this and it helped to raise my income back up for May and now for June. I’m also writing for another website for up-front pay and that has been a nice source of income also. While I do have a couple of blogs/websites that I work on and hope will eventually bring in extra income from Google, I won’t be relying on them for my sole writing income.

So, After All That – Where am I with My 2011 Goal?

Surprisingly, even with the huge drop in income earlier this year I am still on track for doubling my writing income for 2011. By the end of June I will have almost as much income as I did for all of 2010 and if I can continue as I am, it will hopefully double by the end of December. One of the reasons I am on track is because of the nice eHow buyout amount and some of it is the quick sale of articles on Constant-Content. If I keep writing at the same steady pace, my 2011 income should be quite nice.

I hope all of you have been able to keep up with your writing goals. How are you doing so far this year?

Happy Writing,


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  1. I have articles on and they have not earned one cent this month. Last month they went down 75%, from the earnings the month prior to that. I also had articles on Bukisa, and finally removed all of them due to problems earning. Even though I have a google adsense account, it would not connect with their site. I am now down to one site currently. I will look over the other sites you posted about and look into them now. Thanks for all your reports.

  2. Hi Kristina,
    Sorry to hear you've lost so much income too - we all seem to be in the same boat. At some point many of these residual income sites may bounce back - then I will re-examine their potential. But until then, I think I will stick to up-front pay. :)

  3. I am building up my own sites so the earnings are incredibly slow in developing. I do appreciate your review of Ghostbloggers. I hadn't heard about it and did sign up. I haven't written yet but am considering putting up a few articles there and at constant content to see if I can generate a little bit of cash while waiting for my own sites to get traffic and earnings. It will be a long haul after being knocked backward.

  4. Hi Kidgas,
    I've visited one of your new sites and I think you have an excellent topic that should generate income for you. It is a slow process though for many of us. I have a site that is a year old and although it generates high page views it doesn't generate large income. I hope you have better luck. Good luck! :)

  5. Hi,
    I just found your blog, it is very informative. I do have one question, I'm trying to find what type of articles one should submit. I'm getting rejections and I think it is because I'm not writing the right type of article. I know Demand likes lists and things but what about Break Studio? Do you have a post on this subject? Thanks so much for your time,

  6. Hi Jill,
    I'm not sure where you are writing so I don't know if I can help you with a type of article. Demand Studios and Break Studios both have certain formats for the type of article you pick to write. If you don't follow their particular format, then your article will be rejected. I would need more information on where you are writing, and being rejected, to help. Sorry.



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