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GhostBloggers: Writing Site Review

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If you enjoy writing articles or blog posts and would like to be paid per article then you may want to consider writing for GhostBloggers. At GhostBloggers, you submit articles/blog posts, use the basic price or set your own price and then wait for the article to sell. Even though GhostBloggers is a very new site, it does has the potential to grow into a good opportunity for freelance writers.

About GhostBloggers

GhostBloggers was recently founded by 22-year old college student Davy Kestens. According to, GhostBloggers is situated in the U.S. in Culver City, California. Although it is a U.S. website, GhostBloggers does accept writers from all over the world as long as they write in perfect English. It is estimated to receive 30,000 – 100,000 visitors a month and has an Alexa rank of 237,567.

Joining GhostBloggers

Joining GhostBloggers is simple – all you need to do is fill in your name and address and set up a username and password. You are accepted immediately and can begin submitting articles. I would suggest visiting their Blog first to read their guidelines for submitting articles.

Writing for GhostBloggers

GhostBloggers wants unique articles only and does not sell reprints. All articles will be placed through the Copyscape plagiarism checker to make sure they are original and also checked for grammar, spelling, etc. The article submission page is very simple to understand. Simply paste your article in it, add a summary and you are done. You can write on almost any topic you wish or choose a topic that has been requested by a customer. You will be notified when your article has been accepted or denied.

Pricing and Payment at GhostBloggers

The pricing of articles is a bit different at GhostBloggers as compared to Constant-Content. You price the articles on a per word basis and you can choose to use their minimum of 3.5 per 100 words or set your own rate. Whatever rate you set your articles at is the price you will receive but GhostBloggers then adds their price onto the article to sell. At the 3.5 rate, a 500 word article would earn you $17.50. If you choose a 4.0 rate, you would earn $20.00. You can go as high as you wish. Once you sign up, you will see the box where you can set your own rate. If you don’t set a rate, you will automatically earn the 3.5/100 word rate.

You can request payment of money owed once your account reaches $50. There is a request tab where you enter your PayPal account so you can be paid. They may have other ways to receive payment, although I didn’t see where you can request a payment by check, money order, etc.

My Opinion of GhostBloggers

GhostBloggers seems like a good starter sight and the owner seems sincere about his wishes for it to continue and grow. There aren’t many articles listed there right now, but that should grow as the year goes on. I did check out a couple of authors there and they have sold articles. The fact that you can set your price per word is a good feature too. I joined the site in order to see all the features but I’m not sure if I will submit any articles. Personally, I like writing for Constant-Content and it has a much bigger client base so selling articles there is easier. But I am going to keep an eye on GhostBloggers and if it looks like its growing, I may submit an article or two just to try it. I do think that for people who are looking for a new site to try, GhostBloggers may be a good one.

If you already write for GhostBloggers, I’d love to hear your opinion on the site.

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