Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Unable to Answer Comments & eHow Buyout Question

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Hi all,

Just so all of you know, I haven't been able to answer any new comments due to some problem with Blogger.  So, if you've asked a question, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to get back to you.  When I try to post a comment, I get the run-around.  Blogger asks for my login information, then says my name is Anonymous and then won't post the answer anyway.  Hopefully they will fix this problem soon.

However, I do want to answer one person's question in the comments about the eHow buyout.  I was asked if I knew whether or not eHow kept your name on the articles after they buy them.  From what I can see, eHow changes the name of the contributor on your articles after you agree to the buyout.  At least that is what happened to my articles.  So be aware that if you take the buyout and eHow keeps your articles on the site, your name will probably not be on them anymore. Hope this answers your question.

Happy Writing,


  1. Deanna, that's too bad about the Blogger issues. A few weeks ago, I lost many of the most recent comments on my blog and had to re-create the discussion from my emails.

    Someone just asked me the same thing -- whether a writer's name will stay on their articles -- and it's true, as soon as you sign the agreement, the articles revert to a default author name. After all, you sign over full right and title to them.

  2. That is what happened with my articles, too.

  3. I sold mine, but they were articles I won't ever use again. Do you have suggestions of other sites or resources to write for?

  4. Deanna,
    Thanks so much for posting this, and answering my question. I jumped over to Maria's blog, and she was able to answer. You both really know what your talking about. So thank you!
    Hope google gets your blog comments section fixed soon.
    Take care.
    Stephanie Gellepes AKA HanieB.(~.~)™

  5. They changed all my names as well. They also added some additional stuff, but I guess that's their call now. We are supposed to receive our first payment around June 15th. Anyone heard otherwise?

  6. Hi Mavi,

    As far as I know, we are supposed to receive our first payment on June 15th. :)

  7. I'm actually going to miss my monthly payout on the 10th from them though! That was my manicure money! :0

  8. Deanna and everyone else, I got my first payment today from the buyout!

  9. Hi Mavi,

    So did I - it was good to see the first half of the payment!

  10. I got my payments but I still have to wonder, is it even legal to change an authors name? I read the agreement again and did not see anything that stated 'we will change the authors name'. Mine is rather distinctive and I have used these articles in resumes (I got a REALLY nice payoff but not sure it was worth it if I an not searchable by these articles anymore??).

  11. Hi,

    If a company or person buys full rights to your articles then it is okay for them to put any name they wish on it. People do that at Constant-Content all the time. Even if you didn't see it on the buy-out agreement, since eHow purchased all rights to the articles then the can do whatever they want with them. I know it can be difficult because many of us did use those articles for writer's resumes or as examples of our writing. The best thing to do is move forward and create new articles.


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