Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sites that Pay Up-Front for Articles and Blog Posts

Earn money writing for these websites.
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Hi all,

I was searching around the Internet for new writing opportunities that pay up-front for articles and blog posts and I came upon the following sites. I’ve never written for these sites myself, so I cannot vouch for them personally, but here is the information for you to find out more yourself. Many of them want “tech” articles/blog posts, so if you are computer savvy or know more about blogging than most people, these may be the jobs for you. Good luck!

MakeUseOf is a site that wants writers who are addicted to the Internet and can share information on topics like Twitter, StumbleUpon, blogging on Wordpress, and just about anything else that is Internet/Blog/Web related. Payment starts at $45.00 per blog post and there are other ways to make money. Visit their page to learn more about what they are looking for and how to apply.

Tuttoaster offers $10-$25 per tutorial and more for articles if they are accepted. Tuttoaster publishes articles and tutorials that are computer, Internet and business related. Visit their page to learn more about them.

Forward – The Jewish Daily This newspaper-style website is looking for freelance writers to contribute news articles that are related to or connected to the Jewish community. There area also sections for arts & culture, lifestyle, food, entertainment and much more. This would be an excellent opportunity for people with newspaper writing experience.

ProBlogDesign will pay up to $125 for your tutorials on anything to do with web design. If web design is your niche, this is the place for you to earn money. Visit their site for more information.

Mental_Floss is a website and magazine that caters to people who are knowledge junkies. If you love trivia, you will love writing for this site. Look over this site carefully to get an idea about the type of articles they are looking for.

SitePoint is read by web developers, designers, marketers, and site owners and reaches over 3 million people a month. They pay money up-front for articles and also pay additional money for page views. They have a list of topics they are currently looking for on the link above.

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  1. These are some great leads I will be taking a look at them.

  2. Thank you for the information and links. I'll be sure to check them all out!


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