Sunday, May 1, 2011

Make Your Blogger Blog Mobile Compatible

Make you blog mobile compatible.
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Hi all,

Thanks to Felicia at No Job For Mom, (read Felicia's post here) I learned how to make my Blogger blogs (blogspot) mobile compatible.  Apparently, blogger blogs are not usually compatible on mobile phones but by adding a new code into the HTML of your blog's template, your blog is supposed to be more compatible.  Being much like Felicia (I also only use my cell phone for emergencies and travel, not for entertainment) I never really thought about my blogs being mobile compatible.  When I went to check to see if any of my blogs were compatible, I found that they weren't.  So I went to the link Felicia supplied and followed the easy instructions.  You can too.

Visit Felicia's blog post (link above) to learn more on how to make your WordPress blog compatible.

To check if your blog is already mobile compatible, go to dotMobi  and type in your blog's URL.

To make your Blogger blog mobile compatible visit Blogger How To Tips and follow the easy instructions.

Remember, before changing any HTML, you should always backup your blog into a file in case you make a mistake.  Blogger makes backing up your file easy, just follow the prompts on the page when you click Edit HTML.

Happy Writing,

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  1. This most requested feature of blogger exactly does what MobilePress of WordPress does; phonify or make your website mobile-friendly. Millions of users are accessing the internet via phone every day, thus it does make sense to provide your on-the-go visitors an option to view your webpage in mobile mode (and another option to switch back to desktop/normal view).

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