Monday, May 2, 2011

Earn Money off Your Feeds with Google Adsense for Feeds

Make money on your blog's Feed page
with Google Adsense.
Hi all,

Okay, I may be slow but I do eventually find out things about my blog that I should have probably known all along.  If you are one of the few people, like me, who still isn't earning Google Adsense income from your blog's feed, then here is how you can change that.

Adding Google Adsense to Your Blog's Feed

If you already are using Google Adsense to earn money from advertising on your blog pages, then you can expand that by placing Google Ads on your blog's feed too.  Once you set it up, your feed will display ads targeted to the content on your feed that other people subscribe to.  You will then earn money the same way you do with regular Google ads and it is reported in your account on the same report page as your regular Google income.

It's easy to set up Google Adsense for feeds.  Log into your Google Adsense account, hit the Reports tab and look down the page for Google Adsense for Feeds.  Click on this and follow the prompts.  All you need to know is your blog's URL or the feed URL.  It is simple and you will be done in seconds.   For more information on Google Adsense for Feeds, click here.

Since adding this to my adsense account (3 days ago) I have had 140 impressions from the Feed page.  This proved to me that adding this as another source of Google Adsense income is worth the few seconds it took to do it. 

Happy Writing,

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  1. Thanks for the reminder, Deanna. I’ve been threatening to explore the other money making avenues that AdSense offers. I’ll give the feed a try.

  2. Great advice... thank you!


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