Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Demand Media Studios Shuts Down their EHow Writer Created Assignment Tool

DMS stops its Writer Created Assignments program.
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Demand Media Studios announced that they are ending their Writer Created Assignments (WCA) program so writers will no longer be able create their own titles and assignments for EHow revenue share articles.  To me, this seems like just one more way to keep the writers from having any say in the creative process at DMS. 

Why DMS is Shutting Down the WCA Tool

In their statement, DMS says that since it is their publishers that drive what articles are needed to be written, then there is no need for a tool that allows the writers to create their own titles.  Also, DMS believes that their recent creation of topic sections allows DMS writers to easily find titles that fit their expertise.  So, why would writers actually want to create titles and articles on their own when they can just pick one already created by DMS?

Why I Think DMS is Shutting Down the WCA Tool

Obviously, (maybe only to me) the new changes at Google are influencing how DMS is doing business and the first thing that needs to go is any input (meaning creativity) from its writers.  DMS doesn't trust its writers to create titles that are unique, creative and meaningful, and therefore the program must go.  We writers are good enough to write articles for DMS as long as they tell us what to do and how to do it - otherwise we can't think for ourselves.   So the one last program at DMS where writers had some control over what they wrote will be going the way of the EHow WGA.

EHow-WCA articles had to be approved through an editor just as any DMS created assignment is, so if the article is low-quality or the title is too similar to others already on the site, the editors have the choice to reject it.  With this safeguard in place, I don't see why the program couldn't continue.  In my experience, the DMS created revenue share titles do not generate as much residual income as the titles I created myself.  Gee, do you think that means that humans may have the upper hand in creating keyword-friendly titles as compared to DMS's computerized titles?  Apparently DMS either does not agree or simply does not care.

I started seriously using the DMS-WCA tool last October to see if my articles there would generate as much income as my old EHow articles do, and I have been very happy with the results.  However, now I won't be able to pursue that source of income any longer since, once again, DMS has taken away one of its best programs.  Oh, well, on to the next!

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  1. I have not written at ehow since management changed. I have heard that it is difficult to submit, that editors pick apart your material and when you submit another editor will advise you to change it back to the way it was. I watch as new people come along and steal the idea I have already published and my article is deleted without even letting us know in advance so we can relocate our material. I have pretty much abandoned hope of writing here any longer.


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