Thursday, March 3, 2011

Which Writing Sites are Worth Your Time?

Hi all,

I get this question in e-mails all the time: Which writing sites are worth my time?  If it was an easy question to answer then I wouldn't have spent so much time trying several different sites before deciding which ones were right for me.  However, I will try to answer this question as best I can for all of you who are wondering the same thing. 

There is No Fast, Easy Way to Earn Money Writing Online

That is always my first answer to this question.  If you are interested in earning money online by writing, don't expect to make thousands of dollars a month quickly.  Most - not all - but most up-front pay writing sites pay low prices per article and the rest pay through residual income you earn off of ad clicks or pay per clicks or a combination of both.  Some pay through the Google Adsense Program which means you have to wait until you earn at least $100 to be paid.  Of course, if you are a seasoned writer and you hook up with a big website that pays big dollars, you can earn anywhere from $60 to $1,000 per article, but those jobs are few and far between and all of us are looking for that pot of gold too.

That being said, if you are an experienced writer you can apply to sites like Demand Media Studios or Break Studios, get accepted, and then start churning out articles for up-front pay of $8, $15, or even $20 each and be paid once or twice a week.  This is probably the quickest way to begin earning money writing online.  If you are willing to wait a little time to sell articles and be paid once a month, you can also try Constant-Content where you place articles for sale, wait for them to sell and then are paid a portion of the income it generates.  CC is probably the second best way to earn money online quickly and you can do quite well there.  The last way is to zero in on a residual income site like Suite101, Triond, Infobarrel or Yahoo! Contributor Network, write dozens of articles and watch the monthly income grow (hopefully!).

Another choice is to start your own blog or website and rely on ad revenue for income.  This works for many people, however it is not a quick or easy way to earn money.  It takes time to build up readership and increase your Google ranking so searchers find you.  It is definitely a good way to go if you are willing to work hard and wait to earn money while it grows.

Online Writing Takes Time, Dedication and a Lot of Work

People want to make a quick and easy buck but the truth is that earning money writing online takes time, great dedication and a lot of hard work.  It's not for people who give up easily or who do not push themselves to make their own breaks and find new opportunities.  You have to be willing to do your research and find out which writing sites are best for you.  I can't tell you which sites you should definately write for because everyone has different styles and needs.  While I may find success at certain writing sites, you may find success at different ones entirely.  That is why I review sites and share information and leave it to the reader to decide what is right for them.

My best advice is to do your homework.  Read several reviews of sites you are thinking of trying and then try the ones that you think will work well for you.  If you find a site isn't what you thought it would be, try another.  If possible, pick 2-3 sites that you are most impressed with and focus all your attention on writing for these sites.  You will build up an article base faster, and increase your income faster, if you concentrate on only a few sites.  Once you have done this, you can spread out to other sites so you have an income stream from several places or you can start your own blog or website.  What I can't tell you is which sites you absolutely should write for - you have to choose for yourself.

Make Your Own Breaks

As an online writer you also have to always be on the lookout for new opportunities and be willing to put yourself out there.  If you see a website that looks interesting to you, dig further and see if they use freelance writers.  This is how you can make your own breaks.  I did this recently and found a writing job at a site that pays far beyond what most other writing sites pay.  Once you have experience with online writing, don't limit yourself to the basic writing sites, be willing to look for new opportunities.

The basic message here is online writing is not a quick and easy way to earn money but if you are in it for the long haul, you can do well. 

Happy Writing,


  1. Great post. Writing is hard work. But it is the easiest hard work you will ever do. Every writing site is different, just as every client is different. It is a matter of personal preference. I for one could not write at Firehow for example, but there are a few writers that make good money there. Just as you said, do your homework.

    Bottom line there are two distinct things that will determine growth as a freelance web writer: Quality and Consistency

  2. Hi, I write at most of those places, but I find relatively quick money at Textbrokers and ecopywriters. These two pay decently for a short article and usually have plenty of topics to choose from. Break Studios always seems to have very odd topics so I stopped writing there, but it's all what you like

  3. I write mostly for Break Studios and far as upfront pay is concerned. I have a Demand Studios account but haven't written for them at all. There just always seems to be car titles or super technical articles that I just can't get into.
    I love writing for Break Studios since the titles are usually interesting and you can add a bit of humor to them if you want. Textbroker is just super easy to crank out and they always have titles available so that's great.

  4. Thanks to those who left comments. I did forget to add Textbroker as a way of earning quick up-front money. They generally do have a lot of interesting topics to write on. :)

  5. Hi there! Just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your blog. I'm a recent university graduate, and I'm currently working for DMS full-time, doing between 4-8 $15 articles a day. It's currently going very well, but I'm definitely going to investigate some of the alternatives you suggested. Thanks for the tips!


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