Friday, March 11, 2011

DMS EHow vs Suite101 in Earnings

DMS EHow and Suite101 earnings running
neck to neck.
Hi all,

I thought I'd update you on how my EHow revenue share articles that I wrote through the Demand Media Studios' website are doing.  I thought it might be interesting to compare how these articles are doing for the first 11 days of March as compared to the articles I currently have at Suite101.

Just to update those of you who have not been following, these EHow articles are ones that I created the titles for and then submitted through the DMS site for approval.  They are not revenue share article titles that DMS created.  Therefore, I had complete control over the topics I chose and the keywords I used - just as I do when writing articles for Suite101. 

I currently have 77 articles at Suite101 on varying topics and 19 articles at EHow on varying topics.  So far this month, I've earned $6.56 at Suite101 for 77 articles and $6.30 at EHow for 19 articles.  Hmmm, which site do you think is better for earnings?

Writing Smarter, Not Harder

I said that I wanted to write smarter this year, not harder (I give Felicia full credit for this concept) and that seems to be what I've been doing at DMS EHow.  If I can continue to write fewer articles yet earn more money than I did last year, it will make me a much happier person.

Not that Suite is a bad place to write for.  Quite the opposite.  Unfortunately, Suite101 has had a few problems over this past year and many writers have suffered with a drop of up to 50 percent in earnings.  Last summer I was earning twice as much a month as I currently am at Suite101, so of course I looked elsewhere for a more profitable way to earn residual income.  However, I do keep tabs on what is happening over at Suite and do plan to continue writing for them if things start to look up in the next few months.

Earnings at Old EHow

My earnings from my old EHow account continue to rise each month and I hear that many other EHowers have experienced the same rise in income.  I know there is some speculation out in internetland that EHow can't possibly continue as it has and will eventually change or close up altogether.  Well, if that is the case, fine, but I'm going to ride the income wave for as long as it continues. 

Happy Writing,



  1. My eHow earnings have continued to increase as well. I have been very surprised! Thanks for your update on the DMS earnings - I have yet to write any articles through the program, as I was waiting to see how others faired.

  2. As far as rev-share sites go, I've found that eHow articles through DMS is the best substitute for the eHow WCP. I do diversify with Bukisa and Squidoo, and have some older HubPages and Infobarrel articles, but those on eHow seem to outperform everything else.

    Overall though, my niche website is an even better platform for monthly income. I think diversification is as important as ever.

  3. I didn't know Ehow did revenue share, I thought it was all front, how does that work? Or did I miss that post.

  4. Hi Pam,

    Yes, you can either choose from EHow's revenue share titles or you can create your own titles. Then you earn money monthly from the revenue share titles much like the old EHow program. I only write my own titles because then I am free to write on the topics of my choice.


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