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Update on DMS WCA EHow Earnings and DMS Blogger Program

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Hi all,

I am in my third month of trying EHow through Demand Media Studios and thought I would update you on my progress so far.  For those of you not familiar with DMS WCA EHow, basically it is creating your own titles and articles for EHow (WCA=Writer Created Assignment) through Demand Media Studios and earning residual income from those articles.  It is almost the same as using the old EHow except your titles have to be approved as well as your articles.

DMS EHow Earnings

I basically started placing articles through this program in November 2010 and earned my first payout at the end of December 2010 of $10.61.  (See more info about December earnings here.)  In January, I added only 4 more articles to DMS EHow and reached payout by the end of the month - a total of $12.33.  In the three months I have been writing for DMS EHow, I've earned a total of $22.94.  Considering I will continue to earn money each month from these articles as well as any new ones I add, I think I am off to a good start.

Another factor that makes me believe DMS EHow is a good way to earn residual income is my ever-growing income on my regular EHow account.  My earnings in January were up 18% over December 2010's earnings and are up 53% from April 2010's earnings when we were no longer allowed to submit new articles to that account.  If my new DMS EHow account earnings continue in this same trend over the next year, it will definitely be worth my time submitting articles.

If you are not a member of Demand Media Studios, I urge you to apply and try the WCA EHow program.  And if you were a former EHow writer and were already approved for a DMS account but haven't tried it yet - you really should.  If you enjoyed your former EHow earnings, you will be happy with EHow through DMS also.

DMS Blogger Program

First of all, let me say that I never thought I'd be an advocate for anything Demand Media Studios offered, so it surprises even me when I not only promote their DMS EHow program but am also now involved with the Blogger's Program.  (Read more about blogging with DMS here.)  However, I didn't think it would hurt to try it, so I linked my Health News blog to it and have now been with the program for one month.  In that time, my posts have been linked to DMS affiliates, Chicago Sun Times, Answerbag 2010, Livestrong and EHow and have received 27,170 headline views.  Unfortunately, I haven't earned a cent in residual income yet.  The traffic to my blog has picked up, but it's hard to say if it is because of its affiliation with DMS and its sites or if the blog itself is just doing better.  Whatever the case, I plan on trying this for at least 6 months and if I don't earn any income from it I can disable the blog from DMS and no longer share it. 

I hope all of you had a prosperous January and would love hearing from anyone who is also involved in the DMS EHow program or the DMS Blogger program.

Happy Writing,



  1. The Ehow WCA program through DMS is definitely on my list of things to try! I'm currently experimenting with a few different writing sites for residual income to see which ones suit me best and perform well, and I'm looking forward to trying out Ehow through Demand. I also had a huge jump in my earnings in both Dec. and Jan. from my older Ehow articles. The site is extremely popular, and I imagine continuing to submit articles there could only benefit me and others!

  2. Deanna, I think DS provides a great way to increase earnings from eHow, and have encouraged writers to take advantage of their writer created assignments opportunity.

    My DS rev-share earnings for January were $101, from 13 articles.

  3. Thanks Deanna! When you find out more about how DMS Blog Network works, please do share. I'm interested in how much they pay per 1,000 page views? Is it a set price, and then increased if an article/blog does well (sort of like Associated Content). Or does it depend on each subject one writes about? And it's strictly page views; No Adsense Rev Share, etc? What is the difference between headline view and page view -and does a blogger get paid for both, et al.

    I wish DMS would give me details about this. I've read their agreement and application page and they weren't very helpful. Maybe I overlooked something.

  4. Deanna, does it bother you that you will only receive rev share from your articles for a few years? Do you think it might be better to write them for another site or blog where you can continue the rev share for as long as the site/blog exists?


    The all caps is theirs, not mine. I don't like that. It sounds like they are saying "We'll pay you if we want to. If we don't want to pay you, we won't." Very fishy to me. In your post, you stated that "I haven't earned a cent in residual income yet." Are you concerned as to why you haven't made any money?

  5. Hi Emma,

    No, it doesn't bother me that my articles (I'm assuming you mean the EHow ones) will only earn residual income over a specific period of time. However, I do believe (I could be wrong) that DMS no longer places a 5 year limit on content earnings. I looked up the Contributor's Terms and did not see any term length of earnings.

    As for the blogger's agreement, that also does not bother me. My blog wasn't earning high amounts of money to begin with so this was an experiment to see if attaching it to DMS would bring in more traffic or earn any residual income. I do have the choice to delete the blog from DMS and then they are no longer allowed to use any new content from the blog. The way I see it - you don't know how something will work until you try it. If I don't earn any money through the Blogger program, then I will chalk it up to "live and learn".

    Hi Chel,

    I know what you are saying, the DMS Blogger program does not spell out exactly how they will pay you, and that is annoying. However, DMS does not spell out exactly how you earn residual income through EHow and I have no complaints about the earnings there. All I can do is continue trying this program and see what happens, then let you all know. :)

  6. Thanks for the quick response Deanna. :) I don't have a blog yet, but was deciding whether to make a finance blog and submit it to DMS, or make a finance channel on Hubpages and/or Bukisa. I think I'll go with Hubpages and Bukisa. If things don't go well there, I'll transfer my articles to a blog and then perhaps submit it to DMS - if I'm not earning money any other way.

  7. Deanna, I agree with you that the DMS WCA program can be lucrative. I’ve only placed a few articles through that program and they seem to be doing well each month.

    I intend to write more articles through the DMS WCA program after I’ve evened out my portfolio a bit more. I don’t particularly like any one revenue source being responsible for the lion share of my income. Once I balance things out just a bit more, I’ll be back to writing more WCA articles.

    It’s also interesting hearing about the Blogger program. I’m on the fence as to whether or not to add one of my blogs to their program. I’ll follow your progress to see how it works out for you. Thanks for sharing the info.

  8. Interesting take on this topic. I've heard from several writers that they've done very well with the DMS residual articles, but I haven't had any such luck. While my eHow articles still earn nicely, I haven't had much luck at all with the DMS ones yet. Thanks for sharing your experiences with them.

  9. Now that the new Ehow beta site is up, I can only sign up through Facebook, so had to create a new password for facebook since the old one did not work. Now I can't figure how to check earnings on my old pre-DM articles. DM has rejected my application 3 times, but was still earning on my old articles. Thanks. FGual

  10. Thanks for sharing this. Last month, when old EHow said they'd be changing the way we log in, they said they would let us know how to check our earnings before changing completely. I can still sign into my old account to check my monthly earnings at EHow exactly how I've always been able to, so I'm not sure why you are not able to. It is completely seperate from where I sign in to check my "new" EHow earnings. Perhaps you can send a message to EHow through Contact Us to find out how you can check your earnings.
    Good luck.


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