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Parenting Magazine Resource Page

Many regional parenting publications, like Metro Parent, have both
paper and online versions in need of content.
Hi all,

I have added a new page to my blog titled Parent Magazines.  On that page I will have a listing of regional parenting publications for those of you interested in writing for these magazines.  Many writers begin their careers writing for these types of publications and you can also sell reprints to them for extra money as well.  I will be adding to this list as time permits and soon should have most - or almost - all of the regional parenting publications listed.

Writing for Regional Parenting Publications

As some of you may already know, I started my freelance writing career almost 20 years ago writing for regional parenting publications such as Minnesota Parent, Cincinnati Parent and even New York Family Times.  Many of the articles I sold for First North American Serial Rights to MN Parent I was able to re-sell to other parenting publications and make extra money off of just one article.  (For more information on selling rights to your articles, read this article by Sharon Kirby on Suite101.)  Today, with so many markets available online and off, reselling articles to regional parenting publications may be a good way to add to your writing income.

In general, regional parenting publications are looking for articles on parenting, ways to spend time with your child, children's health, day care, school, family finances, family vacations, child development, special-needs children and much more.  Most of the parenting publications are monthly and many follow a monthly topic - like Back-to-School in September, Holidays in December, Summer Fun in June - just as ab example.  The best way to find out what each publication is looking for is to visit their website (on the list) and get a feel for what their needs are.  If you have an idea for a feature article, you can either write to or e-mail the editor with it and possibly be assigned an article. Most of the regional parenting publications prefer articles to have a local slant, however, you can always use a local source for your article even if you don't live in that part of the country.

Pay at regional parenting magazines can be feast or famine.  Some pay $125 to $350 for feature articles (1,200 to 2,000 words) and reprints usually range from $25 to $50.  Payment is usually after publication and articles are generally published 2 to 6 months after you submit them.

Tips for Writing for Regional Parenting Publications

  • Always read the Writer's Guidelines for each individual publication before even attempting to send and idea or article.  
  • Read the online version of the parenting publication or send away for a copy of their paper publication.  Make sure you aren't submitting a similar article that they just published. 
  • Always be professional when contacting the publication.  Just because some of them are small publications doesn't mean they don't expect professionalism.
  • Always send quality articles.  They want articles that are just as professional as any glossy magazine has.
  • Keep a record of the date, article sent, rights sold or selling and how much you were promised to be paid on every article you send out.  This way you can check on payment if you don't receive it when expected.
  • For tips on how to write a Query letter or e-mail, visit Andrea Beca's article on Suite101.
Writing for regional parenting publications can be fun and profitable.  When I was doing it years ago, after awhile I would get requests to use reprints of my articles from other regionals because they had seen it in another parenting publication.  It is a great way to increase you freelance writing income.

Happy Writing,


How to Write Irresistible Query Letters

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My New Experiment - Blogging in Association with DMS

By Svilen Milev Stock.Xchng
Hi all,
I was wandering around the DMS site one day and clicked on the Blogger link to see what it is all about. Maybe everyone has already checked this out and I'm slow, but I didn't know that DMS offered a chance to work together promoting a blog you already own. I checked out the FAQs and the terms and decided to apply with my Health News blog. A couple of days later my blog was accepted, I placed a code in it to allow DMS to "crawl" it and I was on my way.

What is DMS Blog Distribution Network?

DMS hooks up with already established blogs and places some of your posts or links to their sites with a bio and blog link information attached. If the blog posts are read on their site - you earn revenue share. If the reader clicks through the link to your blog - you earn money as usual from your own blog. Sounds simple enough. The only thing you have to ask yourself is: Do I want DMS to have access to my blog posts/articles and give them permission to place them wherever they want? I thought about this for awhile before applying and decided that for my Health News blog, it would probably be a win-win situation. Although the blog was getting some traffic on its own, I didn't think it would hurt if DMS sent a few people my way. If nothing else, I would earn some money with DMS revenue share on the blog posts they did use. If I don't earn a dime -then I'm not really out anything because I still own the blog and the right to post whatever I want to it without interference from DMS.

How to Apply

If you already have an account with Demand Media Studios, you will want to log in before applying so you don't have to set up a new account. Log in, click the blue "Account" tab, click the "Positions" tab, then click on "Blogger". This will get you to the application, FAQs, etc. If you are not a member of DMS, you can go to their web page and click on Bloggers, then apply.

I'd love to hear from anyone who is already a part of this program and what their experiences have been. Or, if you join, let us know how it is going for you.  I will update everyone on how it does for me and if I earn money from it throughout the next few months.

Happy Writing,

Update 1/14/11

I found this post about the DMS blogger's agreement interesting. Be sure to read the post and the Comments. At first I thought I hadn't read the agreement properly (and panicked) but then saw that the blogger's post wasn't showing the correct terms of agreements.

How December Went and What's Going on In January

Happy to say my income is increasing!
Hi all,

We are well into January 2011 and I hope you are all having a good writing income year so far.  Sometimes we all tend to make big resolutions to do big things and after a couple of weeks are disappointed when we can't deliver the goods.  I hope your resolutions are going as planned - and if not - don't beat yourself up too much - we're only human.  I have been busy doing some residual income writing and working on other writing projects that I hope will work out in the long run.  Whether it is residual income or another type of writing job, it seems there is always some sort of gamble we take (will the client pay me?, will my residual income grow?, will my book sell?) as writers but we have to try anyway and see where we end up.  I wanted to share what is going on with a couple of the writing sites I earn money at.

DMS EHow Income

For those of you who have been following my experiment with EHow through the Demand Media Studios site, I am still satisfied with how it is coming along.  In December, after two months and 11 articles, I reached payout.  This month I have 13 articles total so far and have earned $2.04 in residual earnings.  I'm sure I will have to reach the 25-35 article mark before seeing a good profit each month, and it is my goal to place more articles there in the next few months.  I do believe the earning potential there is as good as it is with the old EHow, so I look forward to increasing my income there this year.

For those of you not familiar with DMS EHow, it is writing revenue share articles through DMS that is placed on EHow.  I choose to create my own assignments instead of choosing a DMS created title.  This seems to work best for me because I am now familiar with which topics that have high potential of incurring income because of my experience with the old EHow and other sites.  If you are not already a member of Demand Media Studios, you can click on the link and apply, then start writing once you are accepted.  There are many ways to earn money through DMS and EHow revenue share articles is only one way of many.

Regular "Old" EHow

I continue to marvel at how the residual income keeps climbing for my articles at the old EHow.  In December, my income was double what I normally earn - a wonderful surprise.  Of course, I thought that would end come January but surprisingly this month's income is currently up 31% over what I earned last month on this date.  If this continues for the entire month (I can only hope!) then I will far surpass what I earned in December.  I'm sure a lull will occur in the coming months but I'm going to enjoy this income spurt while I have it.  Are any of you also seeing an increase in your old EHow account earnings?

Google Adsense

I was thrilled to see that my Google Adsense earnings in December climbed to $20.00 for the month.  I'm not sure what provoked this rapid income growth, but I do know that most of the income came from my articles at Triond and some came from the share-site Infopirate and my blogs.  This month it is business as usual with my earnings only a few cents per day but at least I had a big start to my next payout and will hopefully reach it faster this year than I did last year.


I finished out December selling 6 articles at Constant-Content which added up quickly to a nice amount of money.  I had looked ahead to January and written a couple of dieting/weight-loss articles which sold quickly.  Even after selling over 200 articles there, I still get excited when I see that one has sold!  I plan on adding more articles on CC this year than I did last year so I can increase my income there for 2011.

My next post I will share with you my new experiment through DMS - Stay tuned!

Happy Writing,
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