Sunday, November 28, 2010

Update on DMS EHow WCA Program

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Hi all,

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and found a few great bargains on Black Friday.  We didn't go out on Black Friday morning, but did go to Wal-Mart and Target late Friday evening to see what was left and still found a few bargains. 

Writing for EHow Again

Last month I wrote a blog post on how I was going to try the Demand Media Studio's EHow WCA program and see how it does.  Over the month, I managed to add 9 articles there.  I didn't have any trouble with the editors (as I have in the past) and only had to rewrite 2 of the 9 articles and they were just small fixes.  The articles I wrote were on topics that I knew were popular since I have written on these same topics before on other sites and received high views. 

So, how much did I earn in one month?  As of today, I have earned $1.29 in revenue share from the 9 articles.  No, this is not a lot of money, but it is a start. The articles were added throughout the month of November, so some are almost a month old and some have only been on the site for a week or two.  I suspect that I will make more money next month once the articles have been on the site a bit longer.

Will I Continue with DMS EHow?

The answer is yes.  My EHow articles from the old program continue to increase in earnings each month, so it was silly of me to continue to ignore the possibilities with EHow through DMS.  The small earnings I've received in only one month there shows me there is earning potential and it is worth my time to continue to add articles to this revenue share program.  Creating "How to" titles and writing these articles seems to come easy to me, so it doesn't even seem like work.  In fact, I enjoy it.  I hope to add 10 more articles in December and continue throughout 2011.  I'll let you know how the earnings are at the end of December.

Earnings at Infopirate

I recently told you about the bookmarking site Infopirate (see post here) and I have only been adding bookmarks there for a couple of months.  Today, I was surprised to see I earned .75 cents there.  Not a bad start, considering I only have a few bookmarks there.  If you haven't tried Infopirate yet, you may want to.  It can't hurt. :)

Happy Writing,


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Monday, November 15, 2010

Associated Content is Now the Yahoo! Contributor Network

Hi all,

Yes, you read that right - Associated Content has now become the Yahoo! Contributor Network (YCN).  We have known for months that Yahoo! purchased AC and now they are completely taking over. So, what does this mean for current AC writers? 

Changes at Yahoo! Contributor Network

For the most part, there won't be many major changes on the new site for now.  Your sign-in e-mail and password is the same and you will still earn the same on the articles you have already contributed.  The main changes are the site looks different, and now you will get the opportunity to earn money from other Yahoo! sites as well as from the YCN.  The Featured Contributor program will also continue and assignments for your featured area will still occur monthly.  Basically, the YCN is the same as AC except you have a better chance to earn more money if your articles are chosen for other Yahoo! sites.

YCN is also still accepting new contributors, so if you don't already have an old AC account then you may want to consider joining YCN.  In the months ahead, I think it may be a good opportunity for writers.  While the pay isn't the greatest, the exposure on Yahoo! may be good for writers trying to make a name for themselves.  And who knows, maybe you will land higher-paying opportunities through Yahoo! too.

Is There a Down Side?

Maybe, depending upon how you want to look at it.  Some writers will think that this is Yahoo!'s opportunity to fill the pages of their websites with material from writers who are being paid pennies.  That may be the case; we won't know for sure until several months down the road.  However, if your article appears on any of the other Yahoo! sites, you will be paid per view from that site as well as for the views on YCN.  So this could be an opportunity for writers to earn more per article instead of less. 

That is all I know about the new changes for now.  As changes occur, I will update you.  Let me know how you feel about the new changes at AC/YCN.

Happy Writing,

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reaping the Benefits of Prior Work

Reap the benefits of all your hard work.
Photo: Christa Richert
Hi all,

Writing income does not always come right away.  In a perfect world, we'd write an article and get paid for our work that very day.  But for those of us trying to build up residual income, that isn't how it always happens.  Even if you write for magazines or some larger websites, you usually have to wait until after the article is published - sometimes up to 6 months - before you are paid.  So with writing, you are always working, working, working, and eventually you see your income come in.  That is what I've been doing all summer and into fall.

Suite101 Not So Profitable

First, I spent most of my summer increasing the number of articles I have at Suite101.  I'd like to say that all this work paid off - and it did at first - but the past two months my income there has gone down substantially.  I'm still happy I placed a large amount of articles there because I do believe that at some point the income will rise again, but all my hard work isn't reaping much reward right now.  Luckily, I didn't place all my proverbial eggs into one basket.

Constant-Content on the Rise

As you all know, Constant-Content is my second-best earner for the year so far and in September I spent my time adding full-rights articles to sell there and increase my income.  This month my work is paying off. I have sold two articles so far and I do earn some money from referrals as well.  Yes, it has been two months since I placed those articles for sale, but that is how it goes with CC.  This is why I think of CC as a type of residual income because I place articles there and they sell over time, adding to my income.  Many people who join CC become discouraged if their articles do not sell in a week or two.  You have to be patient and you will eventually see the money come in over time. 

Google Adsense

For the first time ever, I reached payout from my Google Adsense Account this month.  I have several sites that contribute to Google earnings including this blog, my Health News blog, Triond, Xomba, She Told Me, InfoPirate and a few others.  This blog and Triond are the biggest contributors to my Google account so far, but recently I am seeing an increase in earnings from Health News, She Told Me and Xomba.  This makes me very happy because it means all that time spent on my Health blog as well as the time I spent bookmarking at the other sites is finally paying off.  Just when you think a site will never earn any money, it suddenly does.  I hope to see my Google earnings continue to increase over time from all of these sites.

Demand Media Studio's EHow WCA Program

This month I decided to put some effort into contributing articles to EHow through Demand Media Studios (DMS) to see if the residual income is as good as it is with my older EHow articles.  I have only submitted 7 articles so far (been busy with other writing assignments) and it does take time for the articles to be reviewed, accepted and then placed on EHow to earn money.  I hope to have ten by the end of November so I can see how they do with earnings over the next few months.  If these articles seem to earn fairly well, I will add DMS/WCA articles to my list of residual earning sites.  I'll let you all know how the earnings are in the next couple of months.

Higher Paying Work as a Result of my Prior Writing Experience

Writing for various sites is a good way to earn money but it is also a good way to be seen, and possibly recruited, for other higher-paying writing assignments.  Because of my experience as a writer for Suite101, Constant-Content and other sites (even Associated Content and Demand Studios) I have been recruited by bigger websites to write articles for them.  I have also been able to apply to better paying sites and be accepted. Don't ever let anyone tell you (or believe it when you read it on snooty forums) that writing for residual income sites or "content mills" ( I just hate that term) will not get you better writing jobs in the future.  Good writing is appreciated no matter what site it is on and editors from other sites are always looking for good writers.  So remember that what you write today may be your stepping stone to higher-paying jobs in the future. My prior work is now paying off by letting me get those higher-paying assignments so I can work less, earn more, and spend more time writing what I want to write.

If you are just beginning your freelance writing career, or you have been toiling away at freelance writing and aren't yet at the earning level you want to be at, don't give up.  You may have to refocus your energy on sites where the payout is better but you will eventually see your hard work pay off.  Also, don't be afraid to try new sites, or apply to higher-paying writing sites because you think you don't have enough experience. You may be surprised at what opportunities you can come upon if you are willing to go out and find them.

Happy Writing,


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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Infopirate - Article Bookmarking Site

Hi all,

If you are looking for another site to place bookmarks of your articles on - and earn Google money from these bookmarks - then you may be interested in Infopirate.  Infopirate is much like Xomba except you can only submit bookmarks - no full-length articles. You earn money from the Google ads placed on your bookmarks and you can even earn money from referring other writers to Infopirate.

Earning Money at Infopirate

Once you join Infopirate and insert your Google Adsense account number, you can begin earning money from your links.  Users earn money from Google ads 80% of the time and the other 20% of the time Infopirate earns from Google ads.  The more bookmarks you add, the greater chance you have of earning money.

Infopirate also has a referral program and gives you a referral link which is located in the Account section of your page.  You can earn 10% of the income the people you refer earn.  Infopirate also gives you a blog page where you can create blog posts and earn money from these posts as well.

I have been using Infopirate for about a month now and have a few links there. While I haven't earned any money there yet, I have had a few clicks, so it is promising.  I think as I add new bookmarks, I will begin to see the money coming in.  Let's face it - even a few cents here and there for a bookmark is better than nothing!

Happy Writing,


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