Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking Ahead to 2011

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Hi all,

The new year is almost upon us and it is generally a time for reflection and making new goals.  This year I don't plan on making any detailed goals with my writing other than to say I hope to double my residual income in 2011.  In 2010, I doubled my residual income from the prior year, which, even though it wasn't an earth shattering amount, it was still a good accomplishment for me.  By applying Felicia's ideas (No Job For Mom) of working smarter instead of harder and dropping the low-income sites that I have spent time on in the past, I hope to build up my residual income with the sites I write for that I have a good income history with. 

My other goal is to continue building this blog and adding even more writing opportunities for both internet and print media.  This next month, I plan on adding a page which lists resources for print media writing opportunities.  I started my writing career writing articles for parenting magazines and I still think that many offer good opportunities for beginning writers and accomplished writers as well.  Many of these publications also have online versions where you can earn additional money.  Be sure to look for this resource page on my blog in the next few weeks.

Saying Good-bye to Sites can be Difficult

There are a couple of writing sites that I have continued writing for in 2010 which weren't high earners but I kept hoping would come around.  In 2011, I have to finally break away from them and concentrate my time on more productive sites.  Sometimes it is hard to walk away, because I have put so much time and energy into these sites.  But, as far as I can tell, they are never going to be big earners for me even in the long run.  One of these sites is Examiner.  Although I really enjoy my two topics at Examiner, I only earn pennies a day there and can no longer "wait" for the site to grow or the earnings to get better.  I know that some people make a lot of money at Examiner but I am not one of them.  I don't plan on quitting Examiner officially - I do earn some money there and don't want to lose my titles completely.  But the most time I expect to spend on Examiner in 2011 is to write two articles month.

Sites I Plan to Stick With

It is actually a relief to narrow down the sites I plan to stick with in 2011.  It's like finally cleaning out that cluttered closet and giving away items you no longer need or want.  Throwing away the old can make you feel less stressed and gives you more time to focus on a more productive tomorrow.  These are the sites I have earned the most money at on a consistant basis:
*I consider this as residual because you never know when an article is going to sell. :) )

By focusing on these sites, I hope to continue to build my residual income while working on some other, bigger, projects of mine and hopefully double my residual income in 2011.

I do write for a couple of up-front writing sites that I also plan on sticking with.  However, I do not count that income as part of the residual income.

Wishing you all a productive and successful New Year in 2011!

Happy Writing,


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  1. Happy New Year!!

    May 2011 bring you lots of wondrous possibilites!

  2. There is definitely the 80-20 rule at work with internet income and it sounds like those will be your plans for the upcoming year. Best of luck as you seek to double your passive income.

  3. Happy New Year! I am glad to hear you doubled your income in 2010, here's to it doubling again in 2011 :D

  4. Good to see you are doing well. How have your ehow earnings been posting through DMS? I have one article and I think I earned a $1 in a month.


  5. Thanks to everyone who visited and posted a comment. :)

    WriterM - I reached payout ($10.73 total) at the end of December at DMS EHow. I had 11 articles there and it took 2 months for payout. I plan on placing more articles there this year. The articles actually did much better than I expected so I am happy with the payout. I'll let everyone know how it goes in the coming months.


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