Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Infopirate - Article Bookmarking Site

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If you are looking for another site to place bookmarks of your articles on - and earn Google money from these bookmarks - then you may be interested in Infopirate.  Infopirate is much like Xomba except you can only submit bookmarks - no full-length articles. You earn money from the Google ads placed on your bookmarks and you can even earn money from referring other writers to Infopirate.

Earning Money at Infopirate

Once you join Infopirate and insert your Google Adsense account number, you can begin earning money from your links.  Users earn money from Google ads 80% of the time and the other 20% of the time Infopirate earns from Google ads.  The more bookmarks you add, the greater chance you have of earning money.

Infopirate also has a referral program and gives you a referral link which is located in the Account section of your page.  You can earn 10% of the income the people you refer earn.  Infopirate also gives you a blog page where you can create blog posts and earn money from these posts as well.

I have been using Infopirate for about a month now and have a few links there. While I haven't earned any money there yet, I have had a few clicks, so it is promising.  I think as I add new bookmarks, I will begin to see the money coming in.  Let's face it - even a few cents here and there for a bookmark is better than nothing!

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  1. hi deanna! i just stumbled upon your blog this past weekend and spent hours reading your posts! it's been so informative and i especially love reading about your specific personal experiences with different sites/companies. i'll be taking this info into account as i start my journey into the freelance world. thank you so much for taking the time to keep us all posted. =)

  2. Hi,
    Welcome! Happy to hear you found helpful information here on my blog. Good luck with your writing!


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