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Learning About Niche Blogging and Affiliate Advertising

Making money with niche blogging and
affiliate advertising.
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Hi all,

As you can tell right off the bat, Write Moms is not a “niche” blog nor am I successful with affiliate advertising on my blog. I am a freelance writer who is always looking for new and interesting sites to write for and, hopefully, earn good money from. However, I have done some research on niche blogging and affiliate advertising over the years, at least enough to know a few things. I see ads and blogs all over the web trying to sell information to people on how to earn money niche blogging and using affiliate advertising. You can pay hundreds of dollars to people to learn their secrets – secrets that aren’t so secret and can be learned by anyone with enough gumption to search for the information on their own.

You Can Learn to Earn Money from Blogging for Free

Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to pay people $45, $100 or even $150 dollars for their secrets to online blogging for money. Just send me $9.95 and I’ll send it all to you myself. JUST KIDDING. Everything you need to know about blogging for money or using affiliate advertising can be learned from the multitudes of blogs that tell you for free and from the affiliate advertising companies. Literally, all you have to do is type into Google Search “blogging for money” or “earn money niche blogging” or “affiliate advertising” and up pops tons of blogging sites that tell you everything.

I’m not saying that the books or tutorials that you can buy from successful bloggers and advertisers may not be helpful in teaching you how to earn money online – I’m sure many of them are packed full of helpful information. I’m also sure that many of the people selling these books and tutorials are honest people trying to earn an honest buck. And if you really feel you would do better by buying one of these many learning aids, go for it. I’m just saying that all that information is out there for free and you don’t have to pay someone if you don’t feel you can spare the extra money.

Sites to Learn More about Niche Blogging and Affiliate Advertising

About four years ago when I was investigating how to earn money with a niche blog, I came upon and affiliate advertising site called MoreNiche. This is a site where you can sign up and start selling their products on your blog or website and earn commission. The site offers great tutorials on what niche blogging is, how to set up a niche blog or website, how to make money with affiliate advertising, etc. They even have a collection of articles you can use for your blog to promote whatever product you decide to try selling. (Although I suggest you either re-write the articles or write your own – the ones they have are kind of low quality.) Most affiliate advertising sites have their own tutorials and information that helps you along in your goal to earn money by niche blogging – and it’s free to use.

Also, there are hundreds of blogs where people share information for free of their own niche blogging success or use of affiliate advertising. Here are just a few of the ones I have come across:

Affiliate Progress


Blog Traffic Exchange

Web-Work at Home

How to Make Money Online for Beginners

Three good affiliate advertising sites I’ve come across are:


Link Share

Commission Junction

I know there are many others – these are just the ones I have checked out on my own.  I am also not endorsing any of these websites or affiliate advertising sites - I'm only sharing them to give you more information on this subject. 

Niche Blogging Isn’t For the Lazy

If you decide to learn more about niche blogging and using affiliate advertising, know this – it isn’t for lazy people. If your aren’t willing to search for the information, learn all you can about it and then work hard on your blogs to create a great niche blog – don’t even bother with it. You can’t just set up a blog, write a few articles and place ads there and hope to build an online income. If it was that easy, we’d all be millionaires. If you are able to do it that easily – I want to buy your book on how you did it!

I hope this information helps some of you on your road to niche blogging and affiliate advertising. If any of you have a blog about this subject – or have had success with niche blogging or affiliate advertising, I’d love for you to share it with us.

Happy Writing


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  1. MoreNiche is best source of money even I heard from my friends. We can earn through our blog but blog should have ample visitors. Is it if someone buy their product then only we can get money? I have also my own blog. But it has not still enough popularity. Thanks for this article.

  2. I love visiting your blog cause I am learning a lot.


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