Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Giving Demand Studio's EHow WCA Program a Chance

Happy Halloween!
Hi all,

I've decided for the next two weeks I will give Demand Studio's EHow Writer Created Assignment (WCA) program a chance to see if the residual earnings are as good as the ones I am currently making at EHow.  I will attempt to add 15-20 articles and see what they earn over the first two months.  I know of other writers who have given this a try and there seems to be mixed results.  Some feel the earnings are just as good as the old EHow program and others feel it isn't.  Whatever the case may be, it is time I try it myself because, quite frankly, I am not impressed by many of the other sites I am writing for right now with their residual income earning potential.

EHow Earnings Double that of Other Residual Income

As I've mentioned before, my past EHow articles continue to rise in earnings as the months (years) go by.  I am making more than twice as much from my EHow earnings as compared to each of the other sites I write for.  Suite101 has been very disappointing in its earnings considering I've added more than 35 articles there over the past couple of months.  At first, I was doubling my income at Suite each month, but now in October I will be lucky to make even half of what I did in September.  My click views have stayed the same on Suite as they were the past two months, but the earnings are just not there.  I hope that this will change over the next few months, and I will certainly stay on at Suite, but it's time to find other ways to add to my residual income.

Writing for EHow Through Demand Studios

I did a test article about two months ago for EHow through my Demand Studio's account and found the process to be fairly easy.  I created my own title and then wrote the article.  This is what I plan to do in the next couple of weeks.  I will create my own titles for articles so I don't have to go through their many computer-generated titles.  This way, I can control what I write about just as I did with the old EHow format.  Yesterday, I had two titles approved in my Demand Studio's account and I will begin with those. (And, I will try not to come back and complain to all of you if I have problems with the editors at DS.)  I plan on writing at least two articles a day for the next ten days.  I do have other writing commitments, though, so this plan may need a little tweaking as I go along. 

Why didn't I do this earlier?  I didn't like the fact that now Demand Studios will own all rights to the WCA articles, (in the old EHow format, I continued to own all rights to my articles) and I had read some blogs that stated the earnings were not as good as they are at the old EHow.  Also, I just didn't have the energy to try to build up a whole new group of articles again.  But now I think it is worth at least trying. 

I will let you all know how my experience with DS goes and how the earnings are over the next few months so you can decide for yourself if this might be the right thing for you, too.  I would also love to hear from other writers who do write residual-earning articles for DS/EHow and how you feel about it.

Happy Writing

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  1. Deanna,

    I’ll be following your progress. I only have a few DS WCA articles. It’s not enough for me to make a determination as to whether or not the program is better or worse than the eHow program.

    I’m interested to see how your experiment goes.

  2. In response to your blog post - Why I decided not to write through Demand Studios http://www.innovativepassiveincome.com/demand-studios-ehow-writers-compensation-program/

  3. I will be following your progress too. I signed up, but have hesitated writing for them.

  4. I will be sure to let you all know how this all goes for me. So far, I have had no trouble getting articles through the editors, so writing for DMS/WCA has been a good experience. Will let you know how the income is in January or February of 2011.


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