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Earnings Running Neck-to-Neck for the Year

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 Hi all,

As you may already know, I keep track of my writing income on a spreadsheet, tracking how much I earn each month from each site I write for. In the past, EHow and Constant-Content were always the highest earners while Suite101, Examiner, Associated Content and Triond were the lower earning sites. So, I was surprised this month when I was reviewing my monthly earnings and found all of the sites (except Triond) running neck-to-neck in yearly earnings.

EHow Leading the Pack

Not surprising is the fact that EHow is leading the pack when it comes to earnings. Even though I can no longer add articles to EHow (and haven’t since April), my earnings continue to increase each month. EHow is the only residual income site that I’ve written for where the earnings increase over time, not decrease. It seems that many of the other sites lose momentum if you stop adding new material to them – but not EHow. It makes me think I should re-consider writing for EHow through Demand Studios, however that is another post.

The other sites I write for on a regular basis are all within close range of each other for yearly revenue. Constant-Content (CC) leads the others after EHow. Normally, CC would be miles ahead, but for most of this year I’ve only been adding Use Rights Only articles there (for small dollar amounts) so I haven’t been selling many high-priced articles. I am slowly working on adding more higher priced articles to bring up my income at CC.

Next in line – a huge surprise – is Associated Content (AC). Ever since I became a Feature Contributor, my monthly income at AC has increased considerably. It also has to do with the three up-front articles I do each month for AC for $10 each. While $10 doesn’t seem like much, when you think in terms of an additional $30 per month, times 12 months, the income increases. Also, since I have been adding new articles there on a regular basis, my residuals have increased as well.

To me, however, the most surprising fact of all is that Examiner comes in next over Suite101. I have earned more at Examiner this year so far than I have at Suite101. I have 93 articles at Examiner between my two topics, Alternative Medicine and Heart Health, while I have 75 articles at Suite101. Examiner articles take less time to write because they are usually 200-400 words long, while Suite101 articles have to be over 400 words. And although I do feel my Suite articles do fairly well in earnings, compared to many of the other Suite writers who complain about their earnings, my Examiner articles are actually doing better. It will be interesting to see how it all ends up by the end of the year. 

Suite101 is next in earnings.  I spent the summer increasing my articles at Suite in hope of increasing my income there - and I did increase my income, just not as much as I would have liked.  Now, in October, my earnings have plummeted, even though I added 40 new articles over the past couple of months.  I will continue writing for Suite101 for now, but will probably spend more time at CC or Examiner until I see an increase in Suite earnings.

Triond earnings come in last, but I would never complain about them. My Google Adsense earnings through Triond are increasing my Google account by leaps and bounds each month. In fact, if I do as well this month as I did last month, I will reach payout at Google this month. Otherwise, I am sure I will reach payout by the end of November; something I never really thought would happen in a million years. So Triond is definitely a keeper.

My Writing Dilemma

The reason I was comparing my yearly earnings to begin with was to see which site(s) I should discontinue writing for and which I should put more energy into in order to increase my income. Now, I’m not sure. I don’t want to put my energy into a site that isn’t going to pay off in the end, however, they all seem to be paying off, so I was unable to make a decision. Maybe I will have to see how the earnings are at the end of December to decide. So much for streamlining!

Happy Writing,


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  1. As you know, I think it’s very wise to keep such good track of your earnings from site to site. It seems that I’m constantly changing my direction based on site performance. I guess its just part of being an online writer.

    I’ve come to the same conclusion as you. eHow out performs everyone else and Suite, well Suite is having its issues. It’s a good thing you write for Examiner.

  2. Hi Deanna,

    Felicia suggested that I drop by because I am based in the UK. I have found it difficult to get registered with quite a few American based article writing companies because of my location. Is Examiner any different?

    I like this because it makes good business sense to maximize your income streams. I had to make a decision about my own efforts just last month (Sept 2010)

    I started writing for Suite 101 but stopped after submitting my first article. Not for any defect on the part of Suite 101 (on the contrary I found them to be highly professional) but rather because I made a decision not to write for other companies as this diluted the return on my time.

    So far it is paying off as my Google-Adsense account is growing nicely and apace with my article writing efforts.

    What is your opinion on this?

    Do you think I should still try to leverage an income from article revenue sharing sites or do you find that the time and effort that you put into this area is less than what you would expect?

  3. Hi Edward,

    I'm not sure what sites you are writing for to build your Google Adsense income or if it is from your own blog, but if you are doing well there it sounds like you should continue as you are. Personally, I haven't had a lot of luck with sites that share revenue through Google Adsense (except for Triond - my Google Adsense account has really grown this year because of my articles there.). After trying so many sites the past two years, I have found that I am going back to the tried-and-true sites like Constant-Content again. Suite101 is a good site - but you do spend a lot of time building a list of articles and then you hope ads are clicked so you can earn money. Some people earn hundreds there each month, but I'm beginning to believe that the average Suite101 writer earns around $40-50 a month. Of course, it does depend upon the subject matter of your articles and how popular they are. I will continue to write for Suite101 and see what happens but I will also be writing for CC and Examiner as well.

    As for Examiner - I don't think you can write for them if you live outside of the U.S. or Canada. It wouldn't hurt to e-mail them, though, because they may be expanding for all I know. As for my income there - I will probably not get rich at Examiner but I do make comparable to Suite101 and other sites.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  4. Deanna, am so glad to read that Triond is working out for you. You're one of the few who actually say that. I stopped writing for Triond many months ago since my plate was filling up with other assignments. But am so happy for you. Do you think you could maybe do a post on how to make money on Triond, you know covering topics that pay well or SEO strategies that seem to work well with them?

  5. Hi Prerna,
    I will try to do a post about Triond in the near future. I never really thought of Triond as a money maker, but so far this month I am making the same at Triond as I am at Suite101 and I only have 50 articles on Triond. The Google income is fairly good there.
    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  6. Hi Deanna,

    I have been writing for Xomba, Suite101, and my own blog. I use Xomba for the back links and potential revenue (none so far) and I have had to revise my decision not to write for Suite101 as I got a pleasant surprise when I checked out the revenue I earned for only one article.

    I got $1.23 for less than 30 days online. Maybe I got lucky but I decided to give the site a year's trial on the back of it. If every article can return approx $1 dollar a month or more it might be possible after a while to make a small return.

    Most of my revenue has come from my own blog and after looking at the possible revenue streams available I think that it is the best long term prospect available to me.

    I may use constant content eventually but for now I will concentrate on my own blogs. With luck within a year or two it might actually be worth the effort - lol.


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