Friday, September 3, 2010

Writing for Wise Bread and its Sister Blogs - Site Review

Hi all, and its sister blogs,, and, are four separate blogging/writing sites that are dedicated to different topics.  Wise Bread is about money-saving tips, frugal living, financial advice, etc., Healthy Theory is about healthy living, alternative medicine, mental health, etc., Parenting Squad is a site about everything parenting and Healthcare Hacks is a site about anything to do with health care systems, health insurance, etc.  These sites are owned by the founders of Killer Aces Media and are always looking for talented writers to blog for their sites.

Applying to WiseBread or its Affiliates

WiseBread and its sister blogs are looking for writers who are enthusiastic, insightful and even entertaining.  They want writers who are willing to blog frequently about their topics.  WiseBread has over 1 million page views each month, so it is a well visited site.

To apply to WiseBread or any of its sister blogs you have to send an e-mail to each individual site and include:
  • Three sample blog posts of at least 500 words that shows off your writing abilities on the topic of which you are applying for.  (You own all rights to your sample posts and they will not be used unless you are hired and wish to use them.)
  • Five detailed ideas on future blog posts.
Before applying, visit the site that interests you most to get an idea about the writing styles they are looking for. Each site has a variation of their application process and a different e-mail to send it to, so visit the site first by clicking the above links to learn more about how to apply for that particular site.

Payment at WiseBread and its Affiliates

The only statement on any of the sites that I could find about payment is: "We offer a premium page view rate for your traffic.  The more traffic you bring in, the more you earn."  However, in searching around the Internet I did find a review of WiseBread that stated they paid 100% of advertising revenue for each blog post.  Apparently the only true way to find out about payment is to apply and be accepted. 

My Thoughts about WiseBread and its Sister Sites

I do not write for these sites nor have I applied, however these sites look interesting and the writing that I saw on them was professional.  I was really interested in the Healthy Theory site, but to be honest, I hate to apply without knowing how much they pay.  If it is true that they pay 100% advertising revenue, and they do receive such a high monthly view rate, then this might be a good site for earning potential.  Until I can find out more details about these sites I will personally not be applying.  For those of you looking for another way to increase your residual income, this may be a good opportunity.

Would love to hear opinions from anyone who does write for these sites.

Happy Writing

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  1. thanks for sharing about these sites

  2. Looking forward to checking Wise Bread out, since I have a green and frugal living blog. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Hi, Deanna!

    I write for Wise Bread, and used to be their community manager. Payment is based on a traffic model. You will get $x (to be determined) per 1,000 page views, plus bonuses for top performing articles. The payment structure for the other sites are likely to be different, but overall, they are a very reputable network and the pay is competitive with other high-traffic sites. Hope this helps!


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