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Words of Worth – Writing Site Review

Hi all,

If you are looking for a permanent, part-time or full-time writing position you may be interested in applying to Words of Worth. Located in the U.K., Words of Worth hires freelance writers from the U.K., United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Eire. If you are hired at Words of Worth, you can expect to write from 10 to 80 articles a month, depending upon the client contract you are offered and how satisfactory your work is.

About Words of Worth

Words of Worth is located in the United Kingdom and was established in 2007. They provide unique content that includes articles, web pages, and press releases. They have an array of clients and are always expanding, so therefore are in constant need of qualified freelance writers.

Words of Worth is looking for writers who can provide unique content, work in a timely fashion, meet deadlines and follow guidelines and instructions correctly. They are looking for writers who are serious about earning money as a freelance writer and who will fulfill commitments without backing out or going over time limits.

Applying for Words of Worth

Words of Worth has a fairly simple application process. They ask for information such as your name and address and they have a list of interests you can choose from. They do try to match you with the topics you are most interested in; however they do not guarantee this. Then, they ask you to list your experience as a writer. That’s it. If they have any further questions after the first application, they do not mention it on the site. Always read the FAQs and Terms of Service before accepting an offer to write for any site.

Writing for Words of Worth

Once accepted as a writer, you are assigned a batch of articles or a client that requires anywhere from 10 to 80 articles per month. You can choose to accept assignments or decline them and are always told how much you will earn before accepting. It sounds as if you can be attached to a particular client if you wish for as long as Words of Worth works with them, or as long as you write acceptable content for them.

Article topics and ideas are given to you at the start as well as links that provide information on that subject. Articles generally run between 250 and 300 words but some can be 500-700 words. All content must be original as it will be run through Copyscape to check its originality. You will also be able to contact someone at Words of Worth at any time whenever questions on an assignment comes up. You are expected to complete your assignments in a timely fashion.  (See Writer's Guidelines)

If you decide you no longer wish to work for Words of Worth, they require you give them a 30-day notice. If you need time off for vacation, they request you give them as much notice as possible in order to have someone fill in for you while you are gone.

Payment at Words of Worth

The site does not give the exact amount you can expect to earn, however you will always be told how much you will be paid before accepting any assignment. Payment occurs via bank transfer once a month after all assignments have been turned in and approved.

My Thoughts on Words of Worth

I do not write for Words of Worth, so all the information that I give you comes directly from their website. I also could not find another review of the site from someone who has experience writing for them. The site seems very straightforward about giving as much information as possible before you apply. I think that since I was unable to find any negative blog posts about Words of Worth that is a good indication they are a respectable site. If I was looking for a more permanent writing position, I would certainly apply to Words of Worth.

If anyone out there writes for Words of Worth, or has any experience with this site, I would love hearing from you.

Happy Writing,


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  1. Hi Aimless Writer,
    Actually, I did join ODesk but have never really done anything with it. Sorry.

  2. Hi! I found your blog via a Google search on Break Studios. I write for Info Barrel and the site is really growing by leaps and bounds! I am now following your blog and hope to learn more from you!

  3. After you do the application they also give you a tester assignment. They give you a topic/website and instructions for the article.

  4. Hi N Shepherd,
    Thanks for sharing that information. Would enjoy hearing more of your experience with Words of Worth if you decide to write for them.

  5. Hi Deanna

    I've written for Words of Worth for over two years now and have always had regular work from the company. You get assigned work on a monthly basis which you either accept or decline on a variety of topics. You workload is managed via a system which keeps you updated with how many articles you need to submit and by when.

    You have to make sure you keep on top of them and submit articles on a regular basis otherwise you'll start to fall behind. It takes some organising at first but the company provide you with resources so you can find topics to write about and feedback on any writing you submit.

    It can be hard work at times but its been a great source of income for me and I'd recommend the company. They always pay on time too! I know they have a waiting list for writers at the moment.

  6. Cheryl,
    Thanks for visiting and for your comment. It helps to hear from people who actually write for the site and what their experience is.

  7. Hi!

    After reading your post I submitted an application with WOW, and have prepared a sample article which they requested via email. However, when I try to reply to the address my message is returned. Does anyone have any idea how to go about turning in this sample?

    I sure would appreciate any help since the website does not seem to have any contact information. :)

    Thanks so much!


  8. Hi Jessi,

    I searched the entire site and also couldn't find any contact information. I also did a Google search and didn't find out anything that way either. I hope someone else will have information for you. Sorry. :(

  9. Jessie,

    I submitted my trial article and was accepted onto the waiting list. The email for that piece was

    It only took a few days to hear back from them, so maybe you're adding an "s"?

    Anyhow, verify that it's correct and if that doesn't work, try dropping a line to

    Good luck, and I hope this helps

    Dr. Gonzo

  10. Hi Jessi,

    As above, the application address is different to the address from which you recieved the trial article request.

    As such, a 'reply' will not work.


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