Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September is My Constant-Content Month

Hi all,

Over the summer, I 've been working on building up my articles on Suite101 in order to raise my residual income there.  As of now, I have 72 articles on Suite and hope to have 100 articles there by the end of the year.  All summer I've also been adding articles to Examiner, Triond and my new blog, Health News, (drop by for a visit when you get a chance).  But I've designated September to be my Constant-Content (CC) month.  Now that I have a healthy amount of articles on my residual income sites, I want to raise my up-front earnings at CC.

Why I'm Building up Articles on Constant-Content

I am always telling all of you how wonderful CC is and I do believe that it is true but of late all I've had time for is to place Use Only articles for sale on CC.  While this does bring in a little extra monthly income, I want to improve it substantially.  I was going through my figures the other day and this is what I came up with:

I have 72 articles on Suite101 - If I had placed those on CC and had sold them for Full Rights for an average of $20 each (after CC took their commission - I could make more too) I would have earned $1440.00 from them.  If my monthly residual income stays the same at Suite as it is right now, it will take me 36 months to earn that $1440.  This was an eye-opener.

Now, that doesn't mean I am giving up on residual income.  EHow has taught me that over time, I can earn a lot more per article than $20.  But I also like making extra income on top of the residual while I'm waiting for that to grow.  And CC is an easy way for me to do that.

Why I like Writing for Constant-Content

For me, writing for CC seems easier than writing for other sites.  I can write on whatever topic I think is hot or will do well and sell there and I don't have to find photos to go with the article.  If the article sells, I don't have to do anything to market it.  I write it, someone buys it, I earn money. Simple.

Of course, there is always the chance that some of the articles won't sell - or take up to a year to sell.  But if I want, I can always take the articles off of CC and use them for Suite or Examiner articles.  So my time isn't wasted no matter which route I choose.  And the best part is that when you have a large quantity of articles available on CC, you have the opportunity of earning money from them for months on end. I've had articles on CC sell right away, and I've had some sell months later.  It is kind of like residual income. Just when you think nothing else will sell you find several articles have sold and you've earned a good monthly income. 

Future Write Moms Posts

I've come across a few writing sites that some of you may find interesting and I will be doing reviews on them soon.  I also plan to write a post on niche blogs and using affiliate advertising. Stay tuned...

Happy Writing,

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  1. Someday, I might get around to writing some articles for constant content. It sounds like a good idea especially if you can take them off and use them elsewhere if they don't sell.

  2. Writing for Constant-Content really is a lot more rewarding than writing for other sites. Sure, the upfront pay offered by some sites and private clients is nice, but there's nothing like writing what you want to write when you want to write it. And, you're right, the pay per article is quite nice (even with the 35% cut).

    Now, if I could just find a similar site for prose, poetry and nonfiction...

    Nice post and good luck with your September endeavor!

  3. I'm new to freelancing and just wanted to thank you for all the great information you post here. I'm working on my first article for Demand Studios and sweating it out. I'm usually a fiction writer so this is a leap for me.

  4. Is there an option on Constant Content where you can let buyers purchase usage rights but you still own the article, and you can sell rights over and over (and obviously enjoy the residual income)? I thought here was at one time. Anyway, that might be an option to have residual income from the site.

  5. Thanks to everyone for visiting and leaving a comment.

    Hi Maria - Yes, if you sell an article for Use Rights only on CC, you still own the article and it can sell many times on CC. I have several that have sold 2-4 times. You can also place those articles on sites like Associated Content, Triond, etc and earn money that way. As long as you have not sold that article for full rights somewhere else, you can sell it for use rights over and over on CC.

    One tip - if you have articles on other sites and want to place it on CC for Use Rights only, make sure your name is on the article on the other sites. Otherwise the editor at CC won't know you own it and it won't get through the editor to sell. :)

  6. Deanna, I'm giving CC a try. So far I only have one article up there, but am thinking of adding a few usage articles.

    I signed up for them about a year ago and still have been dragging my feet with them. Thanks for the great review.

  7. Hi Felicia,
    I think you'd do really well at CC, especially with your articles on insurance. It seems any time I've written insurance or finance articles, they sell fast. Health articles do well too. Most of my usage articles are on health and I usually sell several each month. Good luck. :)


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