Friday, September 24, 2010

Back From Short Vacation

Two-Step Falls, Tettegouche State Park
North Shore, MN
Copyright Deanna Lynn Sletten
 Hi all,

I am back after a week's vacation up to the North Shore on Lake Superior here in Minnesota.  Although I've lived in MN for over 32 years, I've never been up past Duluth to the North Shore so this year we finally decided to go there and enjoy the beautiful fall colors. We had beautiful weather (sun and in the 50's - that's warm for this time of year) and enjoyed hiking the many trails and seeing the lighthouse and many waterfalls. I hope to post a more in-depth post and lots of pictures on my travel blog, Traveling Across America, this weekend if you'd like to read more about visiting the North Shore.  I bought a really nice camera before we left so I have some beautiful photos of the trip.

I'll be posting a new blog post here soon too - after having some time off I need to catch up on my writing and blogging.

Happy Writing,

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Words of Worth – Writing Site Review

Hi all,

If you are looking for a permanent, part-time or full-time writing position you may be interested in applying to Words of Worth. Located in the U.K., Words of Worth hires freelance writers from the U.K., United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Eire. If you are hired at Words of Worth, you can expect to write from 10 to 80 articles a month, depending upon the client contract you are offered and how satisfactory your work is.

About Words of Worth

Words of Worth is located in the United Kingdom and was established in 2007. They provide unique content that includes articles, web pages, and press releases. They have an array of clients and are always expanding, so therefore are in constant need of qualified freelance writers.

Words of Worth is looking for writers who can provide unique content, work in a timely fashion, meet deadlines and follow guidelines and instructions correctly. They are looking for writers who are serious about earning money as a freelance writer and who will fulfill commitments without backing out or going over time limits.

Applying for Words of Worth

Words of Worth has a fairly simple application process. They ask for information such as your name and address and they have a list of interests you can choose from. They do try to match you with the topics you are most interested in; however they do not guarantee this. Then, they ask you to list your experience as a writer. That’s it. If they have any further questions after the first application, they do not mention it on the site. Always read the FAQs and Terms of Service before accepting an offer to write for any site.

Writing for Words of Worth

Once accepted as a writer, you are assigned a batch of articles or a client that requires anywhere from 10 to 80 articles per month. You can choose to accept assignments or decline them and are always told how much you will earn before accepting. It sounds as if you can be attached to a particular client if you wish for as long as Words of Worth works with them, or as long as you write acceptable content for them.

Article topics and ideas are given to you at the start as well as links that provide information on that subject. Articles generally run between 250 and 300 words but some can be 500-700 words. All content must be original as it will be run through Copyscape to check its originality. You will also be able to contact someone at Words of Worth at any time whenever questions on an assignment comes up. You are expected to complete your assignments in a timely fashion.  (See Writer's Guidelines)

If you decide you no longer wish to work for Words of Worth, they require you give them a 30-day notice. If you need time off for vacation, they request you give them as much notice as possible in order to have someone fill in for you while you are gone.

Payment at Words of Worth

The site does not give the exact amount you can expect to earn, however you will always be told how much you will be paid before accepting any assignment. Payment occurs via bank transfer once a month after all assignments have been turned in and approved.

My Thoughts on Words of Worth

I do not write for Words of Worth, so all the information that I give you comes directly from their website. I also could not find another review of the site from someone who has experience writing for them. The site seems very straightforward about giving as much information as possible before you apply. I think that since I was unable to find any negative blog posts about Words of Worth that is a good indication they are a respectable site. If I was looking for a more permanent writing position, I would certainly apply to Words of Worth.

If anyone out there writes for Words of Worth, or has any experience with this site, I would love hearing from you.

Happy Writing,


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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September is My Constant-Content Month

Hi all,

Over the summer, I 've been working on building up my articles on Suite101 in order to raise my residual income there.  As of now, I have 72 articles on Suite and hope to have 100 articles there by the end of the year.  All summer I've also been adding articles to Examiner, Triond and my new blog, Health News, (drop by for a visit when you get a chance).  But I've designated September to be my Constant-Content (CC) month.  Now that I have a healthy amount of articles on my residual income sites, I want to raise my up-front earnings at CC.

Why I'm Building up Articles on Constant-Content

I am always telling all of you how wonderful CC is and I do believe that it is true but of late all I've had time for is to place Use Only articles for sale on CC.  While this does bring in a little extra monthly income, I want to improve it substantially.  I was going through my figures the other day and this is what I came up with:

I have 72 articles on Suite101 - If I had placed those on CC and had sold them for Full Rights for an average of $20 each (after CC took their commission - I could make more too) I would have earned $1440.00 from them.  If my monthly residual income stays the same at Suite as it is right now, it will take me 36 months to earn that $1440.  This was an eye-opener.

Now, that doesn't mean I am giving up on residual income.  EHow has taught me that over time, I can earn a lot more per article than $20.  But I also like making extra income on top of the residual while I'm waiting for that to grow.  And CC is an easy way for me to do that.

Why I like Writing for Constant-Content

For me, writing for CC seems easier than writing for other sites.  I can write on whatever topic I think is hot or will do well and sell there and I don't have to find photos to go with the article.  If the article sells, I don't have to do anything to market it.  I write it, someone buys it, I earn money. Simple.

Of course, there is always the chance that some of the articles won't sell - or take up to a year to sell.  But if I want, I can always take the articles off of CC and use them for Suite or Examiner articles.  So my time isn't wasted no matter which route I choose.  And the best part is that when you have a large quantity of articles available on CC, you have the opportunity of earning money from them for months on end. I've had articles on CC sell right away, and I've had some sell months later.  It is kind of like residual income. Just when you think nothing else will sell you find several articles have sold and you've earned a good monthly income. 

Future Write Moms Posts

I've come across a few writing sites that some of you may find interesting and I will be doing reviews on them soon.  I also plan to write a post on niche blogs and using affiliate advertising. Stay tuned...

Happy Writing,

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Writing for Wise Bread and its Sister Blogs - Site Review

Hi all, and its sister blogs,, and, are four separate blogging/writing sites that are dedicated to different topics.  Wise Bread is about money-saving tips, frugal living, financial advice, etc., Healthy Theory is about healthy living, alternative medicine, mental health, etc., Parenting Squad is a site about everything parenting and Healthcare Hacks is a site about anything to do with health care systems, health insurance, etc.  These sites are owned by the founders of Killer Aces Media and are always looking for talented writers to blog for their sites.

Applying to WiseBread or its Affiliates

WiseBread and its sister blogs are looking for writers who are enthusiastic, insightful and even entertaining.  They want writers who are willing to blog frequently about their topics.  WiseBread has over 1 million page views each month, so it is a well visited site.

To apply to WiseBread or any of its sister blogs you have to send an e-mail to each individual site and include:
  • Three sample blog posts of at least 500 words that shows off your writing abilities on the topic of which you are applying for.  (You own all rights to your sample posts and they will not be used unless you are hired and wish to use them.)
  • Five detailed ideas on future blog posts.
Before applying, visit the site that interests you most to get an idea about the writing styles they are looking for. Each site has a variation of their application process and a different e-mail to send it to, so visit the site first by clicking the above links to learn more about how to apply for that particular site.

Payment at WiseBread and its Affiliates

The only statement on any of the sites that I could find about payment is: "We offer a premium page view rate for your traffic.  The more traffic you bring in, the more you earn."  However, in searching around the Internet I did find a review of WiseBread that stated they paid 100% of advertising revenue for each blog post.  Apparently the only true way to find out about payment is to apply and be accepted. 

My Thoughts about WiseBread and its Sister Sites

I do not write for these sites nor have I applied, however these sites look interesting and the writing that I saw on them was professional.  I was really interested in the Healthy Theory site, but to be honest, I hate to apply without knowing how much they pay.  If it is true that they pay 100% advertising revenue, and they do receive such a high monthly view rate, then this might be a good site for earning potential.  Until I can find out more details about these sites I will personally not be applying.  For those of you looking for another way to increase your residual income, this may be a good opportunity.

Would love to hear opinions from anyone who does write for these sites.

Happy Writing

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