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WiseGEEK Writing Site Review

Hi all,

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the up-front pay writing site, WiseGEEK, so I finally went over there to investigate it for myself. Although I am not currently a writer for WiseGEEK, I did find out some useful information about them that I want to pass along to all of you.

What is WiseGEEK?

WiseGEEK is a site that strives to answer common questions that readers are looking for in article format. They have a variety of topics, such as health, gardening, technology or music, in which readers can find the information they are looking for. Their goal is to provide accurate information so they can be the “go to” site on any topic. WiseGEEK reaches over 12.5 million readers per month and continues to grow in popularity with each passing year.

Applying to WiseGEEK

WiseGEEK is always looking for qualified writers but don’t expect the application process to be a breeze. First, you must apply by supplying your name, a resume and two writing samples. These can be samples of already published work that you have written. After about 3 days, they will contact you to let you know if you have been denied or accepted. Once accepted, you must complete three phases that consist of writing 3 articles for each phase. You are allowed to pick the articles you wish to write from their vast list of titles available. You are generally given at least 4 days to complete the 3 article batch. After each phase, an editor will review the articles and let you know if you can go on to the next phase. For each article that is accepted during the testing phase, the writer will be compensated for the amount of the article. Testing generally lasts about 2 weeks.

After the testing phase, if you are accepted, you will then sign a contract with WiseGEEK and supply tax information. An editor will be assigned to you. Throughout your time with WiseGEEK, you will work with one editor. (I think this is a definite plus for writing for WiseGEEK because you can build a relationship with one editor and get used to what they expect from you. At places like Demand Studios, you are at the mercy of any editor, good or bad, who comes along to read your article.) Once all the paperwork is completed, you can begin choosing titles to write and start earning money at WiseGEEK.

Writing for WiseGEEK

Writing for WiseGEEK is a good opportunity to earn a steady income. You must commit to writing at least 20 articles per month, preferably 5 articles per week. There are no deadlines, as long as you complete the minimum amount of articles per month. You submit articles to your editor in batches of 5 each, and are usually paid within 2 days. Payment for articles is $10 to $14 per article, depending upon which article titles you choose. You know up-front how much you will be paid per article. Payment is through PayPal. You can write as many articles each month as you wish, so your earning potential is limitless.

International Writers?

I dug around but could not find a definitive answer on whether or not WiseGEEK hires writers outside the U.S. On their website, I found a statement that said “As a completely virtual company, wiseGEEK team members are located across the world. Most of our team, however, is located in the U.S.”. I’m not sure if by “team members” they mean staff and editors or if that includes writers. All I can suggest is to apply and see if they do accept writers from other countries other than the U.S.

8/20/10 Correction - Yes, they do accept international writers. :)

My Thoughts on WiseGEEK

I am not a writer for WiseGEEK, but if I wanted a regular writing gig I would definitely apply. I wandered the blogging hemisphere and read mostly good things about writing for WiseGEEK. Most of the writers liked the fact that they were able to work with only one editor. They also liked being paid quickly after turning in a batch of articles. The only complaints I read about were from writers who were not accepted at WiseGEEK after applying. So, it sounds like WiseGEEK is very particular about who they choose to write for them. All in all, WiseGEEK sounds like a nice site to write for and a good opportunity to earn a regular freelance income.

Happy Writing,


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  1. Hi Deanna!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and linking to me. You have a great site here and I'm going to be adding your link to my site! I am also now following you.

    I wanted to point out that I do write for wiseGEEK and they do hire international writers. Their articles are also geared to people all over the world, and are not U.S.A. specific.

    Are you in New England? I saw blog buttons for Rhode Island and New England. I live in Massachusetts!

    Nice to "meet" you, Deanna!

  2. Hi Janis,
    Thanks for visiting and clearing up the question on international writers. I live in Minnesota - which is actually much like the New England States in the way it looks and the weather. :)

  3. Hey Deanna:

    Thanks for the tip on WiseGEEK. Just a suggestion, but do you think you might be putting up a post soon on best practices for writing resumes for DS / WiseGeeks and other sites that require strict screening? I'd love to see what you have to say on the topic - or if you've already covered it, maybe a link to where I can read more?

    Thanks very much!

  4. Hi Amber,
    That is a good suggestion. Actually, Janis at Freelance Writer Road did an excellent post on this subject so I'll send you over there.


  5. Wow, this sounds like a great site for writing jobs and general need to know stuff. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. I write for wisegeek and love it. Anyone who doesn't get accepted will be eligible to reapply in a year.

  7. I've written for Wisegeek for going on 5 years now. They have a policy of editing and putting through your articles for payment through PayPal within 4 days, so it's great to have such a fast turnaround time. If you write articles regularly, you'll always have a constant cash flow going through PayPal and this alone is great! :)

    You can write as many articles you want as well as pick from about 500 topics at any given time. The great thing is you can write from anywhere you have a computer. After my dad had surgery and I went to stay with him for a few months, it was no problem because I just used his computer to work right on the easy to use dashboard program Wisegeek has for writers.

    The quality expectations are strict, this is true, but you can usually work out any problems with the team there. When I lost my full time job years ago, I still had Wisegeek and it was, and still is, a financial livesaver. I'm still glad to be writing for such a great team and the site keeps getting more successful each year!

  8. This is very helpful information. Thanks! But is it really true that 20 is the minimum number of articles you have to write in a month?

  9. Hi Candice,

    Yes, that is what it says on their website - must do a minimum of 20 articles a month so stay current there. :)


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