Thursday, August 26, 2010

Should You Consider Writing for Triond?

Hi all,

I was looking over my income at Triond and it continues to impress me how it is slowly growing even though I only add an article there every now and then.  I've been writing for Triond since 2008 (read my review of Triond here) and didn't really give it a lot of thought or attention since I made much more money at Constant-Content and other writing sites.  Triond was just one of those sites where I earned a few extra dollars a month for very few articles.  Then, a while back, Triond added Google Adsense earnings in addition to the monthly earnings.  After a couple of months of receiving Google Adsense earnings through Triond, I started looking at the site as having serious income earning potential. 

My Earnings at Triond

When Triond added Google Adsense (paid through your Google account, the other income at Triond is paid to you through PayPal monthly), my income at Triond doubled.  I only have 33 articles at Triond but the pay began to add up.  Two of my articles have done really well there - one has earned $61.81 in the time it has been on the site - and the others have earned a few dollars here and there. But what surprised me most is that the earnings - not including Adsense - are approximately $2.50 per 1,000 views.  While not a fortune, it is much higher than Associated Content pays even if you are in the upper ranks there. 

All of my articles on Triond are published on other writing sites as well, so they are doing double (earning) duty for me.  I don't spend time writing articles just for Triond, so my earnings are basically just for the time I spend loading the article.  Yet, even though the articles are seconds, I still do pretty good with them there.  I'm sure if I put only original content on Triond and didn't place it anywhere else, I would probably earn even more there.

The One Snag about Writing for Triond

At Triond, you have to post your article there FIRST before you are able to post it on any other site.  Sometimes it can take a day or two for the article to pass through the editorial process - sometimes it goes through right away.  It depends upon how busy the site is.  Once the article is posted on Triond, you are free to post it on any other site that allows reprints.  You always own all rights to any article you post on Triond.

Writing for Triond

You do not have to apply and be accepted in order to write for Triond. You simply sign up and start submitting. They do Copyscape every article before it is posted to make sure it is original, then it is posted on the site.  Triond has a large array of topics you can write under, so you can pretty much write about anything there.  Triond pays monthly through PayPal and you must have a Google Adsense account if you want to earn Adsense money.

If you are looking for another writing site to increase your freelance earnings, I would recommend trying Triond.  You won't get rich, but you will earn some extra money.

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  1. I wrote a little bit for Triond a while back and only have 5 articles there. I haven't earned a lot but have gotten a little something this year. Overall, for 2010 my Triond CTR and eCPM is a little lower than I have been running recently at HubPages, but I haven't marketed the articles or added any links. I bet if I did that, I could get more traffic.

    What sites allow the reprints that you couple with Triond? I would certainly be interested in that type of scenario where I could get double the bang for my buck.

  2. Hi Kidgas,

    Examiner allows re-prints of articles, so some of the articles I write for Examiner, I put on Triond first and then Examiner. You could do the same with HubPages, because I believe it is okay to place re-prints on there. However you may risk making less at HubPages because the article isn't unique. I also put many of my used articles on Constant-Content and sell them for Use Rights Only for $8-$12 each. You'd be amazed at how many Use articles I sell there, some several times each. I know some people who place the same articles all over the web and earn a good monthly income that way. I usually only put an article on two-three sites at the most. I believe that Bukisa and Squidoo take re-prints and I know Associated Content does also.

  3. Deanna,
    I am intrigued by the Use Rights Only concept. I will have to look into that and see what I can do with that. It would certainly be a good residual income source.

  4. Thanks for writing about your experience with Triond. I read about Triond on another blog and found it could potentially be a good source. But after reading about your experience and how you repost articles it has really got me interested. Thank you so much for sharing the tip about Constant Content. I had no idea you could do that.

  5. Pretty good article. I just came across your site and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be coming back and I hope you post again soon.


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