Friday, August 13, 2010

Examiner Updates Design and My Income Suddenly Increases

New Design at Examiner
Hi all,

Examiner launched their new website design this week and suddenly my income increased dramatically.  Could a design change actually increase traffic or could it be something else?  I have been all over the internet trying to see if other Examiners have seen a significant increase in earnings this week, but I didn't see any posts.  Because if this is how the earnings are going to be, then I will be staying with Examiner indefinately.

My Experience Writing for Examiner

I have been writing for Examiner since October 2009 and now have two positions with them.  I am the Minnesota Heart Health Examiner and also the National Alternative Medicine Examiner.  At first I thought that if I wrote my 2-4 articles each week and built up a good article catalog then the income would eventually rise.  However, as the months went on I found that the income only grew when I actually did place articles on the site and after a day or two the earnings dropped until I placed another article.  Examiner didn't seem like it was going to become a source of high residual income.  Yet, this week my earnings per day increased by up to 89%  and I am questioning if it is because of the new design to the website.  Because, if that is the case, this may turn out to be a good residual earner after all.

Changes at Examiner

Examiner changed the way their pages are set up and added categories to help readers zero in easier to the subjects they are searching for.  I also noticed that they no longer take down your last article once you put up a new one.  In the past, if I wrote more than one article a week, the older articles went off into limbo somewhere and the new one was all you could find under the Health topic unless you went to my Bio page.  Today I noticed that not only is my new article near the top of the Health pages (in the Minneapolis section) but the article I wrote two days ago is down the list too.  This may be one of the reasons that my earnings rose.  People who are browsing articles can see both at once and that brings in more views.

Even though Examiner hasn't been as big an earner for me as E-How and Suite101, I've been staying with it because I enjoy the topics.  Also I thought that, over time, Examiner articles might index higher and the earnings would increase.  My recent earnings increase may be due to the fact that the articles are aging and are indexing better on Google or it may be something Examiner has done to increase views.  Whatever it is, I hope it continues.

If you are an Examiner already I'd love to hear how you are doing there. Have your earnings been increasing or decreasing. Please leave a comment and let us know.

Happy Writing,


  1. That is good to hear that your earnings have increased that dramatically. I am sure that a design change could be playing a role. Let's hope it keeps up for you.

  2. I am sure the design plays a big part! First impressions are everything, even when it comes to design and layout of a site.

    Will be stopping by the Examiner this weekend. thank you for stopping by my blog!

  3. I'm the Minneapolis Music Examiner even though I live in Mankato. Anyways, I haven't posted since October 09 because I felt that the pay was too low for the work I was putting in. I'm still an Examiner as they haven't deleted my account. I just logged in to see what my earnings are and I earned $19 last year and $0 this year. I keep thinking that I should post a few more articles so I can make payout. If the pay is better, maybe I'll start posting regularly again.

  4. Design changes can certainly play a role. It may also be that Examiner somehow changed the incentive/payment programme for writers at the same time as the design change, which would explain your large increase.

  5. I was also surprised by a sudden increase in page views. Since the numbers were so dismal this summer I cut back to once a week, but now I'll probably go back to my regular schedule. (I'm the Baltimore Gardening Examiner.)

  6. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your comments.
    Alecia - You should at least post a few more articles to make payout if you still have $19.00 sitting there. You earn $1 for every local article you post, so that will help too. I know how you feel though. I was ready to give up on Examiner, but now my earnings have risen quite well. I'll stick around there a while longer and see what happens. :)


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