Wednesday, August 11, 2010

E-How Earnings on the Rise - Why is August so Hot!

Hi all,

If you know me at all, you know that I keep spreadsheets on my daily earnings for each of the sites I write for in order to track income.  No, it really isn't necessary, but I like to do it to see where I am today as compared to where I was last month, last year, etc.  I've been noticing so far this month, no only are my Suite101 earnings on the rise but my E-How earnings are up by 25% as compared to last month.  This is especially surprising considering my E-How earnings were up by 15% last month too.  So, even though I can no longer add articles to my E-How account, I am still increasing my earnings there.

Why E-How Earnings are on the Rise

I cannot answer that question so I was hoping all of you out there can.  I don't remember last August being so good ( I started tracking in Sept. '09, so I don't have the figures) although I did jump 50% in September of '09.  And as for my Suite101 earnings, I suspect they are rising because I have been adding several new articles each month.  Although, I have read on the Suite101 forums that other people are experiencing a nice rise in income there this month too.  My Google Adsense earnings are down quite a bit this month, although my blog traffic is quite high.

Of course, I can't take for granted that my earnings will continue to rise for the entire month.  But it is encouraging for now.

How are your earnings doing on E-How or other sites you write for so far this month?  Are you also experiencing a nice rise in income? Would love to know if it is just me or if others are seeing the same trend.

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  1. Deanna,
    My eHow earnings seem to be about on track and comparable to last month so it doesn't look all that "hot" to me. What I have noticed, however, is that my traffic and earnings with AdSense are off to a very solid start. If the current pace keeps up, my AdSense numbers will be higher. What is most exciting for me is that the consistency of AdSense is better than any other month in the past year. Good luck and hope this pace continues.

  2. Hi Kidgas,
    Glad to hear your Adsense numbers are up - maybe mine will rise too. I guess with E-How, income has more to do with whatever subject matter is popular for the month. Hope you have a great month with Adsense. :)

  3. My eHow earnings were lower in July, now they are back to "normal" in August and I'm hoping they will climb more again next month.

  4. My eHow earnings for August are tracking just about the same as July ... should be $1,500 to $1,600 like usual. Do you have summer-related content on eHow? I know I always see a spike in the late fall when my winter and holiday articles start go up with the season.

  5. My eHow earnings are up too but I attribute it to some of the articles finally getting higher ranking in Google. Some of the really narrow focused ones have really taken off with views.


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