Sunday, August 29, 2010

Free e-Book About Becoming a Freelance Writer

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For those of you who are just starting out on your online freelance writing career journey, or even those who are experienced but need a little extra boost, you will certainly want to download the free ebook by Felicia Williams titled "So You Want to Be a Freelance Writer".  (Click book title to download for free.) Felicia is also the owner of the blog No Job For Mom, which is also packed with helpful information about freelancing on the Internet.

"So You Want to Be a Freelance Writer"

This book is packed with useful information on pursuing a freelance writing career.  Felicia not only gives information on how to write, what to write and where to write, she also gives wonderful words of encouragement to those who may be doubting their ability to earn a living as a freelance writer.  She writes about legitimate sites to write for, explains the different ways a writer can earn money from the various sites (residual income, up-front pay, etc.) and shares her experiences as an online writer.  Felicia also writes about being a blogger and earning money with your own blogs.

Felicia is an accomplished online writer who earns a very respectable residual income from various sites around the Internet.  She is also a blogger and earns income from her blogs.  Her information is invaluable, and can save any freelance writer time and energy by knowing the ins and outs of online writing before making many mistakes on their own.  The book is FREE - so you really have nothing to lose by checking it out.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Should You Consider Writing for Triond?

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I was looking over my income at Triond and it continues to impress me how it is slowly growing even though I only add an article there every now and then.  I've been writing for Triond since 2008 (read my review of Triond here) and didn't really give it a lot of thought or attention since I made much more money at Constant-Content and other writing sites.  Triond was just one of those sites where I earned a few extra dollars a month for very few articles.  Then, a while back, Triond added Google Adsense earnings in addition to the monthly earnings.  After a couple of months of receiving Google Adsense earnings through Triond, I started looking at the site as having serious income earning potential. 

My Earnings at Triond

When Triond added Google Adsense (paid through your Google account, the other income at Triond is paid to you through PayPal monthly), my income at Triond doubled.  I only have 33 articles at Triond but the pay began to add up.  Two of my articles have done really well there - one has earned $61.81 in the time it has been on the site - and the others have earned a few dollars here and there. But what surprised me most is that the earnings - not including Adsense - are approximately $2.50 per 1,000 views.  While not a fortune, it is much higher than Associated Content pays even if you are in the upper ranks there. 

All of my articles on Triond are published on other writing sites as well, so they are doing double (earning) duty for me.  I don't spend time writing articles just for Triond, so my earnings are basically just for the time I spend loading the article.  Yet, even though the articles are seconds, I still do pretty good with them there.  I'm sure if I put only original content on Triond and didn't place it anywhere else, I would probably earn even more there.

The One Snag about Writing for Triond

At Triond, you have to post your article there FIRST before you are able to post it on any other site.  Sometimes it can take a day or two for the article to pass through the editorial process - sometimes it goes through right away.  It depends upon how busy the site is.  Once the article is posted on Triond, you are free to post it on any other site that allows reprints.  You always own all rights to any article you post on Triond.

Writing for Triond

You do not have to apply and be accepted in order to write for Triond. You simply sign up and start submitting. They do Copyscape every article before it is posted to make sure it is original, then it is posted on the site.  Triond has a large array of topics you can write under, so you can pretty much write about anything there.  Triond pays monthly through PayPal and you must have a Google Adsense account if you want to earn Adsense money.

If you are looking for another writing site to increase your freelance earnings, I would recommend trying Triond.  You won't get rich, but you will earn some extra money.

Happy Writing,

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Friday, August 20, 2010

WiseGEEK Writing Site Review

Hi all,

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the up-front pay writing site, WiseGEEK, so I finally went over there to investigate it for myself. Although I am not currently a writer for WiseGEEK, I did find out some useful information about them that I want to pass along to all of you.

What is WiseGEEK?

WiseGEEK is a site that strives to answer common questions that readers are looking for in article format. They have a variety of topics, such as health, gardening, technology or music, in which readers can find the information they are looking for. Their goal is to provide accurate information so they can be the “go to” site on any topic. WiseGEEK reaches over 12.5 million readers per month and continues to grow in popularity with each passing year.

Applying to WiseGEEK

WiseGEEK is always looking for qualified writers but don’t expect the application process to be a breeze. First, you must apply by supplying your name, a resume and two writing samples. These can be samples of already published work that you have written. After about 3 days, they will contact you to let you know if you have been denied or accepted. Once accepted, you must complete three phases that consist of writing 3 articles for each phase. You are allowed to pick the articles you wish to write from their vast list of titles available. You are generally given at least 4 days to complete the 3 article batch. After each phase, an editor will review the articles and let you know if you can go on to the next phase. For each article that is accepted during the testing phase, the writer will be compensated for the amount of the article. Testing generally lasts about 2 weeks.

After the testing phase, if you are accepted, you will then sign a contract with WiseGEEK and supply tax information. An editor will be assigned to you. Throughout your time with WiseGEEK, you will work with one editor. (I think this is a definite plus for writing for WiseGEEK because you can build a relationship with one editor and get used to what they expect from you. At places like Demand Studios, you are at the mercy of any editor, good or bad, who comes along to read your article.) Once all the paperwork is completed, you can begin choosing titles to write and start earning money at WiseGEEK.

Writing for WiseGEEK

Writing for WiseGEEK is a good opportunity to earn a steady income. You must commit to writing at least 20 articles per month, preferably 5 articles per week. There are no deadlines, as long as you complete the minimum amount of articles per month. You submit articles to your editor in batches of 5 each, and are usually paid within 2 days. Payment for articles is $10 to $14 per article, depending upon which article titles you choose. You know up-front how much you will be paid per article. Payment is through PayPal. You can write as many articles each month as you wish, so your earning potential is limitless.

International Writers?

I dug around but could not find a definitive answer on whether or not WiseGEEK hires writers outside the U.S. On their website, I found a statement that said “As a completely virtual company, wiseGEEK team members are located across the world. Most of our team, however, is located in the U.S.”. I’m not sure if by “team members” they mean staff and editors or if that includes writers. All I can suggest is to apply and see if they do accept writers from other countries other than the U.S.

8/20/10 Correction - Yes, they do accept international writers. :)

My Thoughts on WiseGEEK

I am not a writer for WiseGEEK, but if I wanted a regular writing gig I would definitely apply. I wandered the blogging hemisphere and read mostly good things about writing for WiseGEEK. Most of the writers liked the fact that they were able to work with only one editor. They also liked being paid quickly after turning in a batch of articles. The only complaints I read about were from writers who were not accepted at WiseGEEK after applying. So, it sounds like WiseGEEK is very particular about who they choose to write for them. All in all, WiseGEEK sounds like a nice site to write for and a good opportunity to earn a regular freelance income.

Happy Writing,


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Friday, August 13, 2010

Examiner Updates Design and My Income Suddenly Increases

New Design at Examiner
Hi all,

Examiner launched their new website design this week and suddenly my income increased dramatically.  Could a design change actually increase traffic or could it be something else?  I have been all over the internet trying to see if other Examiners have seen a significant increase in earnings this week, but I didn't see any posts.  Because if this is how the earnings are going to be, then I will be staying with Examiner indefinately.

My Experience Writing for Examiner

I have been writing for Examiner since October 2009 and now have two positions with them.  I am the Minnesota Heart Health Examiner and also the National Alternative Medicine Examiner.  At first I thought that if I wrote my 2-4 articles each week and built up a good article catalog then the income would eventually rise.  However, as the months went on I found that the income only grew when I actually did place articles on the site and after a day or two the earnings dropped until I placed another article.  Examiner didn't seem like it was going to become a source of high residual income.  Yet, this week my earnings per day increased by up to 89%  and I am questioning if it is because of the new design to the website.  Because, if that is the case, this may turn out to be a good residual earner after all.

Changes at Examiner

Examiner changed the way their pages are set up and added categories to help readers zero in easier to the subjects they are searching for.  I also noticed that they no longer take down your last article once you put up a new one.  In the past, if I wrote more than one article a week, the older articles went off into limbo somewhere and the new one was all you could find under the Health topic unless you went to my Bio page.  Today I noticed that not only is my new article near the top of the Health pages (in the Minneapolis section) but the article I wrote two days ago is down the list too.  This may be one of the reasons that my earnings rose.  People who are browsing articles can see both at once and that brings in more views.

Even though Examiner hasn't been as big an earner for me as E-How and Suite101, I've been staying with it because I enjoy the topics.  Also I thought that, over time, Examiner articles might index higher and the earnings would increase.  My recent earnings increase may be due to the fact that the articles are aging and are indexing better on Google or it may be something Examiner has done to increase views.  Whatever it is, I hope it continues.

If you are an Examiner already I'd love to hear how you are doing there. Have your earnings been increasing or decreasing. Please leave a comment and let us know.

Happy Writing,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

E-How Earnings on the Rise - Why is August so Hot!

Hi all,

If you know me at all, you know that I keep spreadsheets on my daily earnings for each of the sites I write for in order to track income.  No, it really isn't necessary, but I like to do it to see where I am today as compared to where I was last month, last year, etc.  I've been noticing so far this month, no only are my Suite101 earnings on the rise but my E-How earnings are up by 25% as compared to last month.  This is especially surprising considering my E-How earnings were up by 15% last month too.  So, even though I can no longer add articles to my E-How account, I am still increasing my earnings there.

Why E-How Earnings are on the Rise

I cannot answer that question so I was hoping all of you out there can.  I don't remember last August being so good ( I started tracking in Sept. '09, so I don't have the figures) although I did jump 50% in September of '09.  And as for my Suite101 earnings, I suspect they are rising because I have been adding several new articles each month.  Although, I have read on the Suite101 forums that other people are experiencing a nice rise in income there this month too.  My Google Adsense earnings are down quite a bit this month, although my blog traffic is quite high.

Of course, I can't take for granted that my earnings will continue to rise for the entire month.  But it is encouraging for now.

How are your earnings doing on E-How or other sites you write for so far this month?  Are you also experiencing a nice rise in income? Would love to know if it is just me or if others are seeing the same trend.

Happy Writing,

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Demand Media Files to Go Public

Hi all,

Well, this is an interesting turn of events that I thought you would all enjoy hearing about.  Although, it isn't too much of a surprise.  Demand Media, Inc., owner of Demand Studios, eHow and so many other sites has filed to go public (click here to read application).  Apparently Demand Media filed a loss of millions for 2009 and even more millions for the first 6 months of 2010.  One tidbit that might interest some of you is Demand Media received 21% of its income for the first half of 2010 from eHow.  Yes, almost a quarter of their eanings came from the very site that they shut off to everyone and limited to fewer writers.  I won't even begin to describe the pros and cons of all this so you may want to hop over to Domain Name Wire and read some of the details yourself, or read the actual application by Demand Media at that link above.

What will this mean to Demand Media and all of its many sites? Time will tell. In the last year it has grown extensively, so who knows how big it will get once it starts selling shares.  What do you all think of this turn of events?

Happy Writing,

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Suite101 Income Continues to Grow

Hi all,

Now that another month is over I'm happy to say that my work at Suite101 is paying off.  Both June and July I have been focusing on adding articles to Suite101 and have seen a nice increase in pay.  Despite all I read on the Suite101 forum about falling revenues, even when adding new articles, I haven't found this to be true.  The more articles I add, the higher my income rises.  I'm not making a fortune yet, but I am slowly building a good residual income.

How much is My Suite Income Growing?

In June I added 10 articles to Suite and my earnings grew by 50%.  In July I added 13 articles and it grew by 40%.  I hope to add at least 10 more articles in August and even if the percentage of income growth declines a little, that will be okay.  As long a it continues growing, even by 10% each month, I would be okay with that.  Of course, more is always better.

What Topics am I Writing About?

What topics am I writing about that allow my income to increase when everyone is complaining that theirs is decreasing?  Most of my articles are on health subjects but I did write a couple of finance articles and also a few news articles that were placed on Google right away.  The news option is new at Suite and I enjoy that we have the option to write news articles.  Since I keep abreast of the latests news feeds for my Examiner pages, I can also find interesting new topics to write about for Suite.  I try to turn the news articles into news with extra information so the article is more than a "here today, forgotten tomorrow" headline.  One of my news articles has surpassed my best "view" earning article on Suite for the past few days, so that is gratifying.

As for so many others earning less-than-average income on Suite, I'm not sure what the problem is. I've read complaints of people whose income dropped to half of their usual income despite adding new articles.  On the internet, topics come and go, subjects are hot today, cold tomorrow, so that could be the reason for so many income drops.  All I know is, if this is their slow time and I am increasing my views and income now, I can't wait for the busy time to come along.  Maybe my income will really go sky high. :)

How did all of you do this month with your residual income?

Happy Writing,

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