Friday, July 9, 2010

Google Adsense Earnings for June

Hi all,

I have never bothered to share my Google Adsense earnings before because, quite frankly, they were never much to write home about.  But ever since Triond started paying Google Adsense money in addition to their regular earnings, my Adsense earnings have all of a sudden started growing.  Then, in June, I actually earned $1.34 from Xomba - all from one click!  This really surprised me because I had never earned any money from Xomba before ( although at first I thought some added pennies had been from Xomba when I wasn't yet tracking the site - so I may have earned a few more cents).  I only post bookmarks to other articles on Xomba, so the chance that anyone would actually click on an ad there is slim.  Happy someone did though.

As of today, I have earned an all-time total of $57.66 in Google Adsense money.  A couple of months ago I would have said I will never reach the $100 payout, but now I think it may be an actual possibility in the near future, especially if Triond keeps earning money at a steady rate.

Here are my June earnings:

Total June Google Adsense Earnings                      $9.32

Triond                                                  $5.35
Write Moms                                         $2.05
Xomba                                                 $1.34

Now, I know that $9.32 is not a high number of total earnings for one month but since I never really expected to earn money from my Write Moms blog, or from any other venture, then it is a good amount for me.  What has surprised me is that my Triond earnings since October 2009 have surpassed my blog earnings since April 2009.  This makes me really happy because I never expected to earn that much money from my 30 or so articles on Triond to begin with. And as far as my writing income, all my Google Adsense income is just icing on the cake.

Do any of you earn much money from Xomba? How about Triond?  Would love to hear about your experiences.

Happy Writing,

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  1. Keep working on it. I have had pretty good luck with adsense.

  2. Congrats Deanna! $9 may not seem like much, but you can’t get to $10 without passing $9.

    You’ll find your earnings start to increase a little faster each month. As I mentioned on my blog, it took me 9 months my first year to earn $16.25. To some that sounds rather pitiful, but to me it meant potential.

    I’m glad I saw the potential just as you see it too. Next year you’ll look back at this post and say “I remember when…”

  3. Hi Felicia and Craftdrawer,
    Thanks for the encouragment. I do think I might have a future with Google Adsense. :)

  4. That's great you got such a high earning click from just posting backlinks at Xomba. I need to start posting those bookmarks there too. Like Felicia said above, my Adsense earnings also increased very slowly, but I now make my payout every month a year after I first got that $100 (and that did take a long time that first time). I hope it'll be the same for you!

  5. I think where I've earned my AdSense is what's interesting to me too. I've earned over $4 on an article I wrote about the Women of HGTV on HubPages. And I have my resume online, but I'm never looking for work, so no one is ever told about it, but it's earned me more money than many of the articles!

  6. Hi Ruth & Victoria,
    Thanks so much for visiting. I appreciate the encouragement.

    Ruth - Payout every month! That would be wonderful. I'm not sure if I will ever get there but, never say never. :)

    Victoria - $4 on one HubPage article is really good. I used to have about 20 articles on HubPages(3 years ago)and only made about $3 in 6 months. I eventually deleted the articles and moved on. I have a few articles still on there but haven't earned much from them.

  7. As is mentioned on my blog I see a reasonable amount of earnings from Adsense on Xomba although I have no experience of Triond. My biggest earnings last month for Adsense were from Hubpages (think it was over $100).

  8. Great job, Deanna! I have only earned $8.44 from AdSense since I joined, so I'm hoping to reach the payout one day as well...

  9. Just keep at it and you'll soon be earning more from Adsense. It took me a year to get to my first Adsense check, but then it was only three months to the next one.

    You're using the same Blogger theme that I am - I like it :)

  10. I see you changed your Blogger theme - your new one is nice too :)

  11. good job..kep trying and make good fortune

  12. DeAnna,
    I missed this post before. Felicia is right that you can't get to $10 until you pass through $9. I am shocked that it took Felicia 9 months to earn just over $16. She seems to be doing quite well now. That means there is hope for all of us.

  13. Hi Kidgas,
    Thanks for stopping by. My Adsense has been good for the past three months and altogether I am now at $80.00! Triond and Write Moms are neck-to-neck in Adsense earnings. I may actually see a payout by the end of the year - something I never thought would happen. :)

  14. Hello!
    I wrote this in celebration of your achievement!!!
    I wanna grow up to be like you!
    Thank you for the inspiration!


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