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Constant-Content - Why I Sell "Use Only" Articles on CC

Hi all,

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I am always saying what a great site Constant-Content (CC) is to sell articles on.  And I do believe that is true.  (Click here to read my reveiw of CC.) I have been selling content on CC for over 3 years now.  However, since I began pursuing residual income through sites like Suite101, Examiner and eHow, I have been posting less Full Rights articles on CC and more Use Rights articles. The reason for this is because I have been spending time writing for so many other sites, and have only been posting articles to CC from sites where I continue to own all rights to my work.  However, I've noticed from time-to-time on the forums at CC that writers there don't understand why anyone would sell Use Rights only for their articles (and for a smaller fee) and place the articles on residual earning sites when the writer could sell the article for full rights on CC for a much higher fee.  Well, hopefully this will explain why I choose to do that while I am working on building residual income.

About Constant-Content

To begin with, at CC you can sell articles for three types of rights - Full Rights, Unique Rights and Use Rights.  Generally, you can sell an article for good price for full rights, but you no longer own any rights to the article and the buyer can choose to take your name off of it and the article can only sell that one time.  Unique Rights is much like full rights except the buyer cannot take the writer's name off of it or change it in any way and the article can no longer be sold on CC.  Use Rights means the buyer cannot take the writer's name off, cannot change any of the article, can only post the article once and the article can continue to sell on CC.  So, if you sell an article for Use Rights, you can sell it as many times as buyers will purchase it, making multiple income from the one article.

Why I have Been Selling Use Rights

This past year since I have been writing a number of articles for Examiner and eHow (who used to allow you to keep all rights), I decided to expand my income by offering the same articles at CC for Use Rights only at a lower price since they were appearing on one or two other websites.  I figured that if they sold and I made a few extra dollars, great, if not then I wasn't out any money.  I placed low prices on the Use articles from $8 to $15 depending upon the amount of words and the content.  Happily, I sold many of the articles at least once (grossing $5.20 to $9.75 each after CC took their percentage), sold several two or three times and sold one four times.  So, the one I sold four times @ 5.20 each (my take) earned me $20.80 plus whatever residual income I am making off of it. Not a bad way to add extra income to my residual earnings.

Now, I know many CC writers will say that I could have earned $40 or $50 for Full Rights for that same article selling it once.  I agree that that is good income for one article.  But by selling the articles for Use Rights while they are earning residual income also, I can usually earn more than the full rights price over time

Let's Be Frank - It's all Really just a Crap Shoot

Writing articles, earning high residual income, selling articles, it really is all just a crap shoot.  There are no real guarentees that if you write a great SEO, keyword rich article, that you will sell it for great income or earn high residual income.  In fact, I've found that some of my highest earning residual articles are on topics that came up as low-paying on the Google sheets.  I've also found that some articles will sell well on CC for Full Rights while others will not sell at all on CC for Full Rights but then will do remarkably well when placed in a residual market.  So basically, I am just covering my bases to earn the most money possible.

Now, that doesn't mean I don't love selling Full Rights articles on CC and I actually plan to spend some time this summer submitting many of them to see how I do.  You never know when you will sell an article on CC, so in some ways it is much like residual income.  In the past I was able to earn between $300 and $500 a month on CC and many full-time writers there do much better.  So CC is definately a great place to sell Full Rights articles.

For those of you who are trying to build up a residual income, you may want to try selling some of your articles for Use Rights at CC also.  Especially Examiner writers - many of those topic articles seem to sell well on CC.

Happy Writing,

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  1. I am not doing so well on Constant content yet. I have submitted a couple articles to get them rejected. I need to get the hang of it I guess. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Tammy,
    Sorry to hear that. Writing for CC may be a little different, but if you have written for Demand Studios or Break Studios, then their formats will probably work for CC too. If you need any specific help or advice, e-mail me and I can try to help. (My e-mail address is in the About Me section on the sidebar.) Good luck.

  3. Hi. I came across your blog through another blog I follow and have signed up as a follower. When you’re free, please do visit me and let me know what you think of my blog and leave a comment. If you like, do follow as well. I am always open to great new people and interesting websites. Look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Deanna, this is an incredibly helpful blog post for me - thank you!

    I had a look at Constant Content about a week or so ago, and their different rights confused me a bit. You've cleared it up for me, perfectly!

    If I get accepted there, I think I'll try all three rights and see how it goes. When trying to earn a residual income, as you are, though - and as I am too - then the Use Rights makes a ton of sense.

    What bothers me though is that some fairly good articles can be obtained for free at places like Ezine Articles (it is the full article that people can take from Ezine Articles, isn't it? I might be mistaken) and if people can get "good enough" Use Right articles there for free, why would they pay for Use Right articles elsewhere? I'm going to give it a shot anyway - I'm known to be a worry wart for nothing!

  5. Hi Teresa,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I think that people like to buy Use articles at Constant-Content instead of using free ones on places like Ezine because: 1. They are inexpensive and affordable for sites who cannot afford full-rights articles and 2. Because they don't have to place links on the CC article guiding people away from their site like they do for the free Ezine articles. Yes, you really should try CC. I have made a lot of money there over the past 3 years and it's a nice site to write for.
    Good luck. :)

  6. Thanks for the reply, Deanna - that's a good point that buyer's don't have to place links on the articles taking visitors away from their site. I'm going to spend some time going through the site and then probably join by next weekend. I'm off to the bank early next week to sort out my PayPal integration with bank account (receiving monies via PayPal is a fairly recent development in South Africa) to see if that first goes well before joining Constant Content so that I can be sure about which payment method to choose. Constant Content sounds great - I hope I manage to have a few articles accepted there. Then, the only problem will be finding the time to write often for them - I'm busy with so many different things - but that's the life of a freelancer hey, don't we all know it :) Ho hum, ho hum, it's off to work I go...

  7. The lack of requirement for links pointing to all kinds of crazy stuff is one good reason use rights sell at Constant Content. Another is that free articles do not exist on some topics. My first use sale was for a product writeup that went on an ecommerce site. I just wrote it on a whim after looking up exactly what the product was and boom - it sold.

  8. So, you can use articles you have submitted on other sites (i.e. Suite 101) and post for use rights on CC?

  9. Hi Julie,

    Yes, you can place previously published articles on CC to sell for Use Rights Only. Make sure that you own all rights to the articles and that your name appears on the articles in the places they are published, otherwise CC won't approve them. Also, if you have Suite articles you want to sell, make sure they have been on Suite for 1 year before trying to sell them or you will break your contract with Suite. Personally, I don't resell Suite articles because I want all the hits to be on my own articles. But at sites like Triond and Associated Content, I don't make much money from articles so I sometimes sell those for Use Rights.

    One last thing to consider is the recent changes at Google who frowns on placing the same content on several sites. I'm not sure that people will buy Use articles at CC as much as they used to before the Google changes. I know my sales for use articles have gone down. Just something to think about. :)


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