Friday, June 25, 2010

Simple Articles that Earn Good Income

Hi all,

Even though I can no longer contribute articles to eHow (the old fashioned way - I don't have the energy to do it through DS yet), I still track my earnings there just for the fun of it.  I am happy to say that my earnings have continued to rise each month.  What fascinates me most is the very first article I wrote for eHow in June 2009 titled "How to Stop Belly Bloat".  Even though this was a pretty simple article to write, it continues to increase in income each month.

Article Earnings

The belly bloat article started out earning a little over $2.00 the first month and then kept on climbing.  In April 2010, the article earned $10.37 for the month. In May it earned $14.36 and so far in June it has earned $10.93.  It wouldn't surprise me if it breaks $15.00 for this month.  In all, so far, the article has earned $82.95 for the past 12 months.  Now, I know there are people who have earned much more each month/year for an article at eHow, but my simple little belly bloat article still amazes me. It didn't take long to write and I never thought it would earn that much money in a year's time.

If I had sold that article on Constant-Content for its going price of around $30, that is all I would have ever made from it.  I would be out $52.95+.  Or if I had placed it on another residual earning site like Triond or Associated Content, I wouldn't have earned anywhere near what I've earned at eHow.  I'm happy it's still sitting on eHow, earning residual income.

So, What's My Point?

This is not a post to encourage people to sign up and write for eHow through DS or to discourage people from writing for Constant-Content, AC or Triond.  I like all of those sites and write for them all (except DS for the time being).  I just wanted to point out how a small article that you think isn't worth all that much can earn a good income through a residual site.  When you write an article, you never really know how well it will do - that is part of the fun/frustration with writing.  There are always little surprises along the way.  So, if you come up with an idea for an article, no matter what Google's tools tell you about earning potential, write it and post it anyway.  You may get a happy surprise.

I wonder if I should start a belly bloat website?? Seem like it may have good earning potential. (Ha, Ha)

Happy Writing,

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  1. A belly bloat website...see that's not bad. Then you could make the title..the belly bloat

  2. I have an article at eHow that I did not even want to write that has been one of my highest earners. I picked up the title back in the day when they used to have suggested titles that earned you useless points. That articles is my big money earner every month and I came darn close not to writing it. It just goes to show you can guess at what the public wants to read, but often there are just titles that are unexpected winners. I have not moved to DS so I am waiting for the day when they will finally remove our articles, but until then I am enjoying the residuals, especially on the article I never intended to write.

  3. Hi Bailey,
    Thanks for sharing. Isn't it funny how these things go? I know how you feel - I wouldn't be surprised if someday our articles are taken off of eHow, but I hope not. After all, they are making money off of them still.

  4. Deanna, you may have mentioned creating a blog on belly bloat in jest, but I’ve got to tell you that I’ve created a blog or two based on the results of some of my eHow articles. One blog in particular still amazes me with its earnings. So far I’ve earned just shy of $1,000 with the blog with only 39 blog posts. I created the blog a year and a half ago and average two blog posts per month.

    I just created another one this week and only time will tell if it will have long-term success. With adding only one or two blog posts a month, it’s not strenuous work.

    Whether you decide to host the blog on your own domain or use blogger, you should follow through with your idea and create the blog. You don’t have to create a lot of content at one time. You can add additional info when the mood strikes. After all, you’re already making money on the topic, why not capitalize on it and earn a little more?

  5. Hi Felicia,
    Glad you stopped by. I appreciate your advice. Actually, after I wrote that line about creating a belly bloat blog, I did start to think it may be a good idea. I do remember a post you wrote on your blog once about all the "belly fat" ads appearing and how they were annoying you. Mmmm - if there are so many belly fat ads out there than my belly bloat idea may fit right in. After what you just wrote, I will seriously think about it. Glad to hear you are doing so well with sites you created from your eHow article ideas. It's very encouraging.

  6. Cool! This is a very enlightening article. I hope to increase my income by working at night too. However, it's taxing and physically draining. I guess I need to manage my finances this time.

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