Thursday, June 10, 2010

Loving StumbleUpon

Hi all,

I belong to many social bookmarking sites but today I have to gush about StumbleUpon.  For those of you who do not know, StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site that you can join and place summaries of your articles on to drive more traffic to your articles on other sites.  Many of the writing sites like eHow, Suite101, Triond, HubPages, etc, have StumbleUpon in their "share" boxes so you can easily access the site and place your articles there.  It's free, it's easy to use and StumbleUpon can help to drive high volumes of traffic to your articles. 

Why I Love StumbleUpon

I have been a member of StumbleUpon since May, 2008 and I try to place links to all of my articles there.  The most success I've had there has been with my Suite101 articles, however my eHow articles do quite well there too.  Yesterday, an article I had placed on Suite101 two days prior titled "White Tea: Health Benefits May be More Effective than Green Tea" received 1,031 views that came directly from StumbleUpon.  Total views for the article overall for the day from all sources were 1,159.  So you can see what a difference using StumbleUpon made.  Today that same article already has a little over 200 hits from StumbleUpon and climbing. Now, imagine if I hadn't used StumbleUpon for that article.  Yesterday's total hits for that article would have only been 128. That is a big difference.

This isn't the only time I've had a good turnout of views from StumbleUpon.  Generally, when I write an article for Suite101, I can expect to receive between 200-400 views from StumbleUpon alone in the first 24 hours.  I have had articles that after several days, or even weeks, suddenly receive 400-500 views in one day from StumbleUpon - I have no idea why.  And as I search through my StumbleUpon pages, I see some high views for many of my eHow articles as well.  Of course, there are many that only have 1 view each on StumbleUpon - but that is the risk you take.  I do suggest that anyone who writes articles should join StumbleUpon and list your articles there.  It only takes a minute to list an article, but it might make a big difference in your view count.

What I've Been Up To

This month I have been working on adding new articles to Suite101 to up my income there. Suite has been trying some new things, like an Idea Keyword Generator, and they are now letting you write timely news articles that are placed under Google News immediately.  They have a contest this month to write 20 articles in 30 days - and I may just make it - but we will see.  I am also writing my 3 articles for up-front pay at Associated Content and a few articles for Examiner.  My goal this summer is to load up Suite101 with articles and see how high the earnings climb. 

I was really happy to see that my eHow articles earned a good income for May and they are doing well this month also.  My earnings haven't dropped at all even without adding any new articles.  In fact, the earnings have risen by a few dollars each month.  I hope this trend continues.

Happy writing,

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  1. Thank you for this post. It is truly interesting that you are able to submit that much of your own content to StumbleUpon. I always worry that self-promotion at some of these sites would be considered spam, but it looks like that is not the case.

    I have added StumbleUpon to my link spreadsheet and will begin using it to market my articles as well. Hopefully I can have 1/10th the success that you have had.

  2. Kidgas is right - you have to be careful not to do too much self promotion or you may be blocked. In fact, I think Stumbleupon actually blocked submissions from Hubpages pages for the very reason that there was a lot of spam/self promotion.

  3. Another thing is if you are after trying to make money it can be very hard using Stumbleupon. Since it is not targeted, organic traffic earnings can be very low if not nothing per page view. In fact one person on Hubpages once said 100 page views from Stumbleupon was worth 1 view from search engines. Having said that, it is still some earnings and of course there is the possibility of SEO benefits (not directly since I think Shetoldme is nofollow but those who find your article may post links on their own personal blogs etc).

  4. Hi Bristolboy,
    Thanks for commenting. I find it interesting that it may be considered spam if we place links for articles on sites like StumbleUpon. From what I can see, many sites, Suite101 included, encourage linking articles to bring in traffic. Whenever I publish an article I submit links to about 5 different sites as well as Twitter and Facebook. I haven't seen any negative aspects from it so far - knock on wood. ;)


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