Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Income Increases at Triond and Suite101

Hi all,

The month of May showed some surprising increases in income for me at both Triond and Suite101.  I did add articles to both sites, but normally, adding additional articles doesn't always mean a spike in additional income right away.  And since Triond is completely passive income for me, it was nice to see the numbers increase.  Here's the rundown:


I've been with Triond since February, 2008 and have never really taken it seriously as a residual income site.  I have been rethinking that this past month.  At Triond, you can earn money three different ways - through their residual income program, through Google Adsense and by earning a small portion of money from the earnings of writers you refer.  Before Google Adsense was added, I generally only earned about $3.00 per month off of the 21 articles I had on Triond.  Then Triond added the Google Adsense program in November, 2009 and at first it didn't look so promising.  In November 2009 I only earned $1.26 extra from the Google Adsense income in addition to the approx. $3.00 in residual earnings.  However, this began to slowly change.  In April, 2010 I noticed that my Google Adsense earnings from Triond had risen to $4.58 for the month. Now, I agree that isn't a lot of money, but remember that this is totally passive income for me. The articles I post on Triond are ones that I also post on other sites as well as sell for a small Use fee on Constant-Content.  So, earning the $4.58 from Google plus the $3.00 from Triond - in all $7.48 - for the month while also earning money from the same articles at other sites seems like a win-win situation.  So, in May I decided to add 6 more articles to Triond - all articles that I also posted elsewhere - and I earned $7.39 that month in Google Adsense along with $5.33 in residual earnings for a total of $12.72.  Not bad, considering these articles are earning money on other sites as well.

I've decided not to ignore Triond any longer and will continue to add articles to the site to see how the income increases.  I like Triond because there are no minimum articles you have to submit in order to continue to write for the site or to be paid.  There is also no minimum payment amount you must reach before they will pay you.  The only rule is that you must submit articles that have not been published anywhere else, then after they are published on Triond you can place them on other sites. It will be interesting to see if the income continues to grow and by how much in the future.


The month of May was also a good one for me at Suite101.  If you've been reading my blog, you know that I've had my doubts about Suite101's earning potential.  However, since I stopped writing for eHow/DS, then I have decided to put more effort into Suite101.  In May I only added 4 new articles at Suite, yet my income doubled.  So I am going to work on building up my article list there and see if the upward trend continues.  I realize that many people earn a good residual income at Suite - so I have to be patient and hope I will too in the future.

How did all of you do for the month of May?

Happy writing,

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  1. It's a good income you're getting from suite101.

  2. Can we submit our Ehow articles to Suite101 and Triond? Great work on this post, it caught my eye. I love seeing others earnings.

  3. Wow, it looks like you're doing well with your writing. Congrats!

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  4. Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for visiting. You cannot submit already published articles on either Triond or Suite101. Triond wants you to publish on their site first - after that you can submit the article to other sites. Suite101 asks for the article to be unique on their site for one year before you are allowed to submit elsewhere.

  5. Hi Deanna!
    Great news on the increase in income at Suite101. There are so many threads on abt the income slump that your news is really welcome.
    I however, was part of the income slump group and after a long period made less than a dollar per article this month:-( But am hoping that things will get better in June. Am tweaking old articles and writing a lot more, so it should show results.

  6. Hi Prerna,
    Thanks for visiting. I'm sure the income slump at Suite will turn around. It all has to do with subject matter and interest comes and goes for some reason. Hope your June is better. :)

  7. Good job! Sounds like an excellent plan.

  8. Triond has slipped past my radar too, although I know I joined at some point. Thanks for the reminder!

    May was good on the residual income front, with eHow coming in at just over $1,400. I tend to have my best months in the fall and winter there, due to seasonal articles, but the spring and summer are still good to me.

  9. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for visiting. My eHow continues to do well, but not as well as you do there by a long shot. Good for you! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for the information!

    I found your blog through the MBC Follow Me club. I am now following!

    I am still new at this blogging thing and am in need of new followers, so please follow me as well.

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