Monday, June 21, 2010

Experts123 Update

Hi all,

A reader recently asked me if I had posted any articles to Experts123 under my "expertise" column and that motivated me to do so.  Experts123 is both an up-front pay writing site as well as a revenue share site and they also have a feature where you can apply to be an expert on a particular subject. (You can read my original post on Experts123 here.)  A couple of months ago I applied for the Alternative Medicine expert and was accepted.  But since then I have been busy writing for Suite101 and other sites and didn't submit any articles.  I finally did submit two articles and they were accepted and are now on the site.  The articles are:

Dandelion Leaf to Lower Blood Pressure

Pau d'Arco: Herbal Supplement for Inflammation and Other Health Conditions

Please stop by and check them out if you get a chance.  It would also help if you click the "Like" icon - this helps on raising my income. Thanks.

Being an Experts123 "Expert"

The Experts123 Expertise column is a new feature to the site.  Once you have been approved for your expertise, you then have to have two articles approved for revenue share by the editors.  After they have been approved, you are on your own and can submit as many articles directly to the site as you choose.  You can submit reprints from other sites (your own articles, of course) although they would prefer fresh content.  The pay per 1,000 clicks ranges from $1.50 to $2.00, so unless you have a high amount of articles there, the pay isn't much better than Associated Content.  However, since I can place reprints on Experts123, and since I am also the Alternative Medicine Examiner, then I can reuse some of my Examiner articles to earn a few extra cents? dollars? per month.

You can also combine your income at Experts123.  If you are approved to write up-front pay articles (on average around $10 per article) then you can do a few of those and add in your revenue share articles' money to reach the $20 minimum payout each month. 

What Do I Think about the Expertise Column at Experts123?

Truthfully, I almost didn't bother to submit articles for my expertise because I can make the same amount of revenue share at AC and I already have many articles there - so why do the same at another site?  But, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided I should give it a try and see how much income can be made.  Most of my articles will probably be reprints from Examiner, so I won't be doing additional work.  Since my Examiner articles seem to get lost in the shuffle after the first few days on the site (meaning I make the majority of my money off of them the first week they are posted) then maybe it isn't such a bad idea placing them on Experts123 for some extra milage.  I'll try a few and see.

What I do know is Experts123 pays on time and they are a good site to write for if you are doing the up-front pay articles.  However, they are a Beta site right now - so who knows - they may disappear sometime in the future.  If they do, I won't really be out anything since I will own the copyright to all of my articles.

Are then any Experts123 experts out there? Would love to hear how it is going for you.

Happy Writing

(Photo by Deanna Sletten - This little bird hit one of our windows last week and was stunned for several minutes, sitting on our patio, before flying off.  I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of it. )

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  1. Hi Deanna,

    First, I wanted to say that I love your blog and have found it extremely helpful. Second, I wanted to ask about how you go about writing your articles. I understand that while one may know a lot about something-enough to write quite a bit of information on it, but we all get our information from someone else, right? Do you do any kind of research to double check what you think you know? Do you make sure everything is up to date by the time you submit your articles? Do you ever include any of your sources?

    Just wondering! Maybe it's because I'm in college and not citing your sources is a big no-no for almost any assignment. I like to share my sources if I've found them extremely helpful as well.


  2. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for visiting. Yes, I research all of my articles and cite my sources at the end of each article. Since I mainly write on health issues, I have to do reseach to make sure I get my facts straight. Most websites want you to cite your sources but there are some that don't. Associated Content, Examiner and Suite101 ask you to cite sources at the end of an article. Experts123 didn't want any source material at the end.

    When I research articles I try to go to the main source for my material. If I am quoting a study on a particular health issue, I find the actual study online, I don't quote it from a second or third source. Showing readers exactly where you get your information from is important for your credibility. I also use respected website sources like the Mayo Clinic or other medical universities for my sources.

    Writing articles off the top of your head is fine if you are already an expert or you are writing opinion articles, but I think anything else should be sourced.

    Happy to hear you are finding helpful information from my blog. Good luck with your writing.

  3. With your experience, you should really consider writing for Demand Studios again. If you can get promoted to a writer for, the pay is $25 per article and there are tons of alternative medicine and health topics available. I've written a few things for Experts123 and I'm still waiting to see any payoff, either for the revenue share or upfront pay articles. You will always find jerky editors wherever you go, including DS but from my own experience, writing for Livestrong has been a great opportunity.

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I do know I could make more up-front money from Demand Studios than I do from some of my residual income sites and I think it might be fun to write for Livestrong. However, at this point I want to build residual income. As for Experts123, I'm not expecting much income so that is why I have only put already published articles on there. For up-front pay, I write for Constant-Content because I can sell full-rights articles for much more than $15 or $25. I can also write my own titles and topics and enjoy what I write about. But thanks for the nice compliment. :)


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