Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Type-A-Mom Writer's Site

Hi all,

I have been very busy writing for different sites lately and so my blog posts have been few and far between.  I did come across this website for writers, however, and wanted to let you know a little about it. I have not yet written for this site, but I did join and looked it over.  How much money can be earned, I cannot say, but it may be a good starter site for some or just a fun site to earn a few extra dollars a month.  So, here goes...


Type-A-Mom is a site that you can add articles to and earn money from the Google Ads that appear on the articles.  It's easy to join - you can either apply to become a writer at Type-A-Mom or you can simply join the site and begin writing articles.  I would say the easiest way is to join and begin adding articles because if you apply as a writer it may take awhile before you are approved.  Either way, you can write for the site and begin earning money.  Be sure to read the Terms of Service before submitting articles.  I found it interesting that in the TOS it states that you earn Google Adsense money from the ads on your articles 50% of the time that they are viewed, however, on another part of the site it states you earn 100% of the money from the Google ads that appear on the right side of your articles. Either way, the money is probably about the same.  If you don't already have a Google Adsense account, you will have to set one up to earn money at Type-A-Mom.  There is a section at Type-A-Mom that will show you how to set up the account. For newbies out there, it is important that you know you have to earn $100.00 or more in order to receive payment from your Google Adsense account.

After you Join Type-A-Mom

If you choose to simply join the site rather than applying, you can begin adding articles to the site immediately.  Once you have joined, there will be a list in a sidebar on the left side of the screen explaining editorial guidelines and such.  Be sure to read these to make sure you are submitting articles properly. 

The type of articles that you can submit should relate to home, family, parenting, family health, women's health, women's issues, family finance, mothering, etc.  While at first this may sound limiting - it really isn't. There are many topics you can write about that are connected to family issues.

I did not see anywhere that stated articles will be reviewed before publishing, so I believe they are published immediately.  However, they do also hire mom editors, and it is mentioned that articles may be looked over from time to time to make sure they follow requirements of the site.  So you will want to be sure to follow the editorial guidelines. 

As I stated before, I am not sure how much money can be made at Type-A-Moms but it looks like an interesting site to check into and may be a good site for moms just getting into online writing.  If there are any Type-A-Mom writers out there - I'd love to hear your opinions on the site and earning potential. 

Happy writing,

The Definitive Guide to Making Money Online With Your Writing


  1. I've never heard of this site before. I'll have to check them out, thanks for sharing!

  2. DeAnna, I signed up for the site long time ago but didn't contribute since didn't have Adsense. However, I do know a few writers who do write thr regularly and it seems to pay them okayish.

  3. This opportunity sounds intriguing. Does anyone have any numbers on earning potential? I've been looking for information anywhere, but can't find any.

  4. Hi Lauren,
    I've been all over the web too looking for posts on earning potential at Type-A Mom and haven't found any. How much you can earn at Type-A Mom is dependent upon how often the Google Ads attached to your articles are clicked on. So that means you'd want to write articles that will bring high-paying Google Ads to them so your earning potential will increase. I did look at many profiles at Type-A Mom and saw that many of the articles there have been clicked on 1,000 to 2,000 times - so traffic looks high. Would love to hear from any writers at Type-A Mom about their experience at the site.

  5. Hello. I own Type-A Mom, and I need to update the terms of service. The revenue sharing is 100 percent for all contributors now. Also, all articles get reviewed and edited for typos and grammatical errors before they go live. I also have some information on how much money to expect to earn at http://www.typeamom.net/making-money-as-an-internet-writer.html

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  6. Oh, and Deanna, here are a couple articles on writing at Type-A Mom:
    http://angengland.com/can-you-make-money-writing-for-type-a-mom-websites/ (although it is now 100% revenue to contributors)

  7. Hi Kelby,
    Thanks for stopping by and clearing up the question on revenue share. :)

  8. Great info! Thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to check them out.


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