Monday, May 24, 2010

My Featured Article on Associated Content and

Hi all,

Another attempt at shameless promotion of myself!  Today I logged into my Associated Content account and was surprised to see that one article in particular had generated over 600 hits overnight.  When I checked, I found the article was a feature article on the Health and Wellness home page.  I've had articles featured in the past, but have not had so many hits in one day from one.  It was a nice surprise. The article is "Herbal Teas for Relieving Common Health Issues".  If you get a chance, come visit it.

Making Money at Associated Content

As I said before, I applied for, and was accepted, as a Featured Contributor at AC and since then I have been submitting the three assignments each month that they offer the $10 up-front pay for.  I've been with AC since 2007 and only have about 107 articles there so my residual income there is low. I have earned enough points to be at the $1.60/1,000 mark and, while I am not making a fortune at AC, I am earning a few extra dollars each month plus the $30.  Every dollar ads up, so I'm not going to thumb my nose at it.

Why do I like writing the $10 articles at AC when I can make more elsewhere?  I like that I can pick any topic that interests me in the health field, that there is no set format that I have to write the article in (it just has to make sense, of course) and there is no word count to worry about.  So I write articles I think are interesting I get paid.  No hassle, no stress.  It's an easy way for me to earn an additional $30 a month.  Maybe I'm lazy or stubborn, but I like being able to choose my article format and length.

Has Anyone Else Been Contacted by

I recently received this e-mail (below) from a company called Huliq.  After receiving it, I scanned the internet to see what other people were saying about it.  I didn't find any positive reviews on writing for Huliq - and since it doesn't sound interesting to me I won' t be replying.  However, I was wondering if any of you received this e-mail too or have in the past.  Sounds like this is the way they find writers.  If anyone reading this blog writes for - would love to hear your opinion on it.

Hello Deanna,

This is Armen Hareyan writing from Hareyan Publishing, LLC.

I read your stories online and would like to ask if you may be interested in covering news for While you already write for a another news website, you will notice that similar online news websites have an overabundance of writers, diluting your opportunities. At Huliq, you can be on the ground floor of an opportunity.

At Huliq, we can guarantee that we will never have more than 30 writers in the next few years, ensuring you a great opportunity to grow your presence and readership online.

We have very flexible options, get nearly 1-2 million pageviews a month and have been online since 2006, having good presence in Google News.
You can cover basically any topic you want as long as you are the first one to reserve it in our Writer's Forum.
Our pay options are very transparent, based on the numbers that Google Analytics provide, and we pay on global traffic.
Our reporters get live access to Google Analytics and Huliq pays them based on the pageviews that Google Analytics provides.
If you are interested in writing for, please let us know and we will give you more information.
Huliq is also indexed by Google News.

Thank you
Armen Hareyan
Hareyan Publishing, LLC
4128 2nd St. NW
Hickory, NC 28601
TEL: 828 291-5884

We have a rainy/thunderstorm day today - so it should be a good day for writing.  Spent the day on the lake (in a boat, of course) yesterday and it was beautiful.

Happy writing,

100 Ways to Improve Your Writing (Mentor)

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  1. I was approached to write for Huliq. I think the 1-2 million page views is stretching it. Maybe past the point of breaking.
    I'd like to hear from others as well.


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