Monday, May 24, 2010

My Featured Article on Associated Content and

Hi all,

Another attempt at shameless promotion of myself!  Today I logged into my Associated Content account and was surprised to see that one article in particular had generated over 600 hits overnight.  When I checked, I found the article was a feature article on the Health and Wellness home page.  I've had articles featured in the past, but have not had so many hits in one day from one.  It was a nice surprise. The article is "Herbal Teas for Relieving Common Health Issues".  If you get a chance, come visit it.

Making Money at Associated Content

As I said before, I applied for, and was accepted, as a Featured Contributor at AC and since then I have been submitting the three assignments each month that they offer the $10 up-front pay for.  I've been with AC since 2007 and only have about 107 articles there so my residual income there is low. I have earned enough points to be at the $1.60/1,000 mark and, while I am not making a fortune at AC, I am earning a few extra dollars each month plus the $30.  Every dollar ads up, so I'm not going to thumb my nose at it.

Why do I like writing the $10 articles at AC when I can make more elsewhere?  I like that I can pick any topic that interests me in the health field, that there is no set format that I have to write the article in (it just has to make sense, of course) and there is no word count to worry about.  So I write articles I think are interesting I get paid.  No hassle, no stress.  It's an easy way for me to earn an additional $30 a month.  Maybe I'm lazy or stubborn, but I like being able to choose my article format and length.

Has Anyone Else Been Contacted by

I recently received this e-mail (below) from a company called Huliq.  After receiving it, I scanned the internet to see what other people were saying about it.  I didn't find any positive reviews on writing for Huliq - and since it doesn't sound interesting to me I won' t be replying.  However, I was wondering if any of you received this e-mail too or have in the past.  Sounds like this is the way they find writers.  If anyone reading this blog writes for - would love to hear your opinion on it.

Hello Deanna,

This is Armen Hareyan writing from Hareyan Publishing, LLC.

I read your stories online and would like to ask if you may be interested in covering news for While you already write for a another news website, you will notice that similar online news websites have an overabundance of writers, diluting your opportunities. At Huliq, you can be on the ground floor of an opportunity.

At Huliq, we can guarantee that we will never have more than 30 writers in the next few years, ensuring you a great opportunity to grow your presence and readership online.

We have very flexible options, get nearly 1-2 million pageviews a month and have been online since 2006, having good presence in Google News.
You can cover basically any topic you want as long as you are the first one to reserve it in our Writer's Forum.
Our pay options are very transparent, based on the numbers that Google Analytics provide, and we pay on global traffic.
Our reporters get live access to Google Analytics and Huliq pays them based on the pageviews that Google Analytics provides.
If you are interested in writing for, please let us know and we will give you more information.
Huliq is also indexed by Google News.

Thank you
Armen Hareyan
Hareyan Publishing, LLC
4128 2nd St. NW
Hickory, NC 28601
TEL: 828 291-5884

We have a rainy/thunderstorm day today - so it should be a good day for writing.  Spent the day on the lake (in a boat, of course) yesterday and it was beautiful.

Happy writing,

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Type-A-Mom Writer's Site

Hi all,

I have been very busy writing for different sites lately and so my blog posts have been few and far between.  I did come across this website for writers, however, and wanted to let you know a little about it. I have not yet written for this site, but I did join and looked it over.  How much money can be earned, I cannot say, but it may be a good starter site for some or just a fun site to earn a few extra dollars a month.  So, here goes...


Type-A-Mom is a site that you can add articles to and earn money from the Google Ads that appear on the articles.  It's easy to join - you can either apply to become a writer at Type-A-Mom or you can simply join the site and begin writing articles.  I would say the easiest way is to join and begin adding articles because if you apply as a writer it may take awhile before you are approved.  Either way, you can write for the site and begin earning money.  Be sure to read the Terms of Service before submitting articles.  I found it interesting that in the TOS it states that you earn Google Adsense money from the ads on your articles 50% of the time that they are viewed, however, on another part of the site it states you earn 100% of the money from the Google ads that appear on the right side of your articles. Either way, the money is probably about the same.  If you don't already have a Google Adsense account, you will have to set one up to earn money at Type-A-Mom.  There is a section at Type-A-Mom that will show you how to set up the account. For newbies out there, it is important that you know you have to earn $100.00 or more in order to receive payment from your Google Adsense account.

After you Join Type-A-Mom

If you choose to simply join the site rather than applying, you can begin adding articles to the site immediately.  Once you have joined, there will be a list in a sidebar on the left side of the screen explaining editorial guidelines and such.  Be sure to read these to make sure you are submitting articles properly. 

The type of articles that you can submit should relate to home, family, parenting, family health, women's health, women's issues, family finance, mothering, etc.  While at first this may sound limiting - it really isn't. There are many topics you can write about that are connected to family issues.

I did not see anywhere that stated articles will be reviewed before publishing, so I believe they are published immediately.  However, they do also hire mom editors, and it is mentioned that articles may be looked over from time to time to make sure they follow requirements of the site.  So you will want to be sure to follow the editorial guidelines. 

As I stated before, I am not sure how much money can be made at Type-A-Moms but it looks like an interesting site to check into and may be a good site for moms just getting into online writing.  If there are any Type-A-Mom writers out there - I'd love to hear your opinions on the site and earning potential. 

Happy writing,

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Experts123 Writing Site

Hi all,

Last month I started writing for a new site that I found interesting.  It's called Experts123 and they offer several ways to earn money writing for their site.  I applied and was accepted right away as a "Premier" writer, so I was able to write for all aspects of the site.  I waited until I received payment to make sure everything was legit before telling you about the site.

About Experts123

I'm not sure how long Experts123 has been around, no more than a year from what I can find out.  However, they have been growing all along and are continually adding new features as they grow.  This is a beta site - so that means it is in the start-up phases, but with the way the site has been growing I doubt if it will fold up and stop business anytime soon.  Experts123 is a question/answer site where users ask questions and users can answer them in article format.  However, Experts123 has other options too, such as writing articles for revenue share, writing articles for up-front pay and their new option, choosing a topic and writing articles on that topic for revenue share.

Writing for Experts123

At Experts123 there are three ways you can write for their site.  You can join the site as a user to read questions, ask questions and answer questions.  There is no payment for this but you can promote yourself and your buisness in your profile.  Another way to join the site is to apply for an Expert Contributor position.  As an Expert Contributor, you will be allowed to choose revenue share articles to write from their list of available articles.  Generally, you will have to write several revenue share articles before you are upgraded to a Premier Contributor.  As a Premier Contributor you are able to choose work-for-hire articles that pay an up-front fee of $8 to $20 per article once it is accepted. 

This past week Experts123 began a new program that they are offering to their writers where you can apply for a topic, and once approved, begin writing articles on that topic for revenue share income.  Since I haven't written any revenue share articles, I can't tell you how well revenue share pays.  I am currently waiting for my chosen topic to be approved so I can try this new feature.

My Experience with Experts123

When I applied for Experts123 I was automatically made a Premier Contributor and was allowed to choose from both up-front pay articles and revenue share articles.  The application approval only took about 2 days. I have written two work-for-hire articles for Experts123 and both have been approved and payment has been sent to me.  The process is much like Demand Studios.  You search a list of articles available, choose one, and you generally have 24 hours in which to write and submit the article.  There are different styles, such as "How to" and "General" articles to choose from.  Currently, there are about 300 articles available for up-front pay and the payment is between $8 and $20, with most being in the $10 to $11 range.  Article length is between 350 to 600 words and Experts123 owns all rights once they have paid you.  Right now, the up-front pay articles being offered are mostly about cars, insurance and home repair with a few health and lifestyle articles here and there. I am hoping that as the site grows, the topics will expand also.

Once finished, you submit the article for review.  They do allow you one more chance to edit the article if there is a problem.  I've only had to edit one of my two articles and I found the editor to be very encouraging and polite about the changes.   

Payment for articles occurs at the beginning of the month after approval (around the 5th) and once you have reached the $20 minimum.  I wrote two articles and was already over the minimum, so it is easy to reach it.  They pay through PayPal.  (There may be other payment options; however I couldn't find it on the site.)

I found the site easy to use and understand, however I've had experience with several sites and after awhile they are all basically the same, so it was easy for me.  What impressed me most was how personal the acceptance e-mail was after I applied.  The person who had approved my application had also taken the time to look over my blog and get to know me as a person.  They have been very encouraging and polite, which is something I haven't found to be true of larger sites.  In all, I had fun writing articles for Experts123 and will probably continue writing for them as a way to generate a little up-front pay.

I have searched the site and could not find if they accept writers from other countries.  They did not ask for a Social Security number, so I suggest that writers from other countries apply and see what happens.  If anyone finds out their policy, please let me know.

Update 3/15/2011: I just wanted to update you on my experience with Experts123.  I have been a member and an Expert since June 2010 and I have 6 revenue share articles posted there.  I have not earned any money from any of my articles on Experts123.  Now, I realize that 6 articles is not very many, but to not earn anything at all in all these months tells me that maybe my time is better spent elsewhere.  Even at, where the earnings aren't high, I've earned some money from the 6 articles I have there.  I'd love to hear from other Expert123 writers to hear if you've earned any money there with Revenue Share articles.

On the Homefront

Our family recently took in two kittens (brothers) who were left to die on the road in our rural area.  (Here is a picture of them.)  They were only about 5 weeks old when they were dumped.  My daughter's boyfriend found them at midnight on a country road - in the middle of the road - and brought them home to us (because we are suckers for all animals).  We knew instantly that they had been in a home right before being dumped because they were very clean and had already been trained to use a litter box.  Unfortunately, this occurs way too often in our neck of the woods because people let their pet cats run and don't bother to fix them, then when kittens come along they dump them in the woods.  So please, spay or neuter your cats, and if you don't, take responsibility for any kittens that come along.  We have a city pound and a county humane society, yet these animals still end up on the road.  Yes, we have decided to keep these two kittens - couldn't bear to seperate them - so now we are a 4 cat household.  This will be interesting. :)

Happy writing,

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