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Hi all,

It's been awhile since I've posted because I've been very busy exploring new ways to earn residual income as well as working on a few new up-front pay opportunities.  Ever since my focus has left eHow, I've been exploring new ways of earning income, and have really enjoyed it.  My first discovery was the up-front pay articles at Associated Content that I wrote about in my last post and I also came upon an interesting up-front pay site that I will talk about in another post, after I make sure they pay on time - a big issue for any site.  Right now I want to talk about my new opportunity with

Becoming a National Examiner

As those of you who read this blog already know, I have been the Minnesota Heart Health Examiner since October 2009.  I have really enjoyed writing in my topic and for Examiner, even though the pay hasn't been the best.  When I began thinking about my options for residual income, I decided that instead of letting Examiner go by the wayside I would reach for a higher position.  So, I applied through my channel manager and am now the National Alternative Medicine Examiner

Why become a national Examiner?  National Examiner article not only appear in the national edition of Examiner, but also appear throughout all of the local editions when there are no local articles available.  That means that my articles have the opportunity to be in up to 50 editions at once, instead of just the one local edition.  More people will see, and hopefully read, my articles.  And that means more residual earnings.

Since Alternative Medicine is a topic that I write on quite often at Associated Content, Constant-Content and Suite101, I felt this would be the perfect topic for me to write about as a National Examiner.  Alternative medicine is constantly being studied and proven effective, so I will never lack on articles to write about.  So far, I've been enjoying writing about my new topic.

What about the Income?

I knew that if I wanted to be successful at Examiner then I had to get a national gig.  So far, I am happy with my decision.  Currently I have only 5 articles as the Alternative Medicine Examiner and my daily earnings are as high as the earnings I get from the 36 articles I have as the Heart Health Examiner.  Compared to the local and national earnings, my local heart health articles had always earned high, but my national articles are exceeding those and I am sure when I have a high amount of articles in the national section my earnings will continue to increase.

I will also be continuing as the local heart health Examiner too, so that will only help to increase my income at Examiner.  There are some Examiners who earn a good montly income there, and I hope to be one of them.

My Advice to Other Writers

If you have contemplated becoming a writer for Examiner but have heard that the money isn't as good as at other sites, I still think you should consider it.  If you cannot secure a national title right away, become a local Examiner as I did and do a good job there for a few months.  Then you can request a national position and raise your income.  If you are already a local Examiner and are becoming frustrated with your earnings, contact your channel manager about a national position.  It's worth a try, especially if you have been doing a good job with your local title. 
I am still continuing with Suite101 and am happy that I stayed on there now that I no longer wish to write for eHow through Demand Studios.  I will let you all know about the new site I am writing for in my next post.

Happy writing,

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  1. Congrats on becoming a National Examiner! I like Examiner myself and I'm even ok with being a local Examiner for now -Trying to be a National Examiner would be something to think about though!

  2. Thanks Mom Mayhem for stopping by. Happy to hear you are enjoying being a local Examiner. It is fun when you have a subject you love to write about.

  3. Hi Deanna,
    I explored your website and it is very interesting. You give good tips and resources to writing mothers.


  4. Hi Deanna,
    Congrats on the National Examiner post! Although am not eligible for an Examiner position, I've heard from several writers at S101 and other sites that they make very good money there. So, am sure you would too:-)
    Best wishes always

  5. Thanks, Prerna. I'm hoping I do well there now that I have a national position. :)

  6. Hi! How long were you a local examiner before applying for a national position?

  7. Hi Te Te,
    I was a local Examiner for about 6 months before I applied for the National Examiner position. You don't have to re-apply, you just have to e-mail your channel manager with your request. I know of one person who has 11 Examiner positions including local and national - so it can't be too hard to get more positions. :)

  8. Thank you for sharing, I just started writing for examiner and I find it to be a good opportunity if you have patience and discipline.

  9. Hello Deanna,

    I know I am not a mom, but I do write for First, I would like to congratulate you for your National position, and hope you are doing great. I am also planning on becoming a National Examiner, I am currently the San Diego Android Examiner, and am enjoying it very much, but would definitely like more income. There is already a National Examiner for my topic, another option would be the National Gadgets Examiner, but that one is held by someone as well. I wanted to know if Examiner allowed for more than one person to be a National Examiner for a certain topic. I have noticed that the National Examiners for these topics have not written in quite a long time, and I already have more articles than some of them, even though they have been writing for Examiner for quite a longer time. If allows it, I would like to be a second National Examiner for these topics, is that possible?

    Edgar Cervantes
    San Diego Android Examiner

  10. Hi Edgar,

    I'm not sure if Examiner allows two of the same titles for national spots but it can't hurt to ask your channel manager. Maybe together you can come up with a title that is unique but still on the topic you enjoy. Also, if the people with the titles are no longer submitting articles, it may be that they quit. Point that out to the channel manager and see what he/she thinks.
    Good luck!

  11. If I may, I have a question, since I'm thinking about returning to freelance writing. Your writing at the national level gets distributed to n number of editions. My question is: Is that essentially the same as being syndicated?

  12. Hi - thanks for visiting.

    Examiner articles are all placed on the same website whether or not you are a national or local writer. The only difference is the site tends to promote the national articles more than the local, so you may get more readership that way. I wouldn't compare it at all to syndication.

    If you are someone who has experience already as a freelance writer, I would recommend you look to write somewhere else besides a site like Examiner. Examiner is good only if you have a highly popular column (which is usually in the entertainment section) or you are starting out and in need of experience and writing clips. Otherwise, the pay is so low, it isn't really worth a writer's time. When I started Examiner, it was a good income earner with potential, but ever since Google changed some rules earlier this year, Examiner doesn't pay well at all. Sorry, just being honest. I have since moved on, and up, to other places to write and earn money.


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