Thursday, April 1, 2010 - Writing Site Review

Hi all,

In my never-ending search for high-paying writing sites, I ran into and thought I'd share some information about it with you. SEED could turn out to be a good money-maker for the right writers and you never know the outcome until you try.

What is SEED?

SEED is a writing site that is owned by AOL and was launched in late 2009.  Much like Demand Studios, SEED requests articles for the many websites owned by AOL.  But, unlike DS, SEED pays up to $300 an article, with the majority of articles in the $30 to $50 range.  Now, don't go clicking over to SEED yet until you've read the rest of this review.

Joining SEED

It is easy to join SEED and start writing for them.  Simply set up an account with your name, address, and log-in information and you are set to go.  You do not have to apply or wait to be accepted.  Anyone can join and anyone can claim titles and begin writing. 

How Does SEED Work?

With SEED you join, look through a list of article titles available, choose titles and then write the article and submit it by the due date.  It will generally take 5 days after the due date to find out if your article has been accepted or not.  If your article is accepted, the amount SEED owes you will appear in your Dashboard.  You can request to be paid at any time and you will generally be paid within a week of your request.

SEED expects you to write high-quality articles which use quotes or information from experts.  Some of the requested articles can be drawn from your life experience.  SEED looks for interesting, informative subject matter, perfect grammar and a unique writing style.  These articles will be used for high-profile AOL websites and should look like they belong there.  SEED also has their own extensive photo gallery where you can choose a photo to go along with your article.

What is the Downside of Writing for SEED

The downside of writing for SEED is that many writers can pick the same title request and submit an article and the editors choose the article they like best from this pool of submissions.  In some instances, they may choose more than one.  So, this lowers the odds of your article being chosen.  But, if you are a good writer and your article is chosen, you earn enough money to make it worth writing the article.

SEED doesn't offer as many titles as Demand Studios does, so the list is rather short.  But some of their titles are interesting and can be easily used elsewhere if the article is rejected.

The Upside

If your article is chosen it is a great opportunity to be featured on one of the high-profile AOL websites.  If your article isn't accepted, you still own the rights to the article and can publish it on another site.  Either way, you win.

My Take on SEED

I did join SEED and submitted two articles.  One article has already been rejected (in a very nice e-mail that encouraged me to continue submitting - although this may be what they tell every writer) and the other one is waiting for review.  I have already turned the first article into an eHow article, so it was not a waste of my time even if it was rejected.  I think I will continue to try submitting articles that interest me at SEED just to see if I can actually sell one to them.

I think this site is worth looking at if you are looking for a new place to write articles for.  If nothing else, it will give you new articles to submit to your favorite residual sites, or Constant-Content, if they are not used by AOL. 

Would love to hear from anyone who has written for SEED or who tries it.

Happy writing,

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  1. How do you find the time? Thanks for the info.

  2. Hi Judy,
    I'm spending way too much time looking for writing sites and not enough time writing I think. But it is fun to find a new site. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I've written hundreds of articles for DS and can actually make a living from it. I submitted an article to SEED and it was rejected. I posted it on Suite 101, but still, it was a complete waste of time. I won't even consider donating my time to another SEED article. Their business model is nothing short of sleazy.

  4. Hi anonymous,
    Thanks for commenting. I think DS works well for some people, but not for others. I know many people who do well there and like it. Happy to hear you can earn a living there. SEED is not the right site for everyone, but it is another option for those looking for a new place to try.

  5. Your post made me wonder if anyone gets their articles approved at I will do more research before submitting my article, I don't want them to take my content and twist it around and publish it themselves. Thanks for the idea and resource though. I like your blog. Feel free to follow my ehow blog at I am doing a featured visitor competition. You might be interested.....Kinda like the featured member of the day on ehow except mine is going to display the ehow members photo for a week and link it to their ehow articles.

  6. Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for visiting. I'm sure SEED does chose articles from the submissions, it just hasn't been anyone who has posted here yet. That's why I try a site more than once to see how it operates - just to be fair. Like I said before, even if your article isn't chosen, you own all rights and can publish elsewhere. So it isn't a waste of your time to try.

  7. I've had two articles rejected there and one article accepted. I know of two writers who are making that their full-time job now (they've made a buttload of money over there).

    The best way to increase your chances of acceptance is to study the website where your claimed article could appear. I really love the openness of the, if it gets rejected, submit it elsewhere. To me it's like submitting to a print publication online.

  8. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for your comment. It's nice hearing from someone who has actually had an article accepted at I still have one article that is in limbo there even though it is way past the due date. I am hoping it is a good sign that it hasn't been rejected right away. I'll let everyone know if it is accepted. :)

  9. I've written for Demand Studios for about a year now and never had a problem with them (although I have had to rewrite articles for them on occasion).

    Seed, I fear, represents a mighty slick operation. Tammy, you're right; How could anyone prove that bits and pieces of the rejected articles don't go to a select group of Seed writers who submit reworked versions of writer's "rejected" articles?

    I wrote a total of two or three mid-sized articles and three smaller articles, and none passed muster with the Seed planters. Of those articles, all but one fit the style of writing Seed supposedly requires.

    In the case of the three small articles, two were rejected within a two-week time span; after a month passed and I did not hear anything about the third article, I assumed it made the grade. A week later the standard rejection letter arrived in my email box.

    I won't give them a minute of my time again. I think the best "seeds" are sitting at the top of the pile.

  10. Thanks for your comment. I've only written two articles for Seed and both were not used so I placed them on other sites. I really don't think that Seed would bother to steal article information - with so many writers vying for each article they really don't need to. You can always check your content afterwards with Copyscape to see if even a portion of your article was used.

    Seed is a beta site so it is only a test site. It may grow or it may disappear. It will be interesting to see what happens to it, however, for now, I will also be spending my time writing for sites that I know I will earn money at.

  11. Deanna,

    Thank you for providing all this useful information. I have been researching other writing sites such as DS, etc. and finally found today. What I find attractive about SEED is that they seem to pay more for the articles you write than DS etc. I have not submitted any articles to DS or Suite101 as I want to get a feel of what writing sites are out there and what suits me best as a writer before submitting an article. However, You are right when you say that DS offers more topics to write on than SEED does. Personally, it seems the SEED topics appear more challenging, which I like as well. Bottomline, i like writing, but i would really like to get paid for it. Decent money and not in pennies like most other writing sites. I think SEED is the best choice for me at the moment and will prepare an article tomorrow. Thanks much for all the info on SEED and other sites.

  12. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting. I know what you mean by SEED offering higher paying articles - I like that too. I hope SEED works well for you. Let us know how it goes. :)

  13. Hi again Deanna,

    I completed my first article and ready to submit it to SEED today. Hopefully all goes well. I will keep you posted.

    I want to pick your brain a little bit more if I could and get your advice on some things. I currently split my time living in the U.S and in Europe. I want to continue writing, but I am not sure which writing sites such as DS or Suite101 or others are best for me to write for while I am overseas. I believe DS and Suite101 has writers from around the world, but will I be making enough money with them? What are your thoughts? Thanks again.

  14. Hi,
    I do think that writing for DS and Suite101 no matter where you live will prove to be good money-makers over time. You may also want to consider trying Constant-Content as a way of earning higher income for your articles. They allow writers from other countries as well. I really think the trick to earning a good writing income is to pick two or three good paying sites and focus on those to build up articles and revenue. Good luck.

  15. I gave a try -- followed all their directions and really thought I was giving them what they wanted. After several days, they wrote back and informed me that the article was rejected. I spent a lot of time on it, so was naturally disappointed. I will try to sell it on other sites though, so hopefully the work I put into it was not in vain.

    Here's a few sites for everyone who is out there freelancing to try: Demand Studios, eCopywriters, Associated Content, and Elance.

    Hope everyone has a great - and profitable - summer!

  16. Hi Anonymous,

    Even though they didn't choose your article this time doesn't mean they won't chose another one if you keep trying. It all depends upon whether or not you are willing to keep trying and, if they are rejected, have another site to place the article on. I know that can be discouraging, though. I check SEED for articles every now and then but haven't written any more since the first two were rejected. If I see an interesting topic, however, I will probably try again.
    Good luck with your writing. :)

  17. I regularly write for seed. I started two months ago and have so far sold them 14 articles. Many in the $50 range. I have been on the front page of AOL, Popeater etc. I wouldn't give up, I work at it very hard and I did study AOL sites to get the tone and style they were looking for. They seem to like a snappy, conversational, witty etc. style so the info isn't just info. At least that is my take on it. My last piece a few days ago, "confessions of a videographer; the rise and fall of the bride" was on their opening AOL page and got 200,000 hits in a few hours. Amazing how now, they answer my e-mails much quicker. I am basically looking at this as a means to get my name out there hopefully go on to bigger and better things. You never know.

  18. Hi Newsy1,
    Thanks for sharing. It's great hearing that someone is doing so well at SEED. I hope others will read your comment and be inspired by it. :)

  19. Hi Deanna,

    I'm enjoying your blog and learning a lot. I just started wrting on content sites. I'm very disappointed with Triond. My payment last month was short $4. I didn't have a screenshot of my dashboard. So they would not pay me. I keep records of my daily earnings which I presented and they just refused to pay me.
    But I think different sites work for different people. I think I really learned that here, today on your blog.
    I like texbroker. I'm at level 3 and hoping to move up. I've been brushing up on my grammer. I've always wanted to earn from writing and I'm having a wonderful time.
    I'm happy for Newsy1. Seed works for her. Textbroker is good for beginners. Good place to learn about key words. I have 200 articles on Triond. Half ministry articles and the rest health, financial etc.
    I don't spend a lot of time commenting on other bloggers blogs yet but I like yours. Your first hand experience is valuable. Transparency is sometimes lacking on the net. Yet I feel I can trust your insights and experiences. May God bless you and increase your writing endeavors.

    P.S I took a look at and am planning to apply. I was born in the UK so seems like a grand idea for me.
    Take care and you've got a new follower.

    Minister Marlene

  20. Hi Minister Marlene,
    Thanks for visiting and sharing and for you kind words. I'm happy you are finding helpful information on my blog. Sorry to hear you had a problem with Triond. I've never had a payment problem there. Are you signed up for the Google Adsense program on Triond too? I earn quite a good income from that.

    I think Textbroker is a good site too. I wrote quite a few articles there before I started writing for other sites. Have you tried applying for Demand Studios?

    Good luck with your writing.

  21. Hi Deanna,

    Great site; thanks for all the info. I am a newbie writer and am trying to figure out which sites to write for.

    I have submitted 15 articles to and had 10 of them accepted. Here is what I have learned...

    Though the guidelines say they will let you know within a few days, it took 2 months before my first submnission was accepted. Others have been accepted or rejected within hours of submission.

    The nice rejection letter is standard... I once accidentally hit the "submit" button with only the title of my article attached. They said they "loved what I wrote but it was just not exactly what they were looking for" There was NO content!!

    Lately, there have not been many assignments on I'm not sure if they are in summer mode, or what is going on.

    I have been very pleased with my limited experience writing for so far. I feel the pay is quite good relative to how quickly I have been able to write some of the articles, and they have never tried to short pay me.

    Can you recommend any other websites that operate in a manner similar to


  22. Hi Diane,

    So happy to hear you have been so successful with SEED - you must have the type of writing style that suits their needs. If you are doing so well there - I'd recommend placing a few articles on Constant-Content. CC is easy to join and you can write on whatever topic you think will do well. Check my site for more info on them. In June, I sold 6 (easy to write) articles for full rights on CC and made over $200. I hope you continue to do well with your writing. :)


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