Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life after eHow

Hi all,

Believe it or not, there is life after eHow.  There are several other sites out there that would be happy to have you join them as a writer.  If you choose to continue writing for eHow through Demand Studios - that is great.  If you are looking for sites where you can spread your wings - and earnings around - then here are a few suggestions.

Triond - While Triond is not a huge moneymaker, it is a source for extra income and you do retain all rights to your articles. You can write about practically any subject that interests you and you earn two ways - through Google Adsense earnings and also other ad earnings that Triond pays out to you once a month.  There is no minimum payout, so you are guaranteed to receive your income each month.  I have had a few articles on Triond for about three years and have found that the Google Adsense income has increased each month.  You do have to submit fresh content, but once it is accepted you own all rights and can place it on other sites as well.  See the side-bar on this page to read more about Triond.

FireHow - I really believe that now that eHow has made it more difficult to write for them that FireHow will begin to grow faster than it has over the past year.  At FireHow you can submit fresh or already published articles as long as they are in the same How To format as the articles you wrote for eHow.  Actually, you can also submit all your old eHow articles there too.  You earn money from ads, views, etc.  If you reach the $10 minimum payout, you are paid through PayPal monthly.  You can read more about FireHow by clicking on the review on the side-bar on this page.

Examiner - Why not spread your wings and apply as a local Examiner.  Don't let the application process scare you, if you have been writing for eHow, you will most likely be accepted at Examiner.  Examiner pays per view and it is generally at least .01 cent per view.  They also pay an up-front $1.00 for each article that uses a local source - up to 5 articles (or $5) per month.  You can earn $50 for every person who you refer to Examiner and who is accepted.  I truly believe that Examiner will grow now that so many people are looking for a new place to write and the views and pay will grow with it.  You can read my review of Examiner on the side-bar of this page.  (And, if you want to be really nice, please use my number when applying at Examiner so I receive credit as the person who referred you.  The number is: 28293 - or you can put my name in: Deanna Sletten.  Thanks.)

Suite101 - Suite101 is a wonderful place to earn high residual income and write quality articles that will reflect your talent as a writer.  You can write on almost any topic.  You do have to apply and be accepted before writing for Suite101, but don't let that intimidate you.  They have very specific instructions as to how they want articles formatted, but you can easily learn how.  If you enjoy writing quality, well-researched articles, Suite101 is the place to do that.  They also pay you through PayPal monthly once you reach the $10 minimum in earnings.  You can read my review of Suite101 by clicking it on the side-bar on the right side of this page.

Associated Content - Associated Content (AC) is a good place to earn some extra money each month from your writing.  You can submit articles for up-front payments as well as earn residual income from the articles monthly.  Up-front payments are between $1 and $20 per article, with the average article receiving about $4-$5 an article.  You can also submit already published articles for residual income only.  Almost any topic is accepted and you can publish as much as you want.  You can read my review of AC by clicking the review on the side-bar on this page.

Constant-Content - Yes, I always rave about Constant-Content (CC) because it is such a good earning site for writers.  If you are a good writer, you can do well placing your articles on this site to sell. You set your own price and when it is sold you receive 65% of the sale price.  You do not have to apply to join this site - just set up your account and begin submitting.  Read the writer's guidelines carefully before submitting because all articles go through an editor for approval first.  You can read more about CC in my review on the side-bar of this page.

Instead of being upset that eHow has pulled a fast one on you, use your energy instead for finding new ways to increase your monthly earnings.  Maybe one or more of these sites will work out well for you. 

Happy writing,


(Photo by Deanna Sletten - These are pink flamingos sleeping in the sun at the garden around the Flamingo Hotel in L.V.  I am refraining from spelling out the city name because it messes up my Google ads. But you know where I mean.)

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  1. Hope you had a good time in Vegas. I am spending some time focusing on HubPages this month.

    I have been disappointed with the results of Triond. If I do end up writing more, I would consider Suite101 or Associated Content. Those sites seem like real potential money makers.

  2. Hi Kidgas,
    I do agree that the regular earnings at Triond seem low but my Google Adsense earnings for Triond have been fairly high lately. I think you have to have a lot of articles on Triond to earn a good monthly income there. :)

  3. Don't forget the potential of writing a niche content site and monetizing with Adsense and affiliate links. I have one niche site that is 18 months old with only 16 pages of content and it earns $200-$250 a month. Owning the site and content makes this income much more secure than writing for other peoples' sites.

  4. Hi Maria,
    That's wonderful that you can earn that much money off of one site each month. I've dabbled in niche sites but haven't spent enough time with it. That may be my next venture. :)

  5. Maria has a good point. I also started my own website and you can earn more from it as well plus you can sleep at night since it's already you're own. After what I had experienced from eHow, I'd already learned my lesson. I'm still thankful since I was able to receive some revenue coming from them but the sudden changes that they had implemented that impacted many of their writers was just exhausting.


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