Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Big eHow Change - What Now?

Hi all,

Well, I was gone on vacation for a week and I came home to find out that eHow has pulled the rug out from under its writer's feet.  Since I am a week late with this information I will refrain from repeating all the information about the eHow changes and direct you to two sites that have already done a good job writing about the new eHow changes.  Felicia at No Job For Mom and Willow at The Freelance Home Writer have both written excellent posts on this subject.  If you don't already know about the changes at eHow - check their sites out.

As for me - I wasn't too surprised to read that eHow has turned their writer's program over to Demand Studios.  For months it looked to me like this might happen in the future - I just didn't know it would happen so fast.  My plan had been to come home from vacation and load up articles onto eHow so I could increase my earnings for the summer.  Now, my plans will have to change, but that is okay.  I do have other sites that I can write for and luckily I hadn't invested all my time to eHow only.  However, I do feel bad for all the people who did put their time and effort into eHow only to be blind-sided by the site they were loyal to.  Thankfully, eHow will continue to pay out revenue to past eHow writers for as long as their articles earn money.  I hope eHow doesn't change that in the next few months too for the sake of all the writers who have such high earnings there.

Moving Forward

I was automatically accepted into the DS program, which is funny because I am already a writer for DS under my real name.  So now I have two accounts.  I'm not sure if I will continue to write for eHow through the DS format.  I may try an article or two under the DS format and see how it goes.  It has taken almost a year to build up the income I already have at eHow, and I'm not really excited to try building it again through the new format. If I do try - I'll let you know how it goes.

Instead, I do plan to put more energy into writing for Suite101 and Constant-Content.  I've always enjoyed writing for CC and only put effort into eHow because of the good potential for residual income.  Since eHow will now own all rights to the work you place on their site through DS, I'd rather sell full rights through Constant for much higher income per article.  That just makes more sense to me.  I also plan on working more on my novel and less on articles. eHow was so addictive it was hard for me to chose between writing for them and working on my book - now I no longer have that temptation. 

Good Vacation

At least we had a good time on vacation before coming home to all of this controversy.  I'm glad I was too cheap to pay for Internet at our hotel - otherwise I may have learned about this eHow change earlier and it may have affected my vacation.  Where did we go?  My husband and I spent the past week in Las Vegas, enjoying the beautiful weather and walking miles everyday to see all the sites.  We hit all the high spots - fountains at Bellagio, Treasure Island Pirate Cove Show, Eiffel Tower, Strastophere, etc - and saw a few shows.  We didn't buy tickets for big name shows, but saw some of the side-shows instead.  Mostly, we walked and walked, rode the monorail and walked some more.  But the weather was perfect and we had a great time. 

How about You?

So, what are your thoughts of the changes at eHow?  What are your plans for the future?  Are you going to try writing for eHow through DS or try other sites?  I'd enjoy hearing how others are reacting to the news.

Happy writing,

(Photo by Deanna Sletten of Bellagio Conservatory)

Las Vegas Then and Now


  1. I am glad you had a good time on vacation. I was approved for DS too but I don't know if I have to open an account or just login with my ehow login info?

  2. Deanna, I was on vacation too and although my sister showed me the email within an hour of it coming through, I decided to enjoy my vacation with my kids and worry about it all when I got back home. I'm glad I did, because my vacation was lovely and in the end, there is more drama about these changes then there needs to be. One should always diversify online income sources anyway, so writing for other sites (and your own) is an excellent idea. But don't underestimate the potential for a strong residual income through eHow articles published via the Demand Studios Writers Desk.


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