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Associated Content's Featured Contributor Program

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For the past few months, Associated Content has been advertising their Featured Contributor Program on their site and has been sending out e-mails to AC writers inviting them to apply.  Two months ago, I decided to apply and was accepted as a Health and Wellness Feature Contributor.  The program rules are very easy to follow and you are offered a few higher paying assignments in your category, so I figured it was worth trying out.  So far, I am happy that I am part of the program.

About the AC Featured Contributor Program

The AC Featured Contributor Program is offered to people who are already writers on AC and who have shown an interest in a particular subject.  Since there are many topics to choose from, there is probably a category for just about every writer on AC.  You have to apply for a topic and you usually hear back within two weeks.  After you are chosen, you are only required to:
  • Write at least one article a month in your topic.
  • Make sure you have a professional profile name and use an actual photo of yourself.
  • Follow the AC rules and code of conduct.
You can write as many articles each month in your topic as you wish and you can also still publish articles on other topics as well. 

If you are new to AC, you can still have a shot at this program.  Submit a few articles on a topic of interest to you the regular way, and once you've established a good catelog of articles - let's say 20-40 - then apply for a Featured Contributor position.  That way you will have a chance at the higher paying assignments and the higher visibility.

Benefits of the AC Featured Contributor Program

As a Featured Contributor you will have the title of Featured Contributor added to your profile and the site promises higher visibility of your articles throughout the site.  You will also be offered (you have to check the assignment box each month on your profile page) at least three assignments each month that have a higher  than average up-front pay.  This past month there were three "assignments" for the Health and Wellness category that asked for articles of at least 400 words and the pay was $10 each.  You also earn residual income from the articles after they are published. The best part is you can write on any subject within your topic, so the ideas for articles were limitless.

My Opinion of the Featured Contributor Program

I'm happy that I decided to try this program out.  True, $10 up-front pay isn't a fortune, but since a 400 word article only takes me an hour to research and write, I am not against earning $10 an hour plus residuals.  If it is true and my articles will get more exposure than a regular article on Associated Content, then perhaps my residuals will also go up.  I also think that this is a good way for writers who want to establish themselves as an expert in a particular field to get started.

To read more, click here Featured Contributor Program.

Are you already a member of the Featured Contributor Program at AC?  Let us know what you think of it.

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