Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Writing Site Reviews I Haven't Covered Yet

Hi all,

There are several residual writing sites I have not reviewed yet, and quite frankly probably will never get to.  The good news is that two of the writing blogs that I follow have reviewed these sites, so I'm sending you over to them if you are interested in learning more.  While I have tried some of these sites, I haven't put much energy into them because I am too busy with the sites I already write for.  I also am not completely sold on earning Google Adsense income (as some of these sites pay this way) as it takes forever to reach that $100 minimum payout.  But for some people, that payout comes quickly, so who am I to judge??  Kidgas at My Online Income has reached payout twice, I believe, in under a year, so that proves it can happen.  So, here are some residual income sites you can check out courtesy of either Felicia from No Job for Mom or Willow at The Freelance Home Writer.

HubPages (FHW)

HubPages  (NJFM)



Bukisa  (FHW)

Bukisa  (NJFM)


I hope you find some of these sites useful in your search for earning residual income.

Happy writing,

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