Monday, March 1, 2010

Still Questioning Suite101 vs eHow

Hi all,

It seems that every month when the monthly earnings come out that I re-evaluate whether or not to stay with Suite101.  Last month it looked as if my hard work was finally paying off and my Suite articles were earning at a nice pace.  Then, about mid-month it all slowed down again.  This makes me wonder if it is worth my time to continue submitting content to Suite.  Writing aritcles for Suite tends to take longer than writing articles for eHow and yet I am earning much less.  Is it really worth my time or should I just concentrate on writing for eHow and forget Suite?

The Facts

Currently at Suite101 I have 33 articles on varying subjects.  It took three months to receive my first payout from Suite after I first started in May 2009 and since then I have only received payouts on an every-other month basis because I don't make the $10 minimum each month. 

At eHow, I received my first payout two months after I started in June 2009 earning $14.89 for the 30 articles I had there.  The next month my payout went up to $42.10 and by then I had 44 aritcles on eHow.  Since then my payouts have continually gone up even if I only add two or three articles a month on eHow.  My total earnings at eHow since I started are 75% higher than what I've earned at Suite101. Granted, I now have more articles at eHow than I do at Suite, but even when the article count was close to the same, eHow beat Suite by a landslide.

So, you can see why I question myself each month about staying with Suite101.  It seem as if I can place my energies elsewhere, such as at Constant-Content and eHow, and earn much more money than if I spend my time writing articles for Suite101.

To Each His Own

I know there are many people out there who make a really good income from Suite101 and really enjoy writing for the site.  I really think that success at any site depends upon the subject matter in which you write about and the quantity of articles you submit.  While Suite101 may not be the right place for me, it is certainly an excellent place for other writers to earn income at.  I think that the reason I keep hanging on at Suite is I keep hoping that I will see a light at the end of the tunnel and the earnings will start growing.  Unfortunately, I think I am getting to the point where I don't want to waste my time writing for sites that don't produce income as quickly as others sites do.  There is so much more I want to do with my time, so I need to narrow my writing down to about three sites that earn money and leave it at that.  I'm not sure anymore if Suite101 is one of the three I want to work on anymore.

What do You Think?

I know a lot of you out there write for Suite and have your own experiences.  Would love to hear from everyone - those who earn money there and those who don't. :)


(Photo of the Belagio Fountains in Las Vegas - Can't wait to see them, we are going to Vegas in April for a week of fun!)


  1. DeAnna,
    I don't write for Suite but I do have an opinion. I would keep going with whatever seems to be working for you.

    For some inexplicable reason, some sites work better for some than others. Just because others do well, doesn't mean that everyone will. Furthermore, success at Suite is not a prerequisite for success online. The important thing is taking what you do well and doing it better.

    Finally, I so enjoyed the fountains and could have watched them all night. You should read my Hub sometime.

  2. Hi Kidgas,
    I know what you mean; some sites are great for some and don't work for others. We all just have to find our niche. Actually, I did read your post about the fountains at Belagio just the other day. I was going to leave a comment about viewing the fountains from the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris but saw that someone else already had mentioned that. :)

  3. Hey Deanna,

    I understand your frustration. As you know I’ve always been a fan of Suite 101, but you’re right. It can take longer to write an article for Suite than it does for a site like eHow.

    Since I started writing for Suite long before eHow, I’ve decided to stick with them. They were the first residually earning site that I signed up for. As it stands now, even though I’ve been writing for Suite longer, I’ve written more for eHow because they’re so quick and easy to write. Just recently my eHow earnings have surpassed Suite’s earnings. So, I totally understand your reasoning for not spending your time writing for Suite.

    Keep one thing in mind, however. Suite is well respected and gets a steady flow of great traffic. That clout may come in handy when you finish writing your book. It’s a nice way to get the word out, even if you only link to your book from your profile page.

    I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.

  4. Hi Felicia,
    What you say is very true and that is why I keep going back and forth with Suite. I know it is a good place to be seen and I have received writing offers from other sites because of Suite. I'll keep your advice in mind. :)

  5. Hi Deanna,

    I understand how you're feeling. I've been doing quite well at Suite101 and since I am not eligible for eHow, can't really compare. But, yes, lately my earnings have slowed down and there is quite a discussion on the forums since other writers have also experienced the same.
    I would go with Felicia's advice to stick with Suite. And to save time, just do your quota and am sure, with your skill, even that will show good results!!
    Blessings always!


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