Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How are Your EHow Earnings Doing This Month?

Hi all,

I was just wondering how all of you are doing this month on eHow as compared to the past two months?  I've noticed a steady increase in income each day with mine.  Being a "spreadsheet kind of gal", I track my daily eHow earnings so I can compare them to previous months.  My earnings as of today (3/24) are up by 20% from this same time in February and up 25% from this time in January. Not a huge difference, but enough to be noticed.  I've only written three new articles for eHow in March, and since they haven't earned much so far then it means that my older articles are bringing in the extra money.  Since my earnings in January and February were what I ususally average each month, this month I am actually ahead.  How is it going for all of you?

Happy writing,

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  1. Deanna, my earnings went down this month compared to last month. But I only have 39 articles up and joined ehow in November. I couldn't get more articles up this month due to the "stuck in unavailable." The two I had stuck there published yesterday.

  2. Gloria,
    Thanks for visiting. I know how frustrating this month has been at eHow - first articles weren't publishing at all and then they were publishing without photos. That is also why I haven't published more this month. Maybe next month will be better for you. :)

  3. I haven't published anything new in a good while but my earnings there are steady, with just under 100 articles. I've had 100 twice, but ehow deleted "similar" articles to others. Some do well steadily and others make just pennies. I took a few off and placed them on Bukisa or my blog.

  4. DeAnna,
    My income on eHow has actually improved compared to the last few months. It dipped a little a few months ago and seems to be coming back somewhat. Mine is completely passive income since I haven't published since October.

  5. Hi Judy and Kidgas,
    Thanks for commenting. I'm happy to hear everyone is doing fairly well at eHow. :)


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