Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Article Rewrite Request at Break Studios

Hi all,

I guess this isn't a very good month for me - first Demand Studios wanted a ridiculous re-write for an article after accepting two articles written in a similar fashion, now Break Studios is asking for a rewrite of the first article I submitted.  Now, doing a re-write wouldn't be so bad except their only instructions were to read the article guidelines again.  Since I did follow the guidelines the first time around, telling me to re-write an aritcle after reading the guidelines is useless. 

I Did My Homework

Before writing the articles for Break Studios, I read all the writer guidelines and the guidelines for each different type of article.  Most of their guidelines are similar to Demand Studios, so I do feel I understood them.  Then, I visited the sites that the articles were intended for to see how other people formated similar articles to make sure I stayed within the same format.  I must say, many of the published articles on their sites did not follow the guidelines.  But I made sure that I did follow them when I wrote the articles.  Apparently I didn't do enough for my $8, because they requested a re-write.  But since they didn't specify what was wrong with the article, there was no way to re-write it.  So I put a note on the bottom of the submission stating that they need to be more specific since the article looks fine to me.  I'm sure it will be rejected and the title will be placed back into the writer's pool, but for only $8, I don't care.

Waste of Time?

Since I will own the article if they reject it, then I can go ahead and place it on another writing site.  I'm sure I can make at least $8 from it on eHow, Associated Content or Triond, or even sell it on Constant-Content.  At least it wasn't a waste of my time.

Warning: Not Always as They Appear

For anyone who may be considering writing for Break Studios, be warned that the title of the articles does not always coincide with the way they want the article written.  They even say in their guidelines that a How to...article may not be specifically a How to format - it may be an About format or some other format.  Well, how in the world are we supposed to know which format??  My article only said it was a "Blog Post". However, they really wanted an "About" format.  Hmmm, they should have just said that. 

I have one more article there waiting to be looked at, so we will see if I get a double rejection.  Is there anyone out there who has tried Break Studios?  How are you doing there?

Happy Writing,


  1. I have also written two articles for Break. They have some interesting titles and many that are bordering on pornographic. The sites they put the articles on make me a bit uncomfortable and I am definitely no prude. Don't think the sites promote healthy relationships. Anyway, both articles were sent back for rewrites (and I had to figure out why). Fortunately, I knew as soon as I hit the submit button that they would come back. Both times I forgot to include my reference. The big problem is that each review took about 2 weeks, so with the rewrites, I have a month into each article. Been waiting to be paid for the first one for about 2 weeks now also. Not sure I will continue with this site. I just started to write for Demand and even with all the problems, I like it. Linda

  2. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for sharing. Happy to hear I am not alone in the re-write club at Break Studios. Good luck with Demand Studios - I've written several articles for them that never needed a re-write and a few that have. It all depends upon the editor you get. All-in-all, though, I think DS is a good place to earn money for writing.

  3. Break Studios accepted my first article with a quick one-day turnaround. Who knows when they will actually publish it, though. They rejected two of my other articles (similar format to the first one) with a request for re-writes. So we'll see what happens with those. I also have two others waiting to be reviewed. I'm now going to "wait and see" what happens with those before I claim another title. Thanks for sharing your experiences with Break Studios, and do keep us posted!

  4. I submitted two articles to Break Studios. One was rejected and I felt the same way as you did. Without specifics I didn't know how to rewrite the article. I actually just took it and submitted it somewhere else. Break Studios did accept the other article I wrote. It was written similarly to the first article. I think my first article was rejected because of my reference actually. There are some article titles that I have a difficult time finding a .edu or .org site. I don't think I will be writing for them that much because they take to long to review articles and pay. I may write an article occasionally at Break Studios.

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I understand what you mean by it being difficult to find a .org or .edu site for source material. There are some very legitimate .com sites (my favorite is but Break Studios won't accept them. I'm not sure if I will spend much time at Break Studios either - I can make more money at other sites. :)

  6. Believe me, Break Studios owners/managers are scouring the web for opinions just like these and rest assured they WILL make the necessary changes in order to keep their writers.

    Break, if you are reading these, please - for the love of all that is holy - LEARN from Demand Studios' mistakes!

  7. Thanks for the comment. I did do another post that explains how Break Studios gave me a chance to re-write the first article and the second article did go through on the first try. I would say that Break Studios is trying to give writers a good start, but for only $8 an article I question if it is worth the time and effort to write for them.

  8. I have had one rewrite request, but the resubmitted article has been sitting there waiting to be approved/rejected for over a week now. It was interesting because they wanted .edu or .gov sources - it was a celeb gossip article - which are considered opinions which the guidelines state don't need sources. Oh well, I've written 9 other articles that were approved just fine, but I have been waiting over a month to be paid. They didn't pay me on the 1st and so far today I haven't been paid. I'm going back to Demand. At least they paid me.

  9. Wow, I wish I'd read this before I signed up with Break. I missed the part of the guidelines where it said that a how-to may not be a how-to. I've written several articles for them with hardly any rewrites. Then I had about six articles, all very similar, which I wrote as how-to's as that's what they were listed as. Of those six, only one got approved, and the others kept going back and forth as I kept being told to rewrite as a list. Nobody would acknowledge that it said it was a how-to, only that i needed to rewrite them. Finally, one of their higher ups intervened (they have an appalling help system) and stated that it should've been blatantly obvious to me that they weren't how-to articles and that I should either let them go or write new articles. For $8 an article, that's hardly the best use of my time. So I guess now Demand Studios gets five news articles from me.

  10. Hi Anonymous,
    I know, it is frustrating when they don't give you detail on what they really want. And for $8, you really don't want to have to do a bunch of re-writes. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Break Studios is notorious for asking for rewrites for dumb reasons. One of the main reasons I get rewrites is because I don't include references in a lot of my articles (because I am knowledgeable on all of the titles I claim..I know what the hell I'm talking about).

    I really liked them at first, but I got a rewrite recently asking for sources for an article that was common knowledge (which, according to the guidelines, did not require sources) and I immediately unclaimed it and sent it back to the content pool. I'm considering waiting for my other pending articles to be approved and then ending my business there.


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